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  1. Keski cant be hung close by for the same reasons kirpan and kangha cant be hung close by. The principle listed in the rehatnamas is that a Sikh should not be bare-headed with exception of while washing and combing hair. Walking around bare-headed with open hair does not behoove a Sikh. Guru Sahib always kept it on them and so did Sikhs in early days. It was not because of war times but because of Gurmat principles. Bhai Randhir Singh and Bhai Vir Singh also did not part from their turbans. I rather agree with naam abhiyasi Gursikhs than lazy pot belly people who have forgotton their heritage due to modern luxuries. If you argue that time has changed then you are making the rehat circumstantial and time dependent which is against the universality of Sikhi. Keeping keski away from you opens the door to many other exceptions and renders the Sikh not tyar bar tyar. If keski is not necessary under one condition then others will come up with their own exceptions using the same reasoning that you are. How dirty do you think the Sikhs are? Are Sikhs supposed to tie such dirty keskis which immediately get the hair dirty? No. Tying a dirty keski will get the hair dirty and I never said one should tie a dirty keski on their head. Unless ones head was full of dirt and mud, I fail to see how keski could get so dirty that it will get washed hair dirty. Besides, when keski is tied like a kamar kassa, it barely gets wet during kesi ishnaan. A Sikh is not supposed to tie a torn and a dirty turban unless he has no other option at all. You say have more than one gatra but that is exactly my point. Have more than one keski. But rehat does not allow keeping kakkars and keski separated from the body. Have you ever seen a Sikh being cremated with all the kakkars but no turban? It is part of the Khalsa lifestyle. Tying kirpan on the head during shower means never to part from it. It must be kept with a Sikh at all times. It doesnt have to be a lengthy kirpan but close to 9 inches is preferred so that it still serves a purpose when the need arises. Again, conveniences dont outdate the rehat. We have luxuries and conveniences now but whos to say the circumstance wont change in the future or for future generations. And again, since rehat is not time dependent, it cannot be abandoned and readopted depending on the circumstance. I see you got my point about gated communities. What you missed was that you are making such arguments and rejecting rehat due to conveniences. It is about our own opinions and thoughts. Someone using the same reasoning as you could reject kirpan on the same grounds. There are many who hung it close by during sleep but it doesnt make it right. You say keski is not needed during shower but I say it is whether one is in a tiled shower or in a river. Time and place dont matter. Rehat cannot be changed over time. Time and situation change but rehat must be kept the same unless you think Guru Sahib wasnt thinking all the way and He wasnt aware of the future luxuries. Finally, you argue that turbans get knocked off during fights. To be honest, I do not watch Gurdwara fights videos so no comment there. But should we then take turbans off during fights? And if someone could take your turban off and choke you with it, then the same person could also take out your kirpan and stab you with it. Should we conclude that turban and kirpan do more harm to a Sikh than benefit him? Absolutely not. If a Sikh is really that weak then perhaps he should think about whether it is even practical for him to keep this lifestyle. It is analogous to saying a criminal could snatch a gun from a cop and shoot him. In such a case, the fault lies with the cop not with the gun. Similarly, the fault will lie with a Sikh not with a turban or a kirpan. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Sikhs will not always be taking showers in tiled bathrooms. A situation may arise at any time requiring him to quickly get ready and run towards the enemy rather than towards the close by hanger. It is one of the things we learn from The Great Holocaust. If you argue that Sikhs in a combat zone could keep such rehat then you are insinuating that rehat is circumstantial whereas rehat is one for all. I am not here to force my thinking on you or others. For me, keeping every rehat and tradition regardless of how minor it is or how impractical it may seem must be kept because I care for the blessing and khushi of Guru Sahib. If it was useless it wouldnt be there to begin with. You may find yourself better off without it and that is your prerogative. Guru Rakha
