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  1. Sorry - It's taken me a while to get back online! As i said i had an interesting discussion on this very subject recently. Below are my own thoughts... It's evident that Non Amritdhari people dont feel comfortable saying "Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Waheguru Jee Ke Fateh", and likewise Amritdhari people tend not to greet others in this manner either. The only Non Amritdharee that do use this greeting are those that are potentially in transition... What i found interesting however was one comment that someone raised.... which was alonge the lines of... Well my mum and dad dont say it and neit
  2. Looking at Sikhi with regards to what we will get in return isn't advisable. As every situation that we face is the Hukam of our Guru, in evry Sukh there is Dukh, in every Dukh there is Sukh. We need to learn from every situation thet we are put in... Guru Hargobind Jee Maharaj whilst sitting in Sangat one day, asked of the Sangat if any one could recite Gurbani of by heart and with great love, focus and attention and with no mistakes whatsoever - as it should be. At that time some Gurmukh pyareh from afghanistan had bought Maharaj 5 horses. Maharaj had given 4 of thoses out to people fr
  3. Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Jee Ki Fateh Is this a greeting only for Amritdharis? Are Non Amritdharees afraid to use this greeting? Should they? Why do people opt to use Sat Sri Akaal? Fateh? GurFateh? I've had this discussion recently, and wanted to bring it to a wider forum... Lets discuss and debate :smile2:
  4. Thats a very good question... We do recieve signs, not necesarily when we need them, sometimes they come immediately, sometimes in a weeks time, in a months time, in a years time. But we do get our answers. We just need to be open enough to accept our answers... At times we get our signs, but we assume those signs are a coincidence... we just delay accepting the signs... as it's easier to accept that they are coincidence... Quite often we do Ardaas for personal gain, to pass our exams, to get a new job, to get a new car... maang sadee vadhee hundee, seva apah thoree kardeh... Sri Guru G
  5. D Kaur


    I agree with the above ^^^ But just out of curiosity, have you been approached? Or asked to be initiated? As you cant just join, i'm intrigued as to why the free masons would approach you? And what they want from you? You wont get into that society unless your a particular type of person (elite), and how on earth did you get on their radar? But i digress - please do stay away... And instead lets all hope that we can be Guru Gobind Singh Jee's Sons and Daughters instead...
  6. Hmmmm.... well you've had alot of advice... and i agree what they all say, but i thing the one thing that is missing, and i'm sure your feeling, is vulnerability. You was introduced to this prospective life partner, you accepted your families wishes, and got to know him, you let your guard down as you felt that he was your life partner. There is no shame in that, for if you do not try to get on with your fiance there will be no relationship. The hurt you are feeling is because you were under the impression that this was for real, and a life long commitment. It's ok to feel hurt and betraye
  7. Congratulations on your engadgment and the upcoming wedding! Engadgements aren't registered, only marriages are. I'm guessing that you are only engadged and still to be married? Essentially you have two options, you have a registry wedding at the local registry office. And you recieve a Marriage certificate. You dont need to do anything else. Or alternatively you have a represntative attend the Anand Karaj, and you sign the legagl documentation prior to your Anand Karaj, at the Gurdwara, you recieve your mariage certificate, and again you need do no more.
  8. Reading some of the topics that we have on SS at the minute, i thought i'd create a topic for those that dont already know. There is a series of Inspirational Talks being held at Singh Sabha Gurdwara Coventry - UK. Every Friday 7 to 9pm, in English (for the next 9 weeks). So far there has been: Week 1 - Harvinder Kaur Khalsa Week 3 - Manvir Singh Week 3 - Angad Kaur Khalsa All were great speakers. As the Gurdwara has gone to the trouble of arranging these talks, could we look into having the poster issued each week on the Sikh Sangat banner, to get maximum coverage - if your on faceboo
  9. LOL @ this!!!! I dont know what the topic being discussed was about, or what was said. However violence in our Guru Ghar is not acceptable. With regards to pressing charges - to be honest i would be inclined to sitting the two down, with some Sianeh and resolving the issues. Take the opportunity to show that yes charges could be pressed, and more than likely an asbo issued, giving her a criminal record. But instead use it as a way of showing her what she did was wrong, that she needs to look at her anger management issues, we all get heated and emotional at times but we need to cont
  10. Fantastic Seva. I have donated, and will continue to do so monthly. A Truly inspiring orgainisation - It's so good to finally be able to give back to our own through your organisation and continued good work.
  11. It's difficult seeing our family members taking the wrong path, but as you have said, they have been on this path for the last 20 + years. Chances are they wont know what true Sikhi is any more. But being your family, i can appreciate how you would not want to loose hope with them. So my only advice to you is to be a good Sikh around them. Do your Nitnem and Vaheguru Simran, with the family. Do your Rehras Sahib with the family. Your continuing to be a good Sikh and hopefully they will look at you and maybe in time begin to adopt True Sikhi, as you have, as opposed to a cut down version
  12. I have contacted Khalsa Aid, as i did not want to re-post here untill i had some facts. For anyone who questions their work and commitment, you should know that they are doing the best they can with the support they have, if you feel they can do better - give them your support, contact them, talk to them, dont criticise the good work they do. As they are clearly helping many families around Punjab. I've been informed that they have contacted all Jathebandis, to initiate these programs with Jathbandis guidance, along with funding from Khalsa Aid. They have had no backing, and are having to
  13. D Kaur

    Brown Nosers

    Please do NOT, talk to your Mum, Bhabhi, or Brother about this. All this will do is give them a reason to think that your wife is turning you against them. Your Bhabhi will say your not talking to her because of your wife, and that it is you that has changed. Aslong as you and your brother are always talking, it's just women's politics, as soon as you two get involved the family dynamics change, sometime irrevirsbily - please do not get yourself into this situation. You know the truth, and that is all that matters, as aslong as you are always on your wifes side she will be happy. It's g
  14. Wish i could come down for this :sad: Is there any chance it will be recorded?
  15. Settling into married life is difficult, a new family, a new routine, a new way of living, a new time schedule. There is no shame in admitting that your finding your new life difficult, you've admitted it, thats the first step, now try and do somthing about it. Ok, so your now not doing any Paath. Lets make this simple, get back on track by doing Simran. Set aside 10 minutes to sit down and do Naam Simran today, if you can do longer great! When in you car on your way to walk do Naam Simran, when cooking in the kitchen, play a CD with your favourite Naam Simran. When at work, plug your
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