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  1. I think one reason for relaxes the rules was in previous generations children who were told off for not wearing rumaals would end up getting shouted at by someone which would deter them from returning to the gurdwara. Also I think some leg room for understanding why people, children cut their hair exists and a far more relaxed tolerant attitude is taken for their spiritual journey and how it effects us. And for some of them it wasn't their fault, they couldn't even tie a rumaal but the parents. Some don't feel it is necessary for a child to cover their head, kinda like how it's permissable in some circles for a child to be partially unclothed since the child hasn't developed it's akaal, mat, budhi yet and it takes a while. It does become an issue when it's teenagers walking around who should know better.
  2. They have too many conditions such as £75, you must provide government ID photo, you must provide high quality photo and only then you have a chance to view full profiles and have yours accessed. With all that on top alot of rivals don't charge that much and don't ask for government ID photos. Try shaadi.com - As for caste you can check caste no bar; but for some people caste means enough not to marry out so that option occurs, then the meat and alcohol one is of lifestyle it's one for some and not for others, then for others it's something adjustable.
  3. If they won't upload it could some record it and upload it. It's possible to record the live stream from their website perhaps using screen capture software which captures audio.
  4. Is it possible someone had killed the child in relation to his father the muhammeden who was doing drugs and in gangs who had been killed, or his grandfather a muhammaden cleric maybe out of bitter rivalry there is sadly a culture among some muhammadens to take out the fathers revenge on their child. Perhaps the mother is frightened to come forward with the truth out of the hypothetical psycho killing her and the rest of her children. Because it doesn't make sense a mother would kill her own child especially one with many children unless she was extremely drugged up and not aware of what she did. It's very sad what happened that such an innocent lost his life.
  5. Perhaps the difference can be identified between when one harms you and the other benefits you. You might lose everyone such as your loved ones who have past away but you got your guru to carry on. That's sharda or devotion. You might be in a stage or phase of your life when your friends drift apart maybe they have entered the ways of kaljug they do things you disagree with and you drift apart. But you still got your guru that is devotion. If people who are nice are moving away from you and you think you still got your guru this might not be sharda or devotion. It's very likely your character has fallen, character can fall not just be actions alone but by thinking processes and they way you talk to people may have been lowered. Perhaps your actions alone have driven away people. Maybe you have taken on fundamentalist mindset present in Sikhi thinking it might benefit you but in repulse and detest people have moved away perhaps even fearing their personal safety and form of dislike for the way you speak and what you have become. That is delusion and not sharda, this form of delusion harms you. But you have to develop a good sense of also being able to live without people and with people both qualities should be present. But you got to look at what helps you as a person grow and sometimes backtracking is healthy to organic growth as a person, as a character and can help the development of a good personality.
  6. It's the same with X-Rays some countries are starting to make x-rays a thing of the past and work more off MRI's. With X-rays you can't have metallic objects with you. I think regardless of the type of kakkars you wear the medical professional may disagree to carry on with the procedure, even if you wear plastic or wooden kakkars for they will view it as foreign objects and for all they know those objects are hollow and filled with metal inside. Plus they have to protect their medical equipment which is worth sometimes millions of pounds/dollars. The procedure only takes a while it's a normal thing just like taking off a kirpan when you go on an aeroplane. You can do your nitnem again later on to reintroduce the kakkars. When it comes to medical examinations you ought to be comfortable plus their is discretion in examinations even when it comes to removing dastar for medical examinations.
  7. More human rights violations. Rich people pay big money to save their children and doctors kill poor people to harvest them.