  2. Yes I agree with you with one caveat that it is the Grace of Vaheguru not self-effort that results in spiritual progress and it is the Grace that brings out the good works and efforts in us. We pray for "uddham" and God's Grace works from beginning to end resulting in our journey, progress, works and salvation. Guru Rakha
  3. It is a common sense that while washing hair, keski cannot be tied on the head. It has to be removed just like a kangha but it does not justify keeping it away from the body. You ask for practical purpose for keski but the same reasoning can be used against kangha which is used to comb hair so what purpose does it serve while doing kes ishnaan? While washing hair, the keski must be kept on the body because as soon as one is done washing hair, he can tie the keski and then take body shower. Kangha is also kept on the body and then tucked into the hair. Keski doesnt just keep hair clean, it keeps them tied and protected. Its symbolical significance also cannot be ignored at any time. Tying a kirpan on the head while showering in nearly impossible without a keski unless one wears a very small kirpan which is not only useless but against the very idea of wearing a kirpan. All Sikhs who keep keski with them change it to a clean one as soon as they come out of the shower. But do you change gatra after every shower? Do you wash your kirpan after shower since it gets splattered with same dust and sweat? Besides, Sikhs who shower everyday rarely get as dirty as you claim unless their job requires them to work in a dusty and unclean environment. Convenience such as tiled showers do not justify ignoring the significance of keski. One can go further and undermine keeping kirpan with the body by saying that these days they sleep in a house with security alarm situated in a gated community. One could undermine kachera by saying no one sees them naked in a locked door shower. Every Sikh should be tyar bar tyar not just the ones in a combat zone. Every Sikh is a saint-soldier so the same principles apply to all regardless of where they are. Like you said, you never know when the situation may arise requiring you to quickly tie your hair and get ready. While showering, you could experience break in, robbery, theft etc. If you rather fight the criminals bare-headed, it is your choice but dont undermine keski. Drying hair in open air is best. I never said that using a blow dryer is recommended. For some it is useful when they have to quickly get ready to go to work and the hair are still somewhat wet. If one can do without it, it is better but it is also not healthy for hair to be tied wet all day long. Rest is your choice. Keski is a small turban that covers the hair. Any dastar worn on top of it is called pagg, Gurmukhi dastaar or dumalla depending on the style and type of turban. There are numerous rehatnamas that speak of wearing dastar. Guru Rakha
  4. You are speaking an ideal case which is not applicable to everyone. In case sangat is not available then I see your point. But if sangat is available then as instructed by Guru Sahib, one should go to sangat. Many Gursikhs have struggled without sangat and many naam abhiyasi Sikhs have found sangat to be the most beneficial for their progress and to keep them from making mistakes. Guru Sahib has spoken highly of sangat which they themselves established. So it cannot be ignored or downplayed. While Guru Sahib is eternal and with us, it is the sangat that strengthens our beliefs and faith in Guru Sahib. Sangat encourages us to practice Sikhi more and more. I never said sangat is the only solution. It is part of Sikhi and cannot be ignored. Taking your stance, how do you explain numerous people who have fallen from Sikhi? How do you explain some Sikhs who reached high avastha and then went astray? Sikhi is not an individualistic path. The whole concept of Panth goes against the very idea of doing everything all alone. A Sikh keeps Amrit Vela, does nitnem and also goes to sangat where he learns about higher avasthas and resolves his spiritual obstacles. Guru Sahib also works his kirpa through sangat. My whole point was that if someone goes away from Sikhi, sangat should try to bring them back. Maya, haumain, mind, and five vices are very powerful. Ask any naam abhiyasi Gursikh. You may have reached the ideal avastha you speak of but not everyone has and hence, they need sangat and blessings of Guru Sahib to get there.
