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  1. I think one reason for relaxes the rules was in previous generations children who were told off for not wearing rumaals would end up getting shouted at by someone which would deter them from returning to the gurdwara. Also I think some leg room for understanding why people, children cut their hair exists and a far more relaxed tolerant attitude is taken for their spiritual journey and how it effects us. And for some of them it wasn't their fault, they couldn't even tie a rumaal but the parents. Some don't feel it is necessary for a child to cover their head, kinda like how it's permissable in
  2. They have too many conditions such as £75, you must provide government ID photo, you must provide high quality photo and only then you have a chance to view full profiles and have yours accessed. With all that on top alot of rivals don't charge that much and don't ask for government ID photos. Try shaadi.com - As for caste you can check caste no bar; but for some people caste means enough not to marry out so that option occurs, then the meat and alcohol one is of lifestyle it's one for some and not for others, then for others it's something adjustable.
  3. If they won't upload it could some record it and upload it. It's possible to record the live stream from their website perhaps using screen capture software which captures audio.
  4. Is it possible someone had killed the child in relation to his father the muhammeden who was doing drugs and in gangs who had been killed, or his grandfather a muhammaden cleric maybe out of bitter rivalry there is sadly a culture among some muhammadens to take out the fathers revenge on their child. Perhaps the mother is frightened to come forward with the truth out of the hypothetical psycho killing her and the rest of her children. Because it doesn't make sense a mother would kill her own child especially one with many children unless she was extremely drugged up and not aware of what she d
  5. Perhaps the difference can be identified between when one harms you and the other benefits you. You might lose everyone such as your loved ones who have past away but you got your guru to carry on. That's sharda or devotion. You might be in a stage or phase of your life when your friends drift apart maybe they have entered the ways of kaljug they do things you disagree with and you drift apart. But you still got your guru that is devotion. If people who are nice are moving away from you and you think you still got your guru this might not be sharda or devotion. It's very likely your characte
  6. It's the same with X-Rays some countries are starting to make x-rays a thing of the past and work more off MRI's. With X-rays you can't have metallic objects with you. I think regardless of the type of kakkars you wear the medical professional may disagree to carry on with the procedure, even if you wear plastic or wooden kakkars for they will view it as foreign objects and for all they know those objects are hollow and filled with metal inside. Plus they have to protect their medical equipment which is worth sometimes millions of pounds/dollars. The procedure only takes a while it's a normal
  7. More human rights violations. Rich people pay big money to save their children and doctors kill poor people to harvest them.
  8. Porn addiction is common among all religions regardless it becomes an issue when it stops you from living your life. Then there is the guilt factor which can impede on your mental well being. You got to find balance in life, maybe play more video games to occupy your time. Get more hobbies there are some people with so many hobbies they don't have enough time in the day to pack it all in. Sikhs of the gurus time were doing alot of stuff, farming, fencing, wrestling, horse riding, writing, reading, singing, learning new instruments etc.. Go make some more friends, spend time doing window shoppi
  9. Why is India/Middle East such poor places with many social problems and inequality? These are the places where most of the worlds religions formed yet they are highly corrupt and having shocking human rights records. Maybe because they are too hot and people don't think straight in the heat, plus the contaminated water doesn't help with crystal clear thinking, then in the colder regions you have nut cases around who are possessive of their land and don't let people just walk in. There are too many reasons why the east is corrupt. But corruption exists in the west but is of a lower scale. Some
  10. If the photos are not someone's property you can report it, there are various report functions as for age- facebook doesn't seem to care about age of person in photos people put up images of their children or young relatives they have all the time. However the law on photography is someone can't take your photo or hold your image without your permission (data protection act), there are exemptions like schools and government institutions. You can claim the person who posted them up isn't the owner of the photographs. Facebooks concerns would be over hateful content it was only recently facebook
  11. The best way to deal with this issue is to ignore it and focus on our religion, many islamists are attention mongerers and will take a bad reputation over no reputation some muhammdens ridicule Sikhs for the lack of awareness Sikhs have and how that makes them superior to us. Truth is, it ain't about superiority but humility. Muhammadens have been doing crazy things for a long time, but the news ignored it for a very long time. We now see muhammdens launching propaganda saying how they were peaceful invented science, made the west with the golden age yet we should all have shariah on us and
  12. You need to remodel that house, it sounds like it's designed creepy and not sheque
  13. HIV can largely be contracted through needles which are reused, it is spread widely all over the world and a large portion of muslims all over the world are in denial of it- I think we shouldn't lower ourselves to the level of falsehood, but be truthful about our communities vices so that we can correct it. There are a whole other set of illnesses/diseases that can be contracted through intercourse apart from hiv there is herpes, crabs, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis and others (most of which if detected early on can be treated, some with antibiotics or creams or alternatives). HIV if detec
  14. Pakistanis are hypocrites expect people to respect them but don't respect others since they are compelled they are following truth and everyone else is wrong even though pakistan is declared a failed state in the world with the highest pornographic searches in the world in accordance to google.
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