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  1. vaheguroooo .... tomorrowww Lets get together and sing Guroo's praises and for those that haven't given their head to guru jee this is your time! Start the New Year with such a Great Blessing of Khande Paul da Amrit. Naam Japo, Bani Paro, Seva Karo ......need to spend more time praising VAHEGUROO JEE especially in the time of kalyug but we seem to be doing the opposite, busy arguing with each other! Lets start this new year positively and all get together to sing Guru Jee's praises. Anidnu scu slwhxw scy ky gux gwau ] Night and day, I praise the True One; I sing the Glorious Praises of the True One. (Admin Jee can all the unrelated topics please be deleted, thank you) vaheguroojeekaakhalsa vaheguroojeekeefateh
  2. the bibi who did that shabad was bibi simran kaur
  3. vahegurujeekaakhalsa vahegurujeekeefateh coventry street has keertans every thursday evening and they also have jaaps of different bania ... not sure when though amritvela at gnp gurdwara every saturday morning...around half 4 (simran and nitnem) and also there are monthly keertans at cross road gurdwara (first saturday of each month) bibia's monthly sukhmani sahib/chaupai sahib paath and keertan at cross roads (second saturday of each month) alot more programmes pop up during the weeks - just get someone to keep you updated in coventry... (also smagam this week - keertan tomorrow night / AsaDeeVaar friday and saturday morning at Cross Roads Gurdwara) vaheguroo vahegurujeekaakhalsa vahegurujeekeefateh
  4. VaheguruJeeKaaKhalsa VaheguruJeeKeeFateh Keertan this saturday 7 till late Please Bless Us With Your Darshan :vaheguru: HarGunGavahuSadhaaSubhaee|| So Sing Forever The Glorious Praises Of The Lord With Loving Devotion. ManChindhaeSagalaeFalPavahuJeeaKaiSangSehaee|| You Shall Obtain All The Fruits Of Your Mind's Desires, And The Lord Shall Become The Companion And The Support Of Your Soul. vaheguroo vaheguroo vaheguroo VaheguruJeeKaaKhalsa VaheguruJeeKeeFateh
  5. Wahegurooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo *


    Fateh Jeeeee XxX

  6. vaheguroooooooo :)

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