  5. Keski covers hair/head. It is the symbol of royalty, independence and equality. Hence, it must be worn at all times i.e. sleeping, showering etc. Rehat does not specify when not to wear it because when rehat says that one should wear a keski, it means there are no exceptions. Listing every instance and circumstance becomes mute. The only time when hair could be left uncovered is while washing and combing them. Other than that, keski must be worn on the head. It is not hard at all. You just need to practice rehat and get your mind used to it. While washing hair, keep the keski tied to your waist like a kamar kassa and when done, just wrap it around your head and then take a body shower. While combing, I do the same. Rehat states that one must do ishnaan every day. Hair is part of the body. So it does not make sense that only the hair on the head must be left out. It only takes about 2-3 minutes more to wash them during the shower and then let them dry during Naam Simran and Nitnem. After that you can use a blow dryer. It is healthy and better for your body. Good things require work and effort. I personally have never had this problem by Gurus kirpa. What I have learned is that in order to keep your mind from wandering you have to take some serious steps. First, keep consistent Amrit Vela and Nitnem. Second, during the day read some bani. Third, engage less in entertainment i.e. movies, tv etc. and dont watch anything after 6pm. Fourth, after Rehraas Sahib do some simran, listen to katha and read an inspiring Gurmat book. Fifth, eat light meal at night, do Sohila Sahib with full concentration, do Simran for 5 minutes or so and then go to sleep. You can also keep Gurbani audio playing by your bedside. Lastly, never forget to do Ardaas and keep faith in Guru Sahib. Keep sangat of Gursikhs. Your problem should be resolved soon. Guru Rakha
  6. It has not been proven conclusively that homosexuality is related to genetics. So far all the studies that have been conducted are hypothesizing and making suggestions. No such gene has been discovered. Also, there are many disorders and diseases related to genetics. Thus, it is wrong to assert that just because something may be or is related to genetics it is thereby morally acceptable. What if in the future scientists discover genes related to smoking, rape, and murder behaviors? Would we have to accept such behaviors as acceptable and accommodate them in the parameters of Gurmat? The clear answer is a No. Naam is the most powerful force in the creation and Naam has the power to correct wrong behaviors and genetic mutations. Gurbani clearly defines a married couple as a man and a woman. A Sikh man is instructed to refrain from looking at another woman in a lustful way. Similarly, a Sikh woman is given the instruction to not look at other men in a similar fashion. Show me even one verse which tells a person to not look at the same gender in a lustful manner be it a man or a woman. Show me any single verse that describes a family unit consisting of either two men or two women acting as a couple. Can any Gurus Sikh imagine a true Sikh to be a brahmgyani and a homosexual at the same time? Is it even possible to imagine that Sikhs like Baba Deep Singh, Bhai Mani Singh, Baba Jarnail Singh, Bhai Vir Singh, Bhai Randhir Singh and numerous others were heterosexuals just because of their genetics? Is Khalsa who is the embodiment of Satguru and has all the power and image of Satguru susceptible to sexual orientation due to genetics? When Sikhs can conquer death what makes anyone think that they cant conquer their behavior patterns and subdue mental desires? Please keep your personal opinions about homosexuality outside the circle of Gurmat. Dont project your ideas on to Gurmat. Satguru defines Gurmat not science. Guru Rakha
  7. Clearly, you have a habit of putting your own words in others mouths and then accusing them which is nothing short of deceit and a lie. I never said Islam and Hinduism have "meaningless morals". Show me a single line that states this. You are looking for a path that works for you. Hence, you want something that fits your viewpoint, thinking and opinions. This is absolutely the wrong way of finding the truth. In Sikhi, one has to submit, hence, mould their thinking and behavior according to Sikh ideals. You want your choice to be moulded to your thinking which cannot happen in Gurmat. According to the rules of logic, your arguments are invalid and incoherent. Just because someone is not accepted in Sikhi doesnt mean they are entirely useless. According to Gurmat, they are