  8. Porn addiction is common among all religions regardless it becomes an issue when it stops you from living your life. Then there is the guilt factor which can impede on your mental well being. You got to find balance in life, maybe play more video games to occupy your time. Get more hobbies there are some people with so many hobbies they don't have enough time in the day to pack it all in. Sikhs of the gurus time were doing alot of stuff, farming, fencing, wrestling, horse riding, writing, reading, singing, learning new instruments etc.. Go make some more friends, spend time doing window shopping live life, because life is too short to waste away on masturbating it away. Physical exhaustion helps, if you are able to do more sports when you are recovering from exercise libido can decrease some studies show it's idleness and weight gain which increases libido. In studies among animals there is a direct correlation between diet and breeding rate. Although that doesn't really answer china and india 2 populations with small people and high breeding rates accurately. Since we live in a fast food culture, food is very present libido is going up for many people. Don't take that as a piece of advice to tire yourself to death, it's all about balance. Finding equilibrium in life is important as is the patience to listen to others speak about jesus or buddha or whatever. It reflects positively on you as a Sikh and more importantly as a human being to have patience to hear out another human. Like every addiction you need to ween yourself off it, take it down a notch slowly since most addictions can't be stopped directly otherwise you have relapse from withdrawl. Masturbation is a normal feature of being ready to actually have children, but it only reflects on your biological body not your mental and social ability to have children, because you have to provide for them aswell and you probably are not of legal age to be married to become a parent yet. There are many lessons in life to pick up. Gurbani and Sewa are good starting points. Sangat is the best when you are around people who can control their emotions and have great self control you will pick it up as people do in the presence of greatness. You could take up martial arts when you are around a great sensei they will help you deal with these issues through the practice of martial arts.
  9. Why is India/Middle East such poor places with many social problems and inequality? These are the places where most of the worlds religions formed yet they are highly corrupt and having shocking human rights records. Maybe because they are too hot and people don't think straight in the heat, plus the contaminated water doesn't help with crystal clear thinking, then in the colder regions you have nut cases around who are possessive of their land and don't let people just walk in. There are too many reasons why the east is corrupt. But corruption exists in the west but is of a lower scale. Some feel the reason corruption exists in the east is due to interference from the west. But truly those people residing in those countries in the east are masters of their own choices and seem to be picking the wrong ones causing them. I blame the muhammden dark ages which is having a big effect on all of the regions. It's sad we as a smaller group haven't made ourselves immune to it. There is a lack of freedom of information, freedom of communication, lack freedom of media (it's getting better over time). There are some bad sides of competitiveness also in eastern countries where by through competition people reach academic excellence but due to their competitiveness they aren't ready to work with people nor are they willing to admit mistakes to improve them. There is intense misogyny so half the population is pushed down, the half which raises the next generation is pushed down. Sikhs have fallen into pushing women down such as suppressive female voices, or not paying their male dues in domestic tasks. I think many here would agree sikhi has the answers but there is too much hypocrisy pakhandi behaviour among sikhs. Then there is the suppression of the tender in science which was one of the founding principle of India. India however produces more graduates then all of Europe put together. But the research phd level done in India is of a low standard compared to other countries due to lack of investment and the need not being seen. There is also removing the patriarchal systems such as the caste ideas to produce a better society of more freeway of information. India doesn't take up enough use of it's poorer class, had it done many would have been uplifted economical and projects could have thrived even more in india.
  10. If the photos are not someone's property you can report it, there are various report functions as for age- facebook doesn't seem to care about age of person in photos people put up images of their children or young relatives they have all the time. However the law on photography is someone can't take your photo or hold your image without your permission (data protection act), there are exemptions like schools and government institutions. You can claim the person who posted them up isn't the owner of the photographs. Facebooks concerns would be over hateful content it was only recently facebook made it okay to put images of dead bodies, cut heads things like muhammaden executions which were removed in the past. You should be aiming to go with the lack of permission, if the person who posted it has the permission and you feel uneasy about the photo then you need to relax about it unless the parent/guardians of these children are not aware. There are facebook groups of schools with images of children aswell plus the image isn't uneasy either. If it's just silly comments you could post the link here and we could all bombard the page with comments. If it's one of these pakistani muhammdenism facebook groups which take photos of infidels and write pervertive comments underneath then you could report it but they just repost again and again. If there is a police matter about the photo you would be better off going to the police to have them contact facebook, facebook act quicker when the police demand the removal of photographs. I don't think facebook really cares that younger demographics are on facebook even through lying about their age, they are more concerned that the whole pedophille growth though since it is damaging the reputation of their product making them suffer loses and right now alot of people don't care facebook is a breeding ground for child groomers- so overall facebook is more concerned with it's profits rather then it's business ethics after all it was started off on a stolen product to begin with.
