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  1. Sadh Sangat Ji, I found some really good books on Vedant here - Books on Vedant They are in Gurmukhi though, but thought would share them with all of you who can understand Gurmukhi. Yes I agree that Gurmat is Supreme and nothing stands in comparison to it but sometimes reading other texts enables you to better understanding of Gurmat Concepts as well and clears some doubts. So keep your minds open and when Guru blesses you, you will understand it all.
  2. Sadh Sangat Ji , I found this set of hardbound books though - its a 2 volume set and Titled Dhan Dhan Baba Mahaharnam Singh Ji Bhuchowalian di Janamsakhi - http://www.jsks.biz/baba-mahaharnam-singh-bhuchovalian-di-janamsakhi-sant-preet-singh?search=maha harnam singh. It is authored by Sant Preet Singh ji. And there is another book titled - Baba Mahaharnam Singh Ji Maharaj - Book By Sant Pritam Singh on the same website. Both seem to cover the life of Baba Mahaharnam Singh Ji.
  3. Sat Sri Akal Ji. I think there is a wonderful collection of books here and I have myself ordered many of these for my kids - http://www.jsks.biz/Books-Buy-Online/Story-Books-Kids . There are different sub sections like for general punjabi story books and sikh religious books on this page.
  4. Sat Sri Akal Ji. I found this book here - http://www.jsks.biz/daulat-rai-dian-nazran-vich-sahibe-kamal-guru-gobind-singh-ji-daulat-rai?search=sahibe kamal. Plus there are many other good books on lives and teachings of Sikh Guru Sahibs here - http://www.jsks.biz/Books-Buy-Online/Sikh-Gurus-Lives-Teachings .
  5. Sadh Sangat Ji, I found both Part 1 and Part 2 of this book on this page - http://www.jsks.biz/Books-Buy-Online/bhai-guriqbal-singh-ji-books. Plus there are other books by Bhai Guriqbal Singh Ji here as well.
  6. Veer Jio I found one copy here. It's not a pdf but a physical book though - http://www.jsks.biz/akali-foola-singh-baba-prem-singh-hoti-mardaan?search=baba prem singh hoti mardaan. Also I found some other books by Baba Prem Singh Hoti Marddan here - http://www.jsks.biz/baba-prem-singh-hoti-mardan
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