on the wrong path. Period. One cannot be a Muslim, Hindu, Jew etc. and still be a Sikh at the same time. One cannot be a homo and a Sikh at the same time. No one can pick and choose. Now, it Is not impossible that there will not be orphans left for adoption. Certainly, the possibility is there and it goes to show that homosexuality doesn't work all the time. Hence, your argument for defending homosexuality on the basis of adoption doesn't work which is why you avoided it by stating "it does NOT matter now". So do you mean homosexuality should be allowed as long as there are children left to be adopted? If homosexuals want a partner due to physical love towards another human then it is not according to the basis of Anand Karaj. I have already explained what Sikh marriage is all about. Pure physical attraction and the need or desire to have a partner does not justify having an Anand Karaj. I don't deny them marriage or any rights as long as they remain outside of Sikhi. Sikhi is a specific way of life. All the Gurus preached and practiced heterosexuality NOT because of their sexual orientation but because of its truth and validation by God. Gurus were beyond physical attractions, lust or the need to have a partner. They demonstrated the true lifestyle for Sikhs to emulate. This historical evidence is sufficient and strong enough to repudiate homosexuality. Besides, all verses in Gurbani and Vaars speak to heterosexual marriage. This is my challenge to you and anyone else who advocates homosexuality to show me a single verse from either Gurbani or Vaars that makes homosexuality acceptable. Why can't we put homos on a uninhabited planet? Because you know humanity will cease to exist. Do the same to any heterosexual couple and do the comparison. If you still cant see the difference then you are blinded by your own ignorance. It goes to show how homosexuality harms the survival of humanity. If God approved such a lifestyle then he wouldve given men to bear children the same way as women in a natural way. Do you really think infertility is the same as homosexuality? Being biological does not prove the sameness. Inferiles are physically incapable of reproducing but homos are not. One is healthy the other is disabled. Hence, there is no comparison. Again, you fail to understand logic and rationality. The point being that homos cannot procreate. Therefore, they fail to meet one of the Sikh marriage criteria. Besides, we are not discussing validity of homosexuality from biological standpoint but from Sikhi standpoint. So stay focused on the topic. Also, I never said procreation is the primary or the only intent of Anand Karaj. You failed to read properly. Sikhi is universally applicable which means its path is open to all and no one is disbarred from it. In other words, its message is not restricted to any human. However, every human that wishes to become a Sikh must submit to the path set forth by Satguru. Just as a Muslim, Hindu, alcoholic, drug addict, rapist etc. must renounce their way of life and adopt Gurmat in totality, homosexuals must give up their mental orientation towards the same gender in order to become Sikhs. Sexual orientation must be changed and conquered. Any sexual orientation or need to have sex stems from lust which can be conquered and mind can be subdued. Habits can be changed. This is the position of Gurbani. Therefore, Sikhi does not accept those who refuse to follow it. The path is open but only those who follow it are accepted as Sikhs. When did I ever state that Anand Karaj is entirely soul based? It is certainly a union of two souls but the physical aspect or criteria is still there i.e. it is a union of two souls which are housed in a man and a woman. Union between two men and/or two women is not allowed. I again challenge you to show me a single verse that states otherwise. When it comes to moral and ethics based lifestyle, the Gurus did not leave anything out. Since Anand Karaj is clearly defined and has been demonstrated by the Gurus over the period of 240 years it leaves no doubt about rejection of homosexuality. You need to provide evidence from Gurbani that personal moral standards are allowed within Gurmat. This is nothing but manmat. Since a Gursikh submits to Satguru, he gives himself up physically and mentally and wholeheartedly serves Satguru. While Gurbani talks about a Sikh being a heterosexual, not a single verse speaks of a Sikh being a homosexual. The message is crystal clear. No choice, no individual opinion or standard. I will leave Islam out as it is beyond the scope of this discussion.
