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  1. This guy is FAKE and dangerous to Sikhs him and everyone conected to him need to be eposed <banned word filter activated> are we doing accepting these clowns into our gurdwaras
  2. You must realise that you are not the only Singhs in the world there are 25 million of us around there is a lot you guys should know about the structure of Sikhism as a whole what you guys see is only one layer of many many skins of Sikhism after what happened with the Taksal and 1984 Sikhs have become savvy enough not discuss these matters on internet forums with invisible Sikhs Just be assured Sikhism will be around for a long time yet that is all I am prepared to say I use these forums for education of SIKHS only for other information Im afraid yiou will have to be born into a PURE Sikh
  3. You cant tar all Akalis with the same brush as Badal just because he is sly and evil (well you have to be in indian politics) it doesnt mean all of the other Singhs are Cant you see that the Congress is using UK and USA for its own agenda and will kill a few thousand Sikhs to further their agenda in Punjab They support Ram Rahim that should help you make up your decision They instigated 1984 that should help you make your decision Men who are responsible for the death of over 250 000 Sikhs are still in power in congress that should help you make up your decision The fact that they only h
  4. Daljit 'Singh' Nirmala, who serves as a President at Baba Sang Gurdwara in Smethwick (Birmingham, UK) has been exposed with having close ties with right wing Hindu terror group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and engaging in anti-Sikh activities in clear violation of the Sikh Rahit Maryada. Daljit Nirmala presents the show 'Santwaad' on the Sikh Channel in UK. Last year he made comments against jhajharoo Singhs on another show aired on Sikh Channel. Along with other UK Sanatanists, Daljit Nirmala continues to mislead the UK youth by inter-mixing Hindu rituals and philosophies wit
  5. Dont trust me trust the evidence pajji http://www.panthic.org/articles/5351 *deleted*
  6. It is obvious sikhs have fallen for the ploy yet again integrating Hinduism into sikhism now parmanand has been exposed as having links with thee most extreme elements of the rss where does it leave us Could it be sikhs are falling for the same trick the Buddhist did and giving our religion away
  7. There are many freemason organisations and the ones in the conspiracy theory sites are just that old men playing kids games The ones Sikhs are involved with are all charity based organisations so I hope it puts that to rest Just like some people play 5 a side football then you have srett football all organisational structures vary depending on the leaders of the particular order you do get some very disturbed ones though but I can assure you ones Sikhs are involved in are harmless and charity based Stop visiting conspiracy sites they will rot your brain stick with Bani
  8. You *edited* dont realise you are addressing the Spiritual leaders of the Sikh panth No baba or any other organisation can all them to book Do you realise that not even Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale questioned the Akhal Thakt Jathedars
  9. The BABA you have respect for happens to be with the most senior RSS woman in India who wants Sikhs moulded into hinduism and all minorities integrated or destroyed So you see never trust a hindu BABA Guru JI was right
  10. Who cares what she thinks she doesnt know her A** from her elbow she is lost and has obviously been brainwashed by some Shah Rukh Khan wannabe
  11. <banned word filter activated> has this got to do with BAdal this is all Central governmentty tactics to get votes away from Sikhs to hindus by creating anxiety amongst the hindu minority in Punjab<div><br></div><div>We need to understand politics to beat these people and not attack our own who we can remove once we get into power</div>
  12. There is a massive market for vegetarian Pizza in both Birmingham and London and the profit margins are huge this business will make you very wealthy very fast
  13. Well they have repeated the show lets now lets get some support for June 5th
  14. There you go Sikh Sangat readers the snakes are out of the grass blatantly telling Sikhs to vote for the very people that will be responsible for wiping out Sikh families and farmers in Punjab and who have already killed 250'000 including the recent killings and only last week attempted genocide of Sikh families in Kashmir to blame militants On November 2, 1984 in an organized attack the entire Sikh population of village Hondh- Chillar, then district Mahendergarh presently falling under district Rewari, Haryana was massacred and their dwellings and the Gurudwara were burnt down. NEW DELHI
  15. Its not a division issue we require these attacks to build character if nobody was ever attacked how would we build character there is a fine balance in life and this yin and yang or positive and negative is prevalent in all societies Now you being hurt by this is precisely why they attack But when you understand that attack is the outward form of fear you will realize they see something in you that they lack Hence constant attacks on gursikhs by none gursikhs as they feel they feel less manly and have a fear of that which they do not understand
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