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  1. Jagraj Singh (Basic's of Sikhi) did a presentation on "Have We Been Mis-Sold Sikhi?" at Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara, Leicester recently. He absolutely smashed it. We all need to support this Singh. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=534528933239063&set=a.434982493193708.106495.411441565547801&type=1&theater http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=534530523238904&set=a.434982493193708.106495.411441565547801&type=1&theater
  2. FYI - This petition is not starting from the beginning, all previous related petitions such as the white house one can be referenced and the number of signatures obtained already will be included within this petition.
  3. Their aim is to create a separate "Ravidassa" religion. Their slogan is "We are Not Sikh, we are Ravidassia" They have gone to every Ravidassia Gurdwara in the UK over the last couple of years and did a salesmanship job on why Sikhi is bad. They have been very effective as:- 1) Ravidassia finally got recognised as a religion in the 2011 census. 2) The new religion officially now has over 11,000 UK adherents. 3) In our local Ravidassi Gurdwara even the committee were heard arguing, 50% saying we are Ravidassia's, the others saying we are Sikhs. The main issue is that all their arguments
  4. Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) and All India Sikh Students Federation (AISSF) has launched an international campaign to have United Nations investigate the killing of Sikhs in 1984 and declare it Genocide. Pls sign petition:- http://www.1984yesitsgenocide.org/join-the-fight
  5. Whats the newly relaunched 'Khalsa Human Rights' wing of Sikh Federation UK's take on this? The case will be strongest if UK based 1984 Genocide victim witness testimony (who now have permanent residency status in UK) can be professionally documented and transcribed, to be used as evidence in a court of law when required. Are KHR planning to do this?
  6. SCUK have confirmed that they havestill received no response from Hugo Swire MP.
  7. Talk by Harinder Singh - Promo Clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj-XUt_-Hz0
  8. 1984 & YOU What can YOU as an individual do? The Sikh Research Institute in partnership with Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara (Leicester), present a lecture contextualising the genocidal campaign of June and November 1984 within the progressive and defiant history of the Sikhs. Understand the key questions we need to ask as a community, and how we can respond individually and collectively. A Punjabi presentation will be followed by a questions and answers session in English. Presentation details:- Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara, Leicester Sunday 21 th October 12
  9. International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) - http://www.genocidescholars.org/ SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS IAGS Siena, 2013 The Aftermath of Genocide: Victims and Perpetrators, Representations and Interpretations The way societies deal with the violence and massacres of the recent past is one of the aspects of genocide studies that needs to be interpreted, deepened and fully analyzed. Representations and interpretations shape the way societies perceive their past, which impacts on their attitudes and behaviors. In an age where the role of communication is increasing, representations
  10. A big thank you to the Leicester Council of Faiths, in particular the organisers - Chair Cllr Manjual Sood and Secretary Cllr Inderjit Gugnani for organising this event. Sunday 12th August 2012, 7.00pm @ Town Hall Square.
  11. Statement from Amnesty International & LSA: http://www2.amnesty.org.uk/groups/leicester/visit-amitabh-bachan
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