  8. I do not know her and did not check her accounts but we all need to sit back and reflect upon this in larger context. Any Sikh without proper sangat could fall prey to five vices or materialistic things. But do we have support groups to help such Sikhs? Do we have supportive sangat that could go to that Sikhs house to do Amrit Vela and Aasa Di Vaar to provide spiritual uplift to that Sikh? When Mata Sabhrayee Ji was feeling down and sorrow due to Guru Gobind Singh Jis family suffering and loss of lives, her local sangat decided to visit her house to have Amrit Vela and Kirtan program so that she would feel consoled, supported and spiritual upliftment enabling her to accept Gods Will. We need to be organized like our ancestors and support each other in terms of physical, mental and spiritual. A Gursikh is supposed to japp Naam and encourage others. If a Sikh goes astray, find ways to bring him back. Dont condemn others for falling away from Sikhi. It could happen to anyone. What if this happened to you or someone close to you? Would you react the same way? Start thinking of the Panth as one big family and all Sikhs as its members. Her local sangat should approach her and engage in open communication to understand why she does what she is doing, if she could be helped and how her certain behavior hurts the Sikh sentiments. If nothing else, pray for her. Guru Rakha
  9. You asked questions and many provided answers. If you are thinking of having an argument or a debate then you will have to find someone else for it. Having some similarities does not mean anything. What sets Gurmat apart from Buddhism is the fact (and a very important one) is that the former believes in One Supreme Being whereas the latter does not. Hence, all other concepts concerning way of life and salvation would be vastly different. Similarities can be found in all religions. This does not prove anything. How do I know? Because my Satguru told me and He is not a liar. He received the revelation and penned it down Himself. He preached and practiced the same message. Countless Sikhs have experienced the Divine from this message. The true message can only preach what is according to the very nature of God i.e. without hate, fear, equality, peace etc. What proof do you have that Gurbani is not revealed? If you are looking for truth then why not compare the original Gurbani message to other holy books and see for yourself. Truth is not sought by asking questions on forums and picking an argument. Truth is obtained by following Satguru and having an inner connection with Vaheguru which is wholly absent in Buddhism. It seems to me you do not understand logic. If you want to treat homosexuality topic as something personal then it leaves no room for any objective discussion. I never said homosexuals are useless. I only stated they cannot procreate which is part of Anand Karaj lifestyle. Hence, within Gurmat they have no place. Surely they can adopt but I have already refuted such a useless point. They depend on heterosexuals for it. Assume there are no children left in the world for adoption, what then? On what basis do homosexuals justify having a family unit? On what basis is this marriage justified? You failed to address my point: Lets put any homosexual couple on an uninhabited planet and see if humanity survives. Gurmat is universal and all of its principles are universally applicable. If homosexuality was universally applied, humanity will cease to exist. Infertility is a medical disability. Are all homosexuals medically disabled? You are the one doing apples to oranges comparison not me. You are the one comparing healthy homos to infertile. Procreation is not the only criterion but is definitely one of the criteria. First criterion for Anand Karaj is to have a man and a woman. Many Gurbani verses explicitly state this. Vaars also state the same fact in no ambiguous terms. I never said homosexuals are beggars but are like ascetics who depend on heterosexuals. I dont think you understand how examples work. Homosexuals are NOT householders as defined in Gurbani (I highly doubt you know what householder means within the scope of Gurmat). Their entire relationship is predicated upon physical attraction towards the same sex be it for companionship, intimacy or lust. Living the ideal Gurmat lifestyle is never on their mind. Mind you, we are not discussing pros and cons of homosexuality but whether it is accepted in Sikhi or not. The topic is not homosexuality in general but very specific as to Gurmat injunctions in regards to it. I have already stated why Gurbani does not mention it explicitly. Again, it is incompatible with Gurmat i.e. it is opposite to Sikh way of life. You argue in vain that soul is genderless. So what? Is homosexual relationship soul based? No. It is same sex based. It is physical based. Hence, your argument is invalid. I can argue that since soul has no gender why cant all homosexuals marry the opposite sex and form heterosexual family units? Why do they feel attracted to the same gender which is purely physical? A Sikh and homosexual are contradictory. It is analogous to saying criminal and cop are one and the same or a saint and a sinner are the