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  1. Take easy bro. Have a 'masala cha' on me. LOL! I always expected you to be 'saner' one here. But I guess I'm wrong. If you ask me, some of the characters here need to be in a straight jacket. At the very least, in need for urgent therapy. LOL!!! You and your gang are funny. You have more imagination then Walt Disney and Hollywood. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Nope. I only don't like you. LOL! I'm not going anywhere buddy until the Admins decide otherwise. I enjoy being a bee in your bonnet. LOL!!!!
  3. And I have already explained it to you that division already exists. Our Gurdwaras do a far better job then any white man could ever do. Therefore this 'whitey' trying to get Sikhs riled up against Muslims is pure nonsense. Stop imagining stuff. Whites are not drinking goblets of wine, laughing and then planning our demise. We don't even register on their radar.
  4. I'm well read on the forum rules. Nowhere does it state I must agree with you nor have I insulted anybody.
  5. Re read carefully what I wrote. You obviously suffer from reading comprehension and I'm not going to waste my time here. Maybe you should take up 'hooked on phonics'. LOL! You want to stroke your puny ego and call me a liar? I couldn't care less. Go ahead. Does the forum belong to you? You have a huge chip on your shoulder. For someone who hangs out a religious forum, you like many here are suffering from an over inflated ego.
  6. Yes, but what can half a million people do? Please tell me in clear language how are the Sikhs going to be used as pawns? Ill feelings towards Muslims? They were already like that before any British set foot in India. The various posters in the Gurdwara does a far better job then any white man could ever do. I think many here are suffering from illusions (delusions is better...ha ha) of grandeur.
  7. Look, you're obviously looking for an argument and I really don't have time for that. Yes, yes....I'm some secret RSS guy. Wait! Actually I'm a Missionary! Or maybe a combo of both? I don't know man. You better get used to the idea that not everybody is going to agree with you. And you can't convince others by fighting with them. It's not going to work.
  8. I'm warning you. If this continues, I'm going to be reporting you to the moderator. You're already on a short lease.
  9. From Sikhwiki Recently, he was excommunicated from panth for not reciprocating his tankha. In addition, he and all other's who were "excommunicated" from the panth were called back to be given pardon, he denied, saying that going would give the jathedar's the pleasure of assuming that he agrees with their excommunication; namely, him not attending Akal Takhat to reciprocate his tankha. He said that there was evidence of him going there and this was merely a way to dis-character him. http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Professor_Darshan_Singh_Khalsa
  10. Perhaps however, he was a former Jathedar so I very much doubt his knowledge on Sikhism is questionable.
  11. I read that and I'm not convinced our Guruji Maharaj wrote that. From what I've read elsewhere one of the vocal Anti Dasam crowd is Professor Darshan Singh who is a former Jathedar of Akal Takth. I very much doubt he of all people are ignorant on Sikhism.
  12. How would Sikhs be used as pawns when Sikhs are barely a million in the UK? Based on the following website, Sikhs barely number half a million. http://www.oxfordsikhs.com/SikhAwareness/Sikh-Population-Around-The-World_159.aspx
  13. JKV, I forgot to add, they are also questioning the authenticity of it.
  14. From what I have read, this is the part where there is the bone of contention.
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