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  1. India is even worse. What is Government, army made up of? People. And these people infuence other people. They then start forming up as "people" rather than the government etc. The people are just as "bad" as any government.
  2. Damn Pakistani people can't get enough. They ruined their country, now trying to ruin another region. If only we were able to demolish these people.
  3. Should i state my opinion? What is the right thing to do-leave it to Waheguru "Nanak naam chad di kala tere bhane sarbat da bhala"
  4. I checked the website. Why do they place "akali" in front of Guru ji's name? Like Akali Guru Nanak Dev Ji
  5. What are some sikhi websites where i can read spiritual articles, and generally learn & get updated with the world, in a Sikhi way if you know what i mean. Thanks.
  6. Absolutely great advice! Jacfsing2 is a legend. Nonetheless, Ardas and trust in Waheguru will make you a much pure person. Also try to learn more about history of our sikhi. I spend about an hour a day learning about our Gurus & the Sikh Empire. It is bliss & informative!
  7. That is indeed strong. Babbar was the founder of Mughal, descendants of Mongols. Wasn't Babbar muslim?
  8. Wait.....so Karm is not accountable to previous life? And wow, the bash is real ?
  9. So you are forbidding me to laugh at something wrong? Slavery existed from the time of The Roman empire. And guess what? Slavery & other bad things that happen to people, it is a product of their karm, basically they deserved it.
  10. Excuse me? I liked because i enjoyed his humour on this topic. Please don't bash.
  11. All the asnwers here are enlightening. I apologize on behalf if i were to sound rude & illeterate. I am convinced that one can become Superman, if he has pure concentration & love for Gurbani & Akalpurakh. Cheers.
  12. I keep seeing the word "daas", what does it mean?
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