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  1. No Sikh should be joining, supporting or voting for the conservative party they have a track record or betraying Sikhs, and working with the Indian establishment against Sikh interests. Historically it was Thatcher plotting with Indira Gandhi for westland helicopter deals, today it is Theresa May plotting with Modi for post brexit trade deals ...nothing has changed. Unfortunately we have traitors in our kaum who still side with those that work against Sikh interests. Vote Labour , and get more Sikhs onto prominent political positions. Only then will you be able to have a voice. Labour are by no means perfect.....all of the prominent grooming scandals aha Rotherham, Rochdale etc happened under a labour government...evrn know they fail to openly talk about this issue. But nevertheless they are still better then the conservatives.
  2. A big deal was made rightly or wrongly in the media when he was originally made the the "first turbaned Sikh queen's gaurd" , this made front page news and made national TV news. This guy spoke of his pride etc.. So when you are in such a position whereby you know you are in the public spotlight as seen as a prominent Sikh representative due to your appearance and position, why would you do stupid things like take Class A drugs ? Yes, media definitely singled him out in their reports and made specific statements regarding his Sikh identity while not mentioning or naming the others who were also caught. But you can't have it both ways, if you want to make a big deal about being appointed in the first place in the media, you can't expect to hide when that same media highlights your wrong doings . Bottom line Sikhs should not be doing drugs regardless.
  3. All this vegetarian pakhand is created by various missionary and jathhebandi types, the complete opposite of actual real puratan Khalsa maryada. Start doing your own research into inthiaas and Khalsa lifestyle there you will find the answers you seek. Maharaj gifted the Khalsa a practical and sustainable skillset of developing martial skill and weapons skills through hunting and survival skills by being able to kill prepare and cook prey. There is a story from the lifetime of Baba Santa Singh jathedar of Buddha Dal where he used a very difficult reverse diagnol strike to perform jhatka on a buffalo , I don't recall the full story someone on the forum will elaborate. Look up the jhakta maryada Facebook page and website they have done great job of providing researched articles from ithiaas to uncover the truth. They are also I believe looking at a complete English translation of the "jhatka Prakash" book that was basically removed from circulatuin by vaishnu fanatics who didn't like it's content as it challenged their own misguided views.
  4. If they did lie to avoid legal ramifications I agree it is shameful behaviour. If you claim to be Sikh and were part of the protest then have the strength of character and conviction to stand by your views and beliefs. Did Singh's in the past who took part in various protests and deliberately court arrest, them tell lies to escape ramifications?? The whole episode was wholly avoidable, the flagrant disregard for Sikh rehit Maryada in the interest of making money by the notorious committee of this Gurdwara was the sole cause of this embarrassment. It backfired massively, the committee thought by deliberately fabricating and sensationalising their statements to the police a heavy handed approach would cause the protest to fail and send our a message to the community to deter future protests and allow the committee to carry on undermining rehit for financial gain. The youth are the only ones to take a stand on such issues, if the community tried to rely on organisations such as Sikh Council etc etc who have proven themselves to be toothless we would see very little action...These organisations claim go represent Sikhs then hold secret meetings with the Indian government without causing consulting the community they claim to represent...shameless.
  5. I wouldnt bother taking this Sukhvirk characteer seriously he's a bit of a troll , I'm pretty sure it's the same guy who trolls on various facebook groups as well .. recently he was trying to argue that "baba vishvakarma ceromonies and pooja " should be allowed in Gurdwaras and are not contradictory to Sikhi...in resoponse to the Leeds Ramgarhia Board issue, also seen him advocating support for sham anand karajs and other anti Sikh behaviour... Wouldnt actually be surprised if this guy wasnt even a Sikh...