same. Not to say that homosexuals are criminals or sinners. Absolutely not. The point being that two are contradictory in nature. A Gursikh who is God oriented person can never be homosexual. This is how Gurbani defines it. Divorce, abuse, wife-beating etc. are topics which are not mentioned in Gurbani so should we assume Gurbani endorses such practices? Absolutely not. These topics are not covered because they are incompatible with true way of life. If someone was to ask what Gurbani says concerning a Sikh getting a divorce or beating his wife, the answer would be that the person is not a Sikh. Homosexuality is in the same boat. A Sikh is heterosexual by definition. His life centers around being a heterosexual person. His marriage is not founded upon physical attraction but rather is grounded in having a household sangat and procreation. God created us in balance. For man He created woman and vice versa. Why should we go against such a natural design and resort to animalistic behavior in which physical traits is the only basis for a relationship? Homosexuals are not Sikhs. Period. The path is open to them but they must follow it wholeheartedly. It is not my way but Gurus way. Guru advocated heterosexuality. This is what he preached, practiced and emulated for us. I think you need to calm down. If love marriage is better then why does it fail more than an arranged marriage? Shouldnt love be stronger? Clearly, what most Westerners call love is nothing more than physical attraction from which they seek worldly pleasures. They dont understand what it takes to make a marriage successful. Many marriages fall apart because they dont experience the same love or the feelings are not there anymore or one of them starts to cheat. If one truly loves another person, their relationship should go stronger and stronger every day. Love is not something that fades or weakens over time. A person can claim to be a Sikh and not follow it. Correct. But this is not the point I made. My point is that one who doesnt follow Sikhi is not a Sikh doesnt matter how religious he presents himself to be. He is called a hypocrite in Gurbani. This is not the case in many other religions especially Hinduism and Islam. A Hindu can believe in God or not but remains a Hindu. A Muslim must observe prayers but there are many exceptions. In Islam, the most sinful Muslim in the world would go to heaven (after he is cleansed in hell) but the most saintly non-Muslim would go to hell. Prophets are exempt from mistakes and sins so no punishments for them. Read the Maariful Quran commentary yourself. Hence, it comes down to labels for them. I have studied these religions from their own books written by their eminent scholars. This is in contrast to Gurmat. Guru Sahibs companion Mardana became a Sikh during the odysseys. Bhagat Kabir Ji rejects Islam in his own compositions. I am not here to argue with you or offend anyone. I respect all humans but those who dont follow Sikhi are not Sikhs. It doesnt mean they are inferior or unequal. Gurmat is the path of submission to God. Dont expect it to be like Hinduism which accommodates any manmat thinking. Very easy to say you seek truth but it I shard to accept it and follow it. It is up to you to make a choice. If you choose Gurmat then follow it nearly and dearly by giving up your own way of thinking including seeing homosexuality the same as heterosexuality. Otherwise you will have to find another religion that accommodates your belief system which in my opinion is contrary to the very nature of seeking a religion. Just dont become a Sikh and start to push your own thinking over Gurmat. We already have enough of those doing internal damage. Again, I am least interested in having arguments. I only presented my answers. I am not here to convince you but simply provide the information. You can reject all of it and look the other way which would be contrary to the claim of seeking truth. Good luck on your search. Guru Rakha
  10. 1. Guru Sahib has seen God Himself with His very own eyes. He also provided us with the path to have the same vision. It follows logically that you trust the one who knows for sure over the one who is not sure. Sikhi is a monotheistic faith whereas Buddhism is atheistic. Gurmat condemns asceticism but Buddhism encourages it. Nirvana is the result of self-effort but Gurmat salvation is the result of grace of God. Both faiths are poles apart. 2. Gurbani is divine and its source is God Himself. Gurbani is Satguru. Hence, reading Bani means talking to Satguru and receiving guidance. Naam Simran must be done according to the way Gurbani teaches because Gurbani (Guru) is where a devotee would receive Naam from. I fail to see how you can engage in Naam Simran without obtaining it from Satguru. Leaving the Bani means leaving the path of Simran. Gurbani is like a doctor and Naam is like a medicine. There is no such thing as over the counter Naam. 3. Let me be very clear. Philosophically speaking, there is no such thing as Western religion or Western values because pretty much everything comes from the East. The so-called Western ideas are stemming from American society and its understanding of the world-view. These ideas