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    Aasaa:<br />What would it matter, if my body were cut into pieces?<br />If I were to lose Your Love, Lord, then Your humble servant would be afraid. ||1||<br />Your lotus feet are the home of my mind.<br />Drinking in Your Nectar, I have obtained the wealth of the Lord. ||1||Pause||<br />Prosperity, adversity, property and wealth are just Maya.<br />Your humble servant is not engrossed in them. ||2||<br />Your humble servant is tied by the rope of Your Love.<br />Says Ravi Daas, what benefit would I get by escaping from it? ||3||4||<br />
  1. wjkk wjkf penjiii i think dats nt d right address ... dis is old one i think.... new one is somewhere else .. jus make sure once.... neway by guru jis kirpa really gr8 sewa is goin on dere by bibi parkash kaur jii ohh, sorry..it probably is I got the address of the leaflet we were given by bibi parkash kaur this year.. Fateh Jeee Waahegurooo!!! :vaheguru:
  2. (((=D

    "lav yu" 2 xxx

  3. Simrann!!!! ... Lav you ;) LOL

  4. Waahegurooooo!!! Hanjee, Address is : UNIQUE HOME Bhai Ghanayya Ji Charitable Trust (REGD.) 1082-B, Model House, (Taran Wali Gali), JALANDHAR. PH: 0181-2276066 Regd. No. 208/1994-95 E-mail : uniquehome@dataone.in I will upload the leaflet on here soon- Fateh Jee
  5. Waaahegurooooo!!! Picture 1 : Girls about to recite mool mantar. Picture 2: Downsyndrome baby saying Fateh :vaheguru: + Bibi Parkash Kaur!! Picture 3: A baby who was left to be eaten by the dogs- But was saved and is now here in this amazing orphanage. Picture 4: A cradle just outside of the orphanage.
  6. Waaheguroooo!!! Amazing Rainsbhai =) Eh Benunthee Sun Prabh Merae :pray:
  7. :umm: Waaheguroo!! Rainsbhai is coming up very soon please, every1 come!! I don't know which kirtanees will be attending, but please don't let that stop any1 from attending the rainsbhai kirtan... :pray: Maerae govindhaa gun gaavaa thripath man hoe !!! Waahegurooo Jee* :BOW:
  8. Thats great penji :TH: does that also include no proccessed food? To be honest, i don't really know.. if you were told to eat simple then you shouldn't be eatin processed food really.... ! :pray: Waaheguroo- Very true!!
  9. Waaheguroooo- My Bibis really upset about it all, dad said to bibi 'if your so upset, why don't you take amrit'.. ..loll.. Japo Tha Eko Naama.. Avar Niraafal Kaama!! .. *
  10. They said you should eat simple, don't eat out, and you can only eat from Amritdharis (they said thats the one thing you HAVE to do)... Waaheguroooooo!! :pray:
  11. Bibeksar normally do give 'Sarbloh Bibek' Rehat-- And Ananpur Sahib Smagam-- I think they give 'Sarbloh Bibek' Rehat too I took Amrit at a Delhi smagam- They gave 'Bibek' Rehat.. Waahegurooo Jeee!!! :WW: Karo Kirpa Gopaal Gobindae Apnaa Naam Japaavo.. Har Har Har Gun Gaavo :pray:
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