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  1. I really miss listening to new ragi jaths at the gurdwara but because of covid no one is coming from India , iv notied that because jathas aren't coming to the uk I'm not going gurdwara often to listen to kirtan just listing online, because at my local gurudwara gng Smethwick the committee dont really change the jatha is harjit Singh metha , I really want to listen to good kirtan im willing to travel please can you tell me what kirtan jathas are in your local gurughar iv heard the uk has some good jaths who live here but there no real information please share what jathas are at your local guru ghar iv even heard that there are some hazoori ragis that live in the uk too I honestly hope that they come from india and good jaths come that can give us raag kirtan
  2. Many congratulations to the newly appointed Singh Sahib Ji for his service at Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib Ji 3 new Singh shaib granthi sahibs have been blessed with seva at sachkand darbar shaib they must be very lucky to have this seva as 1 in millions have an opportunity to serve as a granthi at harmandir shaib like a hazoori ragi may guru shaib bless them
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Could someone share some background/history about Baba Harbans Singh Ji Domeli wale (West Bromich) please? unfortunately there is not much about him on the internet so I would love to learn about him. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  4. I don't think that's a taksali gurdwara uno I think it just follows the normal akaal takt mryada becuse im shure that gurdwara follows the domeli baba and he wants from the taksal or part of any jatabani so it would be the akal takt I used to go there when I lived by there Its such a good gurdwara I remember meeting baba ji I forgot he's name the singhs there are very charicala there I remember seeing traditianal Sikh kirtan with a tanpura and dilruba I hope I revisit its been so long since iv not gone there
  5. iv seen vedios on Sikh maat tv. and there parchaar seems to be a bit dodgy to me I don't know why they are against parcharaks like Giani Pinderpal , Giani takur singh ddt and other parkharks they laugh at stuff that is happening in the Panth and I think they are trying to break people away from Sikh. this is a ink to the channel please tell me are they really trying to do parchar https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpc18n97DYzhlfrmVsDA_ow they just people talking I don't think they went to any gurmat vidiyas like a Taksal or a collage and purely are waffling
  6. read as much baani as you can one of my friends told me he had a similar issue and he asked a Katha vachak what to do and the was told to doo lots of japji sahib da paath he told me he guy said to try to do savah lakh in a year but that Singh already was used too reading lots of bani I think you should do how much you can even if that is 5 mool mantras
  7. and the Shari is confusing me ਸਤਿ is spelt sati but pronounced 'sat its only these two im reading everting else fine some please help
  8. waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki fathe iv been trying extremely hard to try to learn Gurmukhi as I have some time while I'm still of work but im struggling really bad because im getting confused so please someone please please please help me and guide me as I have no one to ask Why are the onkar vowels which occur at the end of a word sometimes sound silent when gurbani is read. For example:' ; ਨਾਮੁ is spelt naamu but pronounced naam and ਜਪੁ is spelt japu but pronounced Jap? and ਸਤਿ is spelt sati but pronounced 'sat and bilaval im reading it bilavalu what have I done wrong because I feel like im prouncing it right but im doing it wrong when I was learning I though I was doing very well but when this came up it just broke my confidence it has made me very sad an I feel like I wont be able to read path ever in my life now so please someone do kirpa and explain and help me get my confidence back that one day I will be able to read path in Gurmukhi
  9. why don't taksalis drink tea
  10. Iv got free time I want to do something Im thinking of learning how to play tabla so I want to ask is tabla hard to play? how long will it take me to learn the basics? how long until im able to play properly? is it really hard because that's what I hear and any teacher in Birmingham Sandwell or should I chose harmonium you can learn that online I think and its easier
  11. I don't think they will just let an man with a beard who nows how to play the harmonium do kirtan at Darbar shaib as you really need to be good at kirtan by this I mean almost perfect be able to singh in full raags its really hard to become an hazoori ragi your idea is a bit stupid and even every good ragis who sing in raag haven't been blessed with the opportunity to do kirtan at Darbar shaib its not a joke its hard to get selected to even sing a Shabad you truly need Kirpa of guru shaib. and need to be an expert in raags and kirtan and you just cant singh of paper you need Gurbani Kant all of asa di Vaar and many other shabads for someone to be a ragi or a granti at Darbar shaib they all have very high and true lifes like singh shaib Giani pooran singh he did 20 japji shaib and had an really hight and pure Sikh life style, and it hard to find people like that. that's a reason why there is so much Anand form hazoori ragis they are truly fulfiled with the love of guru shaib and understand raag and its importance
  12. thank you for the Darshani of these photos very very much where do you find so much anmol pictures
  13. thank you so much most appreciated thank you so much
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