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  1. thanks for the respsonse. not too great. not come to a conclusion of the problem yet. have had mri scan too, came clear. seen a chiro as suggested, and goign around trying various treatments. not too great, i nbelive acupuncture may have given short term relief, but nothing major.
  2. The website still hasnt been updated with the photos etc from the events... are they going to be up anytime soon? Thanks Ji.
  3. baanee guroo guroo hai baanee vich baanee a(n)mrith saarae || The Word, the Bani is Guru, and Guru is the Bani. Within the Bani, the Ambrosial Nectar is contained. ................... gur paarabreham paramaesar aap || The Guru is the Supreme Lord God; He Himself is the Transcendent Lord. ............................ If Gurbani is the Guru and Guru is himself God. Then that also means Bani is Akal Purakh...Bani is Akaal...The above Gurbani Thukhs make it clear. If you believe that those are the 'word' of God, then you would accept them as true, and therefore accept that the 'word' of God is also God himself.
  4. any more info on baba darshan singh? any latest katha, or info, photos?
  5. Thanks a lot...Okay, will defo ask this at the next physio visit. Cheers.
  6. Oh, and was asking is it ok for belt during training? Does it limit training in any way? make the muscles weaker? Or is it a good option to prevent furhter injury?
  7. Yeh ive read on about pottasium in diet etc..Thats not really helped though..But have been getting regular deep musle massages. havnt really helped either...like 'oh twadi' said, defo worth going chiro. And yeh, defo shouldnt slap on big weights etc, going to tak eit easy. start like you said and build in time...
  8. Thanks agaain both of you. Yes i best avoid belts then all together. Shall i get one for weigtlifitng though? Because physio has said its ok for me to start weight training again, and i reckon a belt then would help prevent injury? I cant really ask them about getting a belt for gurdwara, because from what theyve told em i should really be going gurdwara or sitting in that position for long time...But i cant stop going gurdwara, thats not an option.
  9. OK thanks...Ill let you know how it goes. Just another q that came to mind..so would you say its not worth having a belt at all, even if i were to wear it only at keertan programmes or when sitting at the gurdwara? as its getting to a point, when I canot sit now for long at all, in order to help, i though if i purchase a belt and wear it there, but not otherwise? still a bad idea?
  10. A Channel I found with all styles of Keertan and Katha/Talks in both English & Panjabi from around the World. Quite Good! http://www.youtube.com/user/gurpalsingh6?feature=mhee
  11. Interesting thread..a bit off topic but good info ..thanks for those inputting.
  12. Thanks the vid was good! interesting... Your helps been v good...also i agree what you said about belt.because my physio also said the same thing, and i defo agree. I think ill go for number 2. because that was recommended to me by someone who has been going there. But the mctimoney system sounds like its v good too..the vid was v factual.. But I will see. As I just asked my doc for MRI scan. and he has said he would talk to my physio and compare note. there reluctant to send me off for further scans. but ill keep pushing with that first. may also try reflexology next week as i will be meeting someone who does that.
  13. I did email a few clinics asking what method they used. this is what they said: What do you think? Number 1 doesnt sound as if it uses that technique, but it uses the one that they gave. This doesnt seem like it is as effective as the activator, Is that correct? Thoe other 2 however do provide the service. The replies are underneath: 1. The predominant technique we use is the McTimoney technique, for more information see www.mctimoneychiropractic.org 2. Thank you for your enquiry. The activator is one of the technique our Chiropractors use, as well as manipulation, acupuncture, and massage. 3. The chiropractors at this clinic do use the Activator with treating some patients here.The main technique used at the clinic is called Diversified.If however you would only want Activator methods used, then this could be arranged/provided for you.
  14. Thats v helpful. Thanks so mcuh for that... Defo should help as my problems seem v similar to yours. So do you reckon there is any point in buying a belt to support the back?
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