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  1. Why are so many Sikhs converting to other religions in the UK? What do they see in other religions that they dont find in Sikhism. How can we stop this whole-scale religious and ethnic cleansing of Sikh communities in the UK. This is happening right infront of our eyes and we are letting this continue without any action. As in the words of the former american president G. W Bush bad things happen when good people dont do anything. Lets get on the streets and bring Sikhs back to the religion. lets forget about doing parchaar and trying to convert people to sikhism. lets start converting the thousands of people who are already Sikhs back to the faith! Boleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Soniehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal Sat Sri Akaal!!!!!!!
  2. Happy new year to everyone. Hope that your year was good and best wishes for the New Year 2015!!!!!
  3. Its not about celebrating any festivals. Christianity is not a threat to Sikhism. we can Join in the festivities and will not harm any sensible Sikh.
  4. Or instead of putting a star on top of the tree you could put a Khanda on it. personaly I think all trees and decorations should go though. Its not about hating christians or chritmas its just common sence. Why celelbrate something that is not part of your religion. but then again. as I said before its all about the drinking and eating.
  5. I agree one of the reasons why some Sikhs are converting to other beliefs is because they are brought up way to liberalised hence these Sikhs dont take the rightfull path of Sikhism seriously are are swayed by preachers from other religions. This also sets a bad example to the youth who think Sikhs will celebrate anything. I think it is more to do about Sikhs will use any excuse to have a good drink. Lets face it christmas is not a religious occasion anyway its a time to get together and take out the whisky bottles and roast chicken. Obviously if your like me having a few drinks over Christmas is not gonna make us any less Sikh. Infact it shows how strong we are in our faith that we can celebrate christmas and not feel threatened. But I think we should definantly not be putting any trees up and decorations as apart from looking ridiculous it sets a bad exaple to the youth. We should be celebrating more Sikh occasions. W Muslims on the other hand will not celebrate Christmas because they have an inferiority complex with Christianity as Islam is a mixture of christian and Jewish beliefs mixed with some arab tradions and hey presto you have Islam. Hnece these people feel tenderhearted by chritianity
  6. Yes, I remember always finding this confusing when I was younger as everyone I know says Ambarsar . But when I see the spelling online It is always spelled Amritsar I use to think this must be another place ... lol. But then some relatives explained it to me. It think this to do with the Punjabi Pronunciation/spelling of it and Amritsar is the English version or something like that. To all native Ambarsaris it is second nature but to outsiders they usually pronounce it as Amritsar. We actually sold 2 of our houses in Ambarsar, but we still got one there still and its always special to go back and see our old house thats been there since over 80 years although it has changed alot since modernising it. What makes it special is that the Golden temple is so close by also.
  7. jkvlondon it is known as Amritsar officially but everyone that lives there, pronounces it as Ambarsar I am not sure why though.
  8. Yes that is true The Punjabi spoken in Ambarsar as it is know is very nice to listen to and it sounds completely different to other areas of Punjab. I have alot of relatives in Dehli in india and their Punjabi is no way as good as that from Ambarsar. It is not as fluent, pure or original. I guess it just like how around the UK There are different accents this is the same in Punjab. As I speak in the Ambarsari tongue I get alot of compliments from people who say they really like my Punjabi. I guess its because I am from Ambarsar.
  9. These fake Punjabis like think of themselves as more genuine punjabis and think Sikhs are less Punjabi. When in fact these people are more into their arabic culture of Smoking Shisha and other Islamic customs and traditions. Most use Khan as their surname name which comes from the Mongols. Bhatras on the other hand like myself are descended from the ancient Hindu Civilizations that have lived in Punjab for thousands of years long before any Muslims or foreign invaders came to there. In terms of who lie the claim to being the oldest group of people associated with Punjab that are in the UK are probably the Bhats and their culture has not changed for thousands of years. ie they remain pure and original in their Punjabi Traditions. Although none of these traditions are as important as the Sikh faith.
  10. Oh hahaha lol sorry about that I must have got mistaken.
  11. Starstriker your language towards Sikhseeker who is a female is bang out of order. Learn how to speak to fellow Sikh females.
  12. Even if that was the case the fact of that matter is the vast majoirty of Bhatras became Sikhs in the Punjab area after converting to Sikhism by the Bhatras hence these people originated in Punjab not Sri Lanka. That is why there is nothing remotely south indian about Bhatras today. infact we are the opposite of South Indians in our culture We also do not have any south indian sounding names. but most of the Surenames in Bhats are native to Punjab not South India.
  13. Sikhseeker, I think you hit the nail on the head! One thing I would like to add is that Bhatras did originate in Punjab. This is why Bhats are to be found in the heart of Punjab till the present day. Not far away places on the outskirts but in the very heart of Punjab. ie Amritsar, Lahore ect. Bhatra is a collection of Sikhs it is not one race. Hence it contains people from many different clans. That is why when I go to a Bhatra wedding I am still amazed by the many different sikh groups in the Bhatras which can be seen by their surnames. You see Bhats are the ones who brought people to Sikhsim hence the Bhatras are made up of the Sikhs converts from Punjab in the 16th century. Even if Bhatras originated from Uttar Pradesh only a handful would have entered Punjab. These people then brought many other Sikhs to Sikhism hence how the Bhatra population grew so big. Bhatra population today is dominated by people who originated in Punjab. But some people would rather believe in old wifes tales.
  14. LoL I find some of the comments on this thread hilarious. First of all, If I knew about this Khand di Rasum or whatever it is called I would have no problem explaining what it is. But as I have never heard of this before. How do you suppose I explain something I have never heard of?? :wow: lol I think JagwahSingh knows more about this 'disgusting ritual' as he puts it so maybe he should explain what it is and why it is disgusting? And can enlighten us on this practice. As I have said before, I know nothing about this and hopefully never come across this if it is against Sikhism, Finally, I agree this thread should be closed now as other posters have said.
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