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  1. It should be more like "Bhangra and Punjabism" - it has more to do with culture rather than religion. In Sikh religion, there is no place for Bhangra, and no use either!
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! This beahviour, generally called "Lattaan Khichniyaa", "Moday Kuhniya marnay" "Choondiya Wadniyaa" - we must get Sikhi out of this equation. If we were really "Sikhs" as per gurmat, there will be no conflict, no arguments at all, and we will find joy in doing Sewa! Our culture, Punjabism, Punjabiyat, it is mostly dominated by males. If you observe, such behaviour did exist in past too, but there were no fights, there was harmony, most people exercised "sehaj". Like bajurg people always say "Chall Hau, Koi Na, Shad parray". You will also observe women were first to step down, some chose not to present any sort of challenge at all. Take case of an ordinary family, nowadays, we see there is no connection, everyone is fighting. Some people (mostly males) blame that women are too liberal these days, which is not only wrong, but it shows all these years male's dominating attitude never changed, it was unchallanged before, but now kids challenge, wives challenge, some times some families have dominating females, in such cases men presents a challenge. We often choose to contradict, question, sometimes these challenges have authentic basis, and sometimes presenting challenge is a plain hobby. Why so? We have been fed materialism too the core, Money is the objective of every action, and this gives rise to the 5, in some people greed dominates, in some ego, in some anger etc etc. We just have forgotten the concept of "dekh ke andekhya karna", but like I said before such concepts have beem misused as well. I say Guru is right, Kaljug is getting stronger. An average person is having such difficult life (Fears such as of Loans, Mortgages, job stability, political system etc etc.) most of time one is so angry at every other person, one little word, the rage takes over. We all want to use our wisdom, not for welfare, but to point out that we are smarter, there is competition going on at every level. Perhaps, this is why Sikhism is unique, it doesn't promises material heaven, but Guru Sahib ji says - if YOU actually listen to me, you can live happily in chaos, you can live like a King when you have nothing to eat. Raja Yoga is the state of mind that we need to earn! We usually let T.V/Media/Successful people manufacture our lifestyle, our perspectives are guided by materialsm - if we actually let Guru take charge of our lives, we can live happily, then we will automatically let others live happily too. When we give controls to Guru Sahib, think of this as a Missile, just when you handle controls to Guru Sahib, the missile is already taking feedback(wisdom) from our current lifestyle(material), it will either overshoot(preacher who doesn't believe in practise) or get lost in enemy jamming(Maya, 5 evil) or aerodynamic forces(Gareebi, health, material conforts) will counter our progress completely or maybe our propulsion unit (faith/trust in Guru) will malfunction totally, but Guru will keep changing the parameters and connect us to the "Referenced Model" (wisdom of Sri Guru Granth Sahib), sooner or later the feedback systems(sikhi Sidak) will pick up the navigational auto-correction parameters, the Guidance laws of experienced Guru will steer us to our Target - Life of a Saint-Soldeir and Sachkhand! Sarbat da Bhala!
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Pinglish and English all good for us - I admire your effort, your Sewa. Thank You very much! Waheguru Sada Ang Sang Rehan!
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Khalsa Ji, there is a lot to read, lot to understand. I once read Anurga Sagar, and somehow for 7 years I haven't been able to decide who is actually Kaal is in Anurag Sagar. I know Anurag Sagar isn't considered Authentic creation of Kabir Ji, but Dharam-dass-panthi believes so. we know from Sri Japuji Sahib - Eka Mai Jugat Viyaee, Shakti here is wife of Kaal, Kaal is Time. Then Sri Jaap Sahib says, Namo Kaal Kaalay, obviously it refers to Akal aspect of Waheguru who gives death even to Kaal. Now the Kaal Purkh is mentioned in Sri Dasam Granth ji, which means Kaal Purkh is the one who does rakhya from Kaal (technical meaning of Purkh - Pau naamay nark taun rakhya karan wal) - I always confused Kaal Purkh with Kaal, whereas I forgot to add the important part of "Purkh" in the name. Now, I need to work on why Purkh is added to Akal in Akal Purkh. 1) When you say only Kaal Purkh can be source of Inspiration, does it refer to Kaal aspect the one within creation exists. 2) And, Akaal Purkh is vice-free source of purity that which is Shabad Guru in Sri Guru Granth Sahib. But from Guru Sahib's Shabad "Khalsa Akal Purkh ki fauj", which means Akal Purkh still is direct source of Khalsa army? if Kaal Purkh was source of military might, it should have been Kaal Purkh ki Fauj. Perhaps, we must look deeper into "Purkh" aspect. Addition of Purkh to Kaal and Akaal is interconnected, I just don't know how. At some instances even shabad "Kaal" represents Akal. One more thing I need to decipher further is Kaal of Anurag Sagar, it says, Kaal is also Dharam Rai, the one who devours Souls.
  5. Bhai Mohkam Singh Ji, Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Thanks for insightful topic. I have heard about Vairaag Shatak from Giani Thakur Singh's Katha, but never been able to find it. Though I found Prabodh Chandra Natak. I clicked on your shared link, it doesn't work anymore, Kindly post a link again.
  6. Respectfully, it is not a small mistake. I too thought it was a small mistake and not worth mentioning all of it, so I paid a very heavy price. I regret my decision. Answer from 5 Amritdhari singhs seems logical. But you must also consider the fact these 5 (who will validate and answer your query) should have lots of Bani Khazana. Decades ago, when you went to Singhs for Amrit, before the Amrit Ceremony begins, you were introduced to 5 Pyare, and you could discuss all the things in details, because during ceremony, depending upon the sangat, it is not always conceivable to hear all the confessions. Anyways, you can go to 5 Pyares now and tell them every single thing, and ask for "Shuhdayee". Technically, after any mistake, you must go for Shudayee and it is Panj Pyare who decides what you should do (like do 5 or 25 Jauji Sahib paath, or physical Sewa or Kraah Prashad). Don't be afraid, whatever sewa they ask you to do, you do it, it is better here rather than adding all to your Pralabdh. Also, if you discuss Amrit Shakaoun di Maryada, decades ago, Panj Pyares were thoroughly tested and they all had "Akali" shaktis. It is their Akali shakti which helps you in keeping your eyes open during "amrit chittay". Most of times, we get corrupted (umm. not sure if it is exact word) during the ceremony itself, we close eyes. Well, this is a very deep topic, you must consult Panj Pyare.
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