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  1. Jeetnijjar brother, we would be happy to get into app format. However, most of the sewadars have their hands full and can't concentrate on developing the app. Forum is sangat operated community space. We can allot $1000 for the development of stable app for sikhsangat. If anyone is up for the sewa or if you can take the responsibility of getting it made from other company then it will be a great sewa on your behalf.
  2. Please share your contact info with us. Send us PM.
  3. Done jeo. I hope that we don't have to take same step again.
  4. Visitors must login in order to see the forum. We do once in a while to get more ppl signed up and share their views and opinions. We will disable forced login after this weekend. We did took a quote from a sikh based mobile development company last year and the quotation was in thousands so we dropped the idea of having an app.
  5. Posted by fake id on fb. He made fb id on aug 12 and already got 400 friends.
  6. 31 years old,amritdhari,height 6'2,Mtech(Engineer), working as a data analyst in Punjab. Only amritdhari in family. Family well educated. Looking for a singhni who wears dastar or willing to wear dastaar. Please contact admin (pm) to know the contact of the person (email).
  7. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh Looking for Amritdhaar Singhni who wears Dastaar, UK, 21-23 years old. To get the contact (email), please send PM to "Admin" id. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  8. When one person is giving his her daswandh to guru sahib jee via different channels then it means that you did your duty as ordered by guru sahib ji. Now whether that is well spent or not is something that you cannot control completely. It is the karam of our previous life that whether guru sahib jee thinks of our sewa worth it or not. Daswandh is: 10% of your income - dhan 10% of your physical sewa - taan 10% of your mind/soul meditation - maan
  9. Gurfateh sangat ji, Non-amritdhari bibi ji (keshdhari/veg etc) 88 born looking for a Turban wearing sikh Ina professional field. Girl is based in United States and is a medical doctor currently doing her residency. Please PM admin to get the direct contact of the girl family. --- If you want to post rishta on our forums anonymously then get in touch with us via PM.
  10. Please use our forum platform to find gursikh partners. --- Canadian Amritdhari keski wearing bibi ji born 1990. 5'4". Medical graduate preparing for entrance for residency in Canada. Down to earth family recently started following sikhi. Contact: Send admin PM
  11. Make it clear that what you post is your opinion - use 'I think', 'I believe', 'In my opinion'. Don't generalise - if others generalise don't assume it's a personal attack on you. Respect one another's views even if you don't agree. Use 'I disagree because...' rather than 'You are wrong/stupid/talking rubbish' Don't insult other posters or their viewpoint. Don't goad or use sarcasm to insult other. If you are upset or angry, take a step back, don't post in anger. Don't derail a thread. If another member posts something off topic, don't reply - if you want to discuss it, start a new thread. If another member misunderstands what you said, explain calmly what you mean, rather than accusing them of lying or deliberately misrepresenting you. It is fine to disagree, and to discuss different opinions in a civil manner. Heated debate, though, will not be permitted.
  12. How many of us would be interested to learn (Read, Speak & Write) punjabi language if we decide to open up e-learning classrooms?
  13. Panthic.org did great work on tackling Dundalk brigade when he tried to enter gurughars of Northern California.
  14. As reported by another member: YouTube tag is also not working
  15. There are few forum bugs that we are currently working on. Copy/Paste is not working If you found any other non-function feature or errors, pls reply to this topic. Thanks Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  16. Best reply by buddasingh and we all should know post closing remarks.
  17. Thanks for reply. Yes, we also feel that simplicity is very important. Please let us know if you like or don't like the current skin/theme. Thanks
  18. To clarify further, members who will be put under-moderation will still be able to post but their post will have to go thru manual moderation by our team.
  19. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh We trashed all previous rules. There will be no warnings, no Quality Control and no more ban on our forums. We will simply put member under-moderation even for small rude statement to others. If you write a reply to another member and calling him "Stupid" or any other type of negative remarks, you will go on indefinite under-moderation. There will be absolutely no time frame and sewadars will not give any reason to that member. Sikhsangat is community driven forum for the past 13+ years and we want it to be exactly that for the next coming years. If 10% of the post is negative then we will delete the whole reply. We also reset the ban and under moderation filters. All members who were banned or under moderation will now get another chance to post freely without any restriction. Keep in mind that any small mistake will put you "under moderation" for indefinite period of time. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  20. Thanks for the feedback. We will work on the featured top News/Articles section. News scroll is now at very slow speed.
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