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  1. There is a very good explanation of relationship between Khalsa and Sikh is done by Paramjeet Singh Khalsa Anandpur sahib wale. I will find it and post it. it is in the series of sukhmani sahib khatha. After listening to this my view of Sikh and Khalsa and I can be totally wrong on this :blush2: : Sikh is not a bounded religion but a community religion, believes in humanity and freedom. "Jo mein kiya, So mein paya" | "Dosh kya dije awar jana"| If you do nitname, keep rehat, restrain yourself, keep kesh, accordingly you will reap great spiritual and material rewards. Sikhism gives freedom, openness, well-being and acceptance of all the humanity despite of cast, religion and intelligence as one being. Any person Hindu\Jew\Christian can read, learn and follow SGGS ji, do the seva will attain the param-pad. In Sikh-History many great GurSikhs are not in the fold of khalsa, but are respected lot and even have yaadgari gurudwaras in their name. Bhai Makan Shah Lubana, Bhai Moti Mehra, Bhai Todar Mal and many more. Any Sikh that follow Guru's learning, do simran can become BrahmGyani. But Not Khalsa To become khalsa one has to partake Amrit and follow a conduct that can be broken if you don't follow it: Therefore Khalsa is a bounded religion with specific code of conduct for lifestyle. Khalsa is a commitment not only from our side but from the Guru's side as well. "Jab lag khalsa rahe niyara, Tab lag tej diyo mein sara" Khalsa is an Army to protect the Divine light of Sikhism. Also the Management of Gurudwaras and other sikh religios matters are the responsibilty of khalsa to manage.
  2. Golden Temple - If we can accept this name. So does the Sikh temple I believe. Also "Harmandar har sajaya , Har vasah jis naal"
  3. Please support a creative new initiative by our determined brothers https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/eileenalden/super-sikh A comic with a purpose
  4. I like it ... too of course Along side with Gurudwara .... I will talk to my friends about this.
  5. Sound like naamdharis... Some problems should be left alone to get sorted out. As Huge numbers of Naamdharis are now are a part of mainstream sikhi, because of good sikh prachar and their infighting. Yeah, Thats true...
  6. I had met them they are really nice people, although I truly understand their practices are controversial. I have a question with the sangat here, No hot heads plz : - Is there anyway, this situation can be improved without showing them the door out or insulting them?? Do as a normal Sikh people, how we can offer them so much joy and peace from the maryada itself that they understand and start following it. Remember they are well versed in Gurbani, and has a daily Nitnem of several banis, along with sehaj path. (also their yoga and stuff :blush2: ) Or We just keep on saying to them BLASPHEMY - BLASPHEMY, bycott, infidels, white-insults, paapi - paapi etc.. etc. and in fear they will come to obey maryada. much like Brahmins & Islamist do.
  7. #jesuischarlie First I am too tempting to jump on this discussion, even I had denied myself, but then again who I am to deny or stop. Second, This for savinderpalsingh ji I love you brother, you are such a darling, I hope you are doing good ... just a metaphor for you dear. With your knowledge and spirit you are possessing you are like a Fast, Expensive Car that everybody dreams but with spiked seats. You can give so much to this forum and people surrounding you but you end up bleeding people with your words and that too your own brothers.I hope you understand "Dhol dharam daya ka poot", "Mith Bol-da ji har sajjan swami mora", Don't be a warrior who is seeking war but a peaceful messenger who can protect when needed. Thanks and hope you understand Third, In my view Church is a wrong name for our Gurudwaras is very well proved in above threads, Not sure about temple, And the message that everyone is invited should be given by other means like picture signboards etc.
  8. No worries veer ji, all is fine, I am not new in this. Although very good thoughts and dedication towards sikh principles and I really appreciate specially the nagar kirtan example.but Veerji, with sad heart I have to say there is no forum in the world where a hindu/jew/christian boy come and get encouraged about sikhi.There is a fine line between Love for Sikhi and Love for my own explanation of Sikhi. We all busy explaining and proving what we think is right. Nobody cares Why. I am an historian and a phycologist and following panthic forums offline and online from around 13 years. Sikh religion is the best religion in the world but sikhs stand nowhere when it comes to rational discussion and phycological thought process. We tend to use explanation of spiritual conduct to put our point in solving the regional issues and if anybody opposes we get agitated. Bhul chuk maaf .. WJKk WJKF.. With Guru Maharaj mehar daas is an Amritdhari singh. But I am not Punjabi and dont want to be either.
  9. Agree with all of comments above for prachar and sudhar, however I believe I haven't put the question right. Let me put it right What we can do to get out of muslim identity misconception in west. Bhul chuk maaf
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