  11. The best way to deal with this issue is to ignore it and focus on our religion, many islamists are attention mongerers and will take a bad reputation over no reputation some muhammdens ridicule Sikhs for the lack of awareness Sikhs have and how that makes them superior to us. Truth is, it ain't about superiority but humility. Muhammadens have been doing crazy things for a long time, but the news ignored it for a very long time. We now see muhammdens launching propaganda saying how they were peaceful invented science, made the west with the golden age yet we should all have shariah on us and then to launch propaganda on the real news to either call it false/fabricated or claim it's a minority or another sect doing it. While ignoring how muhammdens made the slave trade flourish, raped many women in grand harems made from the stolen money of the poor through taxation of jizya, burnt down libraries of many great nations, destroyed many great universities of many great nations and massacred many innocent people in the name of muhammad. For us to speak the truth, give references to many great historians who saw the destruction and even give eye witness accounts of the same savage behaviour today makes us haters. Many of us are aware that Muhammden countries are corrupt by political social fascism, however they feel convicted that everyone else is wrong and no one should preach anything else since it might put a dent on the state. However muhammden societies are getting progressive in teaching other religions through skewed manners in their mosques, they are opening their doors with the intent of converting others. Muhammad himself took advantage of the generosity of christians, jews and pagans hence setting the example it is okay for religious freedom to be a one way streak although it is mixed into the times when muhammad and his men weren't armed due to the smaller numbers he had in his early days making him more tolerant. I think we got to realise when we see this beast of haughty arrogance and zealous biggotry which destroys humanity we need to avoid turning into the beast ourselves, so that we don't return the same evil with the evil we get. Muhammadens strike tolerant tones when it comes to martial conversion of women yet harder and harsher intolerant tones to non believing men. Many muhammadens have actually hooked onto the idea that muhammdenism is a continum of christianity hence following similar philosophy or the same with other religions, some believe other religions such as Sikhi thrived due to muhammden philosophy hence they borrow Sikh philosophy as their own- I remember watching a pakistani movie where the character said muhammad had taught give 10% in charity and he gave it, truth is muhammad never taught that, it was Guru Nanak who did. Some muhammadens have derived their own understandings of muhammdenism aswell which is wishy washy but the clergy is firm on the shariah regardless of how horrible societies became in the past for many they feel it was poor implemented and could be bettered, yet with every reformation attempt for the last 1000+ years it's only brought dark ages. The islamic golden period was actually more of a time when islam was dying out for other philosophies. Muhammadens feel everyone should be the same religion so that there would be real world peace, they derive the meaning of islam to mean the attainment of peace which many neglect to inform involves with the use of violent means if necessary which some justify as acts of self defence. Other muhammdens feel there would be no problem of inter marriage, no disputes over religious ideologies all one nation under muhammad. Many muhammadens believe muhammadenism is the only truly viable cure to racism, some feel it was muhammdenism that abolished slavery in the west and brought up the status of black african heritage people in times when it was lowered even though muhammad sold slaves himself aswell as keeping them, muhammad sold black slaves for half the price of white slaves, muhammad called a black king a man with a raisin head. The anti racism propaganda of muhammdenism is what sparked the american reconversion of many african-american muslims such as muhammad ali, malcolm x, shaquille o'neil, busta rhymes, michael jackson (and his family), mike tyson etc. with a whole long list of african-american celebrities. This whole thing about muhammdenism growing fast is mainly a lie, there is a high rate of immigration and children from muhammdenism but they are still a minority and the rate of growth thing neglects the fact people live longer now. Muhammdens breading into cousins is actually causing a higher number of diseases among muhammadens aswell. Besides it ain't a number game, it took one person to convince the world that the earth was round and not flat. Sikhs ruled an empire and won the respect of some elite muhammdens being only 6% of the population ruling over pathans themselves, Sikhs conquered afghanistan something some of the greatest empires in the world could not do and can't do today. Pathans were feared by many middle