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  1. BJP, VHP, RSS, hindutva groups, and honestly most average hindus, don't even consider sikhi as a distinct faith, but a mere sect of hinduism. in fact, as you fight christian missionaries, Hindustan's constitution calls sikhs Hindus. Hindus are fighting the fact that dalits are escaping from their caste system, and honestly, we are fighting "dalit sikhs" escaping from sikhi's imagined caste system. the hindus fighting christian missionaries, VHP, Bajrang Dal, BJP, etc, are inhumane tyrants right up there wih those who torched sikhs in delhi 1984. parchar is the answer. let people choose their faith. don't get caught up in the hysteria and join hands with murderers. peace.
  2. that's why any sikh or non-sikh that says sikhs should FORGET 1984, is doing humanity a great disservice.
  3. this issue is getting serious media attention though...a co-worker who is Italian brought this up at lunch today...
  4. maharaj is everything and everything is maharaj jo deesai so tera roop||
  5. i don't think gurbaani is a set of "commands"..hukam is the Will or raza of akaal purakh that we live in. gravity is hukam. you can't "follow" gravity...because commands can be followed or ignored, can we choose to ignore gravity? parshaad means blessing. what's a greater blessing than the shabad? doesn't gubaani say that the fortunate ones meet the guru and hear the true shabad... yes, guru sahib is pargat, in guru roop khalsa, guru panth khalsa ji. peace.
  6. reminds me of nazi germany where germans refused to see what was happening around them. disgusting.
  7. my point is that this type of thinking is why we have rooms upon rooms at darbar sahib where akhand paths are held within empty rooms with a bhai sahib reading SGGS ji and the people who pay for the akhand paaths to be done don't even bother to be there because the bhai sahib's reading will benefit them in some way? gurbaani is an experience in my view. someone else can't experience gurbaani for you. peace.
  8. punjabi is beautiful. learn to read, write, and speak punjabi in gurmukhi script or shamukhi script. peace.
  9. if we can be saved by others, then Christianity is the best faith as Jesus saves all who believe in him. we are judged on what we do here. it is our chance to experience God. we can do all the akahnd paths for our relatives, but the person is judged on his/her actions here. because if we were able to just pray away people's sins, how about we all pray for indira gandhi's soul and god will forgive her for her sins right? use your logic for everything, because that si what hukam is, it is Sat, universal truth. if you believe that gurmat says you can save another's soul by praying for them after they are gone, well then, let's apply it all around and see if it holds water.... plus gurbaani says over and over that no one knows where the soul goes after death...sikhi si all about here and now. do good deeds now. let's not interpret sikhi into another typical dogmatic unpractical faith. peace.
  10. hmmmm...interesting. does anyone know if their were any communal riots before 1947?
  11. i'm double minded about the motive behind these attacks: 1) islamic terrorists are trying to get revenge for gujarat carnage 2) BJP and other "nationalist" parties are trying to show the Congress led gov't as weak on terrorism and appeasing Muslims. either one has a good chance of being true.
  12. Same here. I may or may not support it, but I will never ever oppose it. same here.
  13. hating hindus is not an option veer mehtab singh, for anyone. the hindu community's silence on a huge scale to the tyranny unleashed upon fellow human beings is disgusting and a blot on their quam, but to punish them for it with violence is terrorism. it is their choice to remain silent or hail the perpetrators as heroes, just as citizens of pakistan hail aurangzeb and babur as heroes. their vichaar just doesn't mix with our vichaar. simple as that. we are just not on the same page. peace.
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