  6. These cowards ran away when the guys mates turned up. They only act big and bad when they are in groups like cowards. The full footage hasnt been released. Obviously not a good idea to wander down side streets by yourself after a night out either... Also as soon as the crew were coming upto him, he should have started to make a move not let himself get isolated next to a bin in a corner. The police traced the car these guys ran away in back to a address in Nottingham.. And interviewed one person voluntarily but apparently are not able to identify the perpetrators ? How is that possible, the owner of the far doesn't know who was using his car ? Or who it's passengers were ? Why did the police not release this footage for over 2 months ? This attack took place in November last year. Surely there was more chances of catching them if they released the footage asap after the incident and applealed for witnesses and help identifying the perpetrators. Hopefully they are identified and caught from the CCTV footage. Unlikely though , their community is very close knit they will not give up one of their own...they don't even give up known child groomers or radicalised preachers and terrorists..
  7. More important than displaying shastar or aad Chand etc on dumallas is learning how to use shastar, shastar abiyaas, shastar vidiya, jungi vidiya. Don't become a paper Kkalsa like the sad reality of amritdharees today, walking around with stylised dumallas even wearing chakkars etc... but their kirpans and Sri sahib's are blunt and nothing more than ceremonial...majority of them have absolutely no idea how to utilise these shastar. Even though combat training and Shastar vidiya is a compulsory part of Khalsa maryada it is sadly neglected, to the point of near extinction...
  8. Most of the anti panthic issues in Gurdwaras over the last 20 years in the UK like meat and alcohol parties in Gurdwara halls / community centres and interfaith Anand Karajs have been due to Gurdwara committees being made up of what you could call aethist Punjabis with zero Sikhi knowledge, their primary concern was raising money which is why many Gurdwara theses days are actually businesses rather than the spiritual centres that they should be. This is also the reason for poor quality parchaar and lack of youth attending Gurdwaras. Hence there should definitely be a vetting process for anybody wishing to become a Gurdwara committee member. They should be knowledgeable in Sikhi and also have a progressive skillset and mindset. Having Panj pyare run a Gurdwara sounds good but just being Amritdharee alone is not enough and it excludes large amounts of the community that may have the skills and mindset to take Gurdwaras to the next level. We need more than old retired blokes with little or no Sikhi knowledge or other professional skills.
  9. If you want to do your own research and reading this question, plus much more fantastic well referenced and researched work has been carried out but some sewadars. If your on Facebook look up the Jhatka Maryada group page or check out their website www.jhatkamaryada.com . They have already answered your question in one of their articles plus many other questions regarding this issue. The outlook of this forum is pro vegi, anti meat , so there's no point having this discussion here they get upset and will lock te thread or delete the posts....
  10. Not to mention everyone seems to have forgotten about Professor Davinder Pal Singh Bhullar , Balwant Singh Rajoana and all the other jailed Singh's I'm jail despite completing their sentences.. What happened to Bapu Surat Singh and his hunger strike ??
  11. Mohan Singh made a great so speech at this event, brutally honest and to the point.
  12. Look up the "Turiya" group on Facebook they have a very interesting thread open discussing i whether there is any Ithiasic evidence that Sikhs celebrated Bandi Chor Divas...or whether it is a modern invention by hinduphobic Sikhs. They point to Suraj Prakash and panth Prakash which apparently details where Guru Hargobind Maharaj celebrated Divali with Sikhs...
  13. Sikh Press Association, Sikh Council UK and Sikh Youth UK have issued a press release and response to the independents article. Note how it highlights the grass roots work SYUK carry out in the community directly with families , councils and the police. Note to mention the awards they have won. What community work do the Sunny Hundal, Katy Sian, Rana crew actually do ? What is their contribution to the mission of and ethos of Sikhi ???
  14. Yes omissions have been made from baani by SGPC commissioned "scholars" it's a well known fact. Do some of your own research and you will find out the details. The thread below for example discusses the Shortened Rehras Sahib that is read at Haramdar Sahib. Not to mention under SGPC's watch the Dasam Granth saroop which was held at the Akal Takht complex since the time of Bhai Mani Singh Shaheed was removed, under who's authority and orders was it removed??
  15. As already stated the Sikh channels are all free to air on Sky so any satellite receiver connected to your sky feed will be able to pick them them up they are not encrypted. You don't even need an official sky box as such.
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