easterners and were utilised to win many battles, the reputation of the pathans was recorded in dasam granth and Sikhs beat them on the battle field and in witts. Pakistan provoked and started 3 wars with India and as a result of the Sikhs in the army of India, Pakistan has lost every war they ever started brutally. Christians have had their bad side there was the dark ages, witch hunts, imperialism, slave trade, apartheid, inquisition, the slaughter of Aboriginals Australians, red Indians and many other genocides. Much of the renaissance it seems sparked out of men who challenged the authority of the church and were in some ways anti-christian, it seems the catholic church is beginning to see the toll it is having and claiming science came out of Christianity. I think we should take those history lessons not to slander faiths but to realise how easy it is to end up in the dark ages and how difficult it can be to sail up to a renaissance. For many of us we see our renaissance period under Maharaja Ranjit Singh when the names of Sikhs thrived. But I think we haven't peaked yet at our renaissance moment we have much more to give to the world. I personally haven't met any white person who has ever converted to muhammdenism, most white blokes we encounter seem to think we are muslims and instead of greeting us with gratitude for a faith they wish to embrace they seem to have instant dislike for all the crazy things muhammdenism is bringing to the table. Some white converts are of a lower IQ range easily fooled into small sales pitches based on propaganda of either fabricated science or false prophecies or logic with fallacies. Some muhammadens are setting up stalls around various town centres, some near bus stops, train stations, book shops giving out leaflets, dvds, debating some are parading around are starting to be far more annoying then jehovah witnesses are. Forgot to mention some white people convert out of either or both the urge to do spiritual (religion) shopping [where by the convert to many religions and don't stick to one] or some white people convert out of white man's guilt; white man's guilt is a term to describe the guilt for all the nasty stuff white people have done in the past and to other groups. There are some people who only consider there to be 2 main religions in the world Christianity and muhammadenism, some come to the end result it's bogus and see their conversion as a means to either melt down muhammdenism to the point Christianity is or just to make up for all the bad stuff white people may have done like imperialism India and destroying the ruling elite class of muhammdens. You got to realise 70% of the muhammaden population in the Uk are pakistani's many of which held a grudge over imperialism. Both examples aren't real conversions it's fake, besides most white people are turning to atheism, it's a demographic which is growing extremely fast and muhammadenism is acting as a catalyst of atheism. It's difficult to remind people of the dark ages but a good look at the middle east turns people into disbelieving in religion aswell. I think Muhammdenism would survive without shariah law, it lives under secular rules in several countries, it started off in the early periods without shariah- as long as there is xenophobia (irrational fear of foreignness [the unknown]) and dislike to muhammadens it will be difficult to intergate them into other social circles so being pushed together they will feel their practice of muhammdenism will be an act of rebellion. If the majority of people in pakistan don't want pakistan and want to be a part of india it would happen, a state is driven by the thinking of the people. Right now in some kind of sadomasochistic manner muhammdens want shariah, they feel the harsh punishments are put into practice and are hard to prove crimes but the mere fear of a heavy punishment keeps higher rates of civility. Right now muhammaden lands record fake statistic of crime or have none or kill criminals producing skewed interpretations into the minds of some. People are dispositioned into muhammdenism just like many other people are to their own life style or religious beliefs hence why most people remain in the religion they were born into. Another feature of muhammden is the command of muhammad recorded by him in the koran when he poses as allah he tells his followers to strike fear into the disbelievers, so don't believe all the false muhammaden hype. Guru Nanak gave hukam to sikhs not to spread fear as a true spiritual person is a peace maker and spreads grace. Muhammad taught god hates sinners who don't follow the shariah/law of muhammad and hates non believers, the true Guru, Guru Nanak dev ji said God is nirvair, God hates no one and god is love. Muhammad taught god smites, god punishes, god curses. Guru Nanak taught God is daata, he is the grand giver, the great redeemer, the one who destroys curses, the one who removes all diseases, the one who blesses and gives (doesn't take). Muhammad taught many blind ritual like stepping out a door with one foot shouting out ramblings