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  1. Sangat ji i had a good run over the last month but once again i think im just not cut out for this. Maybe there is something within me which is causing me to fail constantly or im just not worthy of this path. Took 2 hukamnamas over the last 3 days and both were quite upsetting to read. I feel like i have been trying and progressing but then again maybe im just not cut out for this. I will list the hukamname below if you want to see but yh. I managed to wake up amritvela for a whole month and do my 5 bania, i tried to do simran often, read extra banis, listen to kirtan, take notes on kath
  2. Yup. I never realised how important it was for us to know these skills but now im going to try learn. What kind of training do you do?
  3. Just want to apologise if this seems like a therapy session or something i really value your guys opinions and want to improve. You're too right bro i will defo try to be more grateful and thank guru ji for any changes that are happening. This past month has been a huge blessing. The thing is i cant afford to fall off again, its taken so much from my mental over the last few years being in limbo and im getting older which means i gotta get married soon, more household responsibilities are gathering and im moving further in my career which means i have to develop more confidence in my
  4. Thank you bro. You're 100% correct, we should all be uplifting each other since everyone in our community seems to be so judgmental. Your advice on thoughts has been super helpful. I chose a shabad a few days before the new year and have been reciting it often to give myself a reminder. Although I am still getting stupid thoughts here and there, i'm learning to just ignore them and not pay attention to them, this in turn has kinda reduced them aswell but the battle goes on. Im still focusing on doing my nitnem daily and I can tell this is having an affect on me, to a point where I am
  5. Honestly since opening up to sangat on here so many positive things have happened to me and its allowed me to make some lifestyle changes and i have started to do nitnem again too. I have to thank you sangat ji and Guru ji. Just reading your guys messages make me feel like im not alone and can share anything here without judgement. Hopefully i can stay strong in this battle now but i know it will be tough. Thank you so much for the replies above Singh375 and Not2Cool2Argue. I value your guys opinions and advice so much. Maybe i have been putting up resistance to what Guru ji is saying, i
  6. Really appreciate your message bhaji. Means so much that you even thought to check up on me I've been trying to keep active going to the gym and have also starting going to the gurdwara more often which is helping me stay strong. The replies that I got on this post from yourself and others have changed my outlook greatly and gave me a huge boost in my faith for sikhi and sangat. Everytime i feel a slight bit anxious or upset i just think back to all the wonderful things you guys shared with me and i remember that sangat here is so forgiving and loving so i dont need to feel depresse
  7. Just want to thank all you guys that replied here, it means a lot to me. I read all these replies a few days ago and instantly felt a boost in morale and hope for Sikhi. Although I haven't won this battle, you guys have given me strength to get up and fight again and for that im forever grateful. I've copied all your replies and saved them so I can look back whenever I feel down and i'm sure they'll get me back on my feet like they did this time. God bless you guys
  8. This is quite long so I really appreciate you for spending your time reading. Maybe this is just me getting things off my chest but then again its probably a cry for help i dont even know. Grew up keshdari but never knew anything about Sikhi till like feb2016, up until that point it was just about drinking, drugs, girls etc, and in Jan2016 i cut my kesh for the first time. I liked it because for once i felt no restriction, like i could now live a life thaf id only seen my friends living. But then I found out about sikhi in Feb2016 a month after i cut my hair and it absolutely changed my v
  9. Thanks a lot for ur replies, I will defo try and implement them into my day!
  10. Hi, I go through loads of mood swings throughout my daily life and this is really unproductive. For the past few weeks I've managed to stick to 15 minutes of simran a day, and usually after I get up I just feel so much more blissful, calm and composed (also it saves me from 5 chore a lot). What I want to ask is if anyone can recommend ways that I can remain in this state of mind all the time, if not forever haha Please do tell me about any personal experience as well I'd love to read about them! Thanks!
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