are neither divine nor always ethically grounded. Gurmat strictly prohibits homosexuality. I could write a long article on this subject (maybe I will some day when Guru Sahib wills) but the gist of it is this: Anand Karaj is a physical cum spiritual union between a man and a woman. It is to be emulated after the relationship between a Husband Lord and the Soul bride. Marriage completes a family unit. While it serves as a mean to have local sangat, it is also a way created by God for procreation. Procreation happens because of heterosexual relationship. Without it humanity will cease to exist. The philosophy of Gurmat is that it only accepts principles that can be universally applicable to all and can benefit the entire humanity. For procreation, heterosexuality can be universally applied to all males and females whereas homosexuality terribly fails to deliver the same results. Just as wandering ascetics who claim to be on the right path go begging to householders for food and clothes, homosexuals claim to be the same and want to have the same rights yet entirely depend on heterosexuals for children. So where is the equality? Lets put any homosexual couple on an uninhabited planet and see if humanity survives. This is why homosexuals are not allowed to have Anand Karaj because they are not qualified. They faill to meet the Anand Karaj teachings and ideals. In order to meet the spiritual criteria, one needs not to have any homosexual relationship at all. This entire relationship is based on physical attraction and nothing more. Gurbani, Vaars etc. all speak to heterosexual marriage very explicitly. Just because homosexuals are humans and have equal human rights doesnt mean they are Sikhs as well. Gurbani covers the topics that affect a person on the spiritual path i.e. topics that benefit him/her as well as the one that can harm his/her. If someone is completely off the path of Gurmat and while engaging in anti-Gurmat acts wishes to obtain Gurbani teachings concerning his deeds, he wont find anything. For example, if one wants to know what to do if he is cheating on his spouse, beating her, going through a divorce or a drug addict. The Gurmat message would be to stop all of this because anyone who commits such acts is not a Sikh. Homosexuality is in the same basket which is incompatible with the path of Gurmat, hence, it is not mentioned in Gurbani. The remedy is to stop it and submit to the path enunciated by Satguru. Ill end this here. 4. Do you even know what love is? Compare the divorce rate between love marriages versus arranged marriages and find out yourself. Why are so many marriages failing in the West? Arranged marriages are not devoid of love. In fact, such marriages tend to do better and last longer compared to their counterpart love marriages. I wont speak to their differences but inter-faith marriage creates problems if both are deeply religious. All faiths are different so it is pertinent to have the same faith in order to have peace, unanimity and love in the household. A Sikh is to marry a Sikh. If a Sikh wants to marry a non-Sikh, he is not a Sikh at all. In such a case, why bother to have Anand Karaj? I am of the opinion that only Amritdharis should be allowed to have Anand Karaj because it is a SIKH ceremony. 5. Sikh is not a label. It is a way of life. A Hindu/Muslim can claim to be a religious person yet not follow it at all. A Muslim would go to heaven regardless of how bad he is. Guru Sahib condemned external symbolism as an end in itself. A Sikh cannot have external appearance alone. All the external symbols, kakkars etc. have connection to internal way of life. Sikh code of conduct is not mechanical acts but Islamic and Hindu conducts are. 6. Guru Granth Sahib is the eternal Guru. It is beyond death, birth and time. As long as God exists, Gurbani will exist. The best way to learn about Gurmat is by keeping in the company of practicing Sikhs.
  11. The following article explains the concept of Sikh State according to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. http://www.sikhfreedom.com/guru-nanaks-concept-of-state
  12. Indian Constitution is NOT federal but unitary in nature. State autonomy is suppressed using many articles and clauses in the Constitution. Even basic fundamental rights are subject to "national security, peace" etc. which are vague and deliberately written to allow the Center to trample over human rights. Emergency via presidential rule, suspension of state government etc. Are clear examples of this. This is why Sikhs foresaw the danger of such a document and refused to sign it as it was against the promises made by Congress. Article 25 is not the only reason but one of many reasons.
  13. Download link doesn't work for me. Good effort though. Here is an english article: http://www.sikhfreedom.com/sant-jarnail-singh-bhindranwale
  14. Whether it was 20k or 80k it doesnt matter. The truth is that Guru Sahib did not select a few out of so many to give Amrit. It was given to all Sikhs. Those who took it remained Sikhs while others became bemukhs. Khanda Amrit is the only way to become Sikh and obtain Naam. Other methods are not valid.
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