guru ji taught us that just do ardas and carry on with life with our honest work and prayer. Muhammad taught the devil lives in our anus, urinates in our ears, lives on our moustache, lives in our nose and can destroy prayers [seems muhammad's god is weak to the devil which lives in muhammad's and muhammdens anus]. Guru ji taught us we are under illusion but god is within us and listens to us. When muhammad had his first religious experience he ran away in fear after seeing a celestial being which by his reaction seems to have been the devil having lived in a cave for a long time, he ran away and hid under his wifes legs his wife convinced him it was gabriel the angel of the christians. Guru Nanak after having his first main revelation through spiritual revelation radiated and spoke words of peace, the very words weren't of fear but of joy which plucked the strings of many hearts. When muhammad left the earth having been poisoned either by his wife or concubine he demanded an all out war to conquer under his banner, when guru nanak left his earthly body for heavenly abode his words were of peace for the unity of all of humanity. It is said muhammad became cursed for several years by the possession of a demon put onto him by a mere jewish women, it seems muhammad was actually experiencing advanced signs of his schizophrenia. Guru Nanak blessed many people, broke curses and was unaffected by the rambling curses that people tried to put on him in test of his spiritual power. The land which Guru Nanak was born on is still fertile till today, the land of muhammad is a cursed wretched desert with arsenic water and mercury filled mountains which both lead to cancer. A few muhammadens pray for the destruction of the wellfare of non believers and the upliftment of muhammdenism, guru ji gave the hukam to Sikhs to pray for the wellfare of everyone and in that we will be blessed.
  12. You need to remodel that house, it sounds like it's designed creepy and not sheque
  13. HIV can largely be contracted through needles which are reused, it is spread widely all over the world and a large portion of muslims all over the world are in denial of it- I think we shouldn't lower ourselves to the level of falsehood, but be truthful about our communities vices so that we can correct it. There are a whole other set of illnesses/diseases that can be contracted through intercourse apart from hiv there is herpes, crabs, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis and others (most of which if detected early on can be treated, some with antibiotics or creams or alternatives). HIV if detected in the early on can be treated so that it doesn't become aids and become fatal. Medication for HIV is really getting better, there are also methods in the development to stop HIV spreading to your children if you conceive or you can adopt, adoption is a noble deed aswell, alot of orphans need homes, parents and caring environments around them. Alot of people who are perfectly sure of not having HIV do undergo HIV tests which just involve blood tests for precautionary measures for other illnesses which require intense medication. Since HIV is a sensitive matter, the results are usually only exclusively released to the patient with absolute confidentiality. Also if you are going to regardless be promiscuous be slightly more selective of your partners (avoid no strings attached one-night-stands) and use condoms (some people might not like that advice but the last thing we want is to turn into the catholic church and the issues they have generated in Africa by prohibiting condoms for pro-life). Better yet follow the Gurus rehat of grist and go get married but if you are infected be sure to tell them before you marry. In america there have been people put in jail for spreading HIV without telling the other consenting partner about it, it was equated to murder. It's happened in the Uk aswell http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-24061547 I also think some psychological help would be beneficial just so that you can help get past the barriers you will face in society, it will help to a strong mental core when being challenged with such a thing so that you can come to terms with your condition and live out your life. In punjab alot of Sikhs have contracted HIV from dirty needles through the 70% drug use among youngsters and the increase of prostitution and use of prostitutes in punjab. If you are worried about finding a partner after this episode there are alot of people in our community with similar problems who need partners, many potential partners are available in India who suffer from poverty some are social outcasts for various reasons but would be very loving and acceptable partners.
  14. Pakistanis are hypocrites expect people to respect them but don't respect others since they are compelled they are following truth and everyone else is wrong even though pakistan is declared a failed state in the world with the highest pornographic searches in the world in accordance to google.
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