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  1. Happy birthday man! wow you haven't signed on in a while...

  2. How do you get around multi-user computers? Like if you have family membes who are using the same PC? Or if you are Uni and you have the same IP as someone else who is also using that PC? My bro's account was removed for this very reason but how do we sort this issue out?
  3. Bhennji, no offence..but I think you know what I mean by cheat....I don't want to post it on here because of the mature content.
  4. 3 years.....mad isnt it...two faced and horrid people can be. Oh well.....and I found out in the worst possible way...i won't even go into details but imagine what could be the worst and multiply that by 10 times. What makes its worse...there is little remorse... To hurt the feelings of another human being is a major sin, I just hope Maharaji doesnt give out really bad karma to her based on her actions towards me and the way she hurt me.
  5. You guys are amazing...thank you so much for your words... )))) ))))
  6. Thanks Jio, I know it's been disucssed a million times on this thread, but you never expect it to happen to you. I was brought onto the path because of her, always imagined we would chak amrit together....now I'm back to square 1. LOL its a good test mind you...
  7. To cut a long story short, I found out my fiance cheated on me. We were both very much into Sikhi and she is from a good Gursikh family. We were NOT physical in anyway and had a proper 'punjabi' engagement. Shes cheated on me and now I'm devastetd. How does one derive support from situation like this? I feel lost, but i do not feel like giving up my saroop, however I feel I've dropped 10 rungs on the ladder and need to climb up again. Naam Simran is fine and I'm happy to try and do that, but I just thought I'd post my sad sob story and just warn all those who think they are in a good loving and happy engagement/marrage to just be careful you don't put all your emotion into it and less in your true parter (Maharaji). KalYug is so very real and it's amazing how the people you look up to as good and wise 'Gursikhs' can actually be so very much different to your expectation. The hard part is picking up the pieces and moving on, espicially when all my crys to Maharaji are left unheard.
  8. Isnt this really a useless question to ask? We ALL know that we should take Amrit no matter what.... But we are all HUMANS and we all have our own personal barriers. To break those barriers is the unique task we each face.... It's like we all know certain things are bad but we still do them. Why...cause we are not perfect. The process to become perfect is our goal.
  9. 110% it WILL be focused around...YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!!! It attracted a shed load of sangat when they did their (SAS) talks in Manchester so I'm sure it will be better and bigger down in Brum.
  10. It's not really ludicrous. I work in academia and most departments do not want to throw people out (as it's financially viable to keep the student in, even if they are very poor academically). However, there is often some leaway....so I would find out how many marks she failed by (usually you fail a module if you get less then 40%). If she is border line she can appeal. On some courses, where the demand is high (i.e. medicine, pharmacy, dentistry) they will be very strict in marking as you are going to become a professional so they would expect you to pass. Either way, she should appeal. But if she failed an exam and she knew she had to pass it to stay in, there is nothing she can do. She may have to repeat the year or try somewhere else.
  11. WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WhaeGuru Ji Ki Fateh Sangat Jeo' We would like to draw your attention to seva we are carrying out through the North West Sikh Support Network, based in Manchester and working in the North West of the UK. We are here to give support, help and guidance to those who are in the wrong company, those threatened or abused, involved in drugs or need somewhere safe to stay and the support of loving sevadaars and sangat. We are linked with the Sikh Awareness Society and hope to help extend their useful seva to the North West of the UK. Our website address is: http://www.nwssn.com Please take a look and especially download the poster and e-mail it to all your friends. We have a dedicated phone line and can offer male an female sevadaars for you to talk to. With the many current issues affecting the Panth (conversions, drugs, rape, abuse), we hope we can help those in the North West UK (and further afield) to get them back on the path or in the company of the sangat. northwest.pdf
  12. Hey hey..no one said anything about degrading women and getting high!!!! Really...how do you link listening to music and degrading women and getting high...!!!! The music doesn't cause it...the person does.....if you are weak willed enough to get influenced by the music that you are really doomed..... This guy posted a simple question on the forum...so lets get back to his comment question rather then hijacking another post...I think you guys have made your point well enough and clearly enough!!! LOL..methinks this may be one of the posts posted on purpose to instigate a riot!!!!
  13. OK I'm happy that you spend 24/7 listening to Gurbai, you are truely blessed. I on the otherhand just have a balance in my life that helps me make my family happy, helps me 'live' in the world through work and earning money to support my family and also helps me keeping to my Sikhi and on the path. I neither over indulge in Sikhi nor am I distant from it. I try and 'enjoy' and 'appreciate' this world maharaji has given us and I remember that without the 'world' and 'nature' we cannot really understand Maharaji. I have no quotes to back me up, so these are really my own views. I'm not a 'youth', but really to be constructive and helpful on this forum, you really have to place yourself in the shoes of others and given useful help and advice rather then a gung-ho approach of being totally hardcore (or normal from your point of view). No one is saying your comments are wrong...in fact they are correct, Gurbani is the only way. But life is about a balance...between Maharaji and the situation you are born into...you have to work to support and feed your family and this you cannot become a recluse... Equally, it's simple implying a life devoted to Gurbani is the way to God...but I guess only a small percentage of people in this world are so blessed as to spend all their times in the presence of Gurbani...
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