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  1. Is there anywhere I can download a compilation of hukumnama or paath similar to how hukumnama is read - Ive tried searching but couldnt find anything. I enjoy how the hukumnama is read as I can fully take in what is being said. Alot of other paath is read fast and I struggle to fully understand it as my gurmukhi isnt too good. If anyone knows of any other paath read in a similar way and at a similar speed please could you recommend? Ideally looking for something which I can download. Thanks
  2. I think this is what I was trying to get at, what is waheguru? Waheguru came in the form of the gurus who had wahegurus light inside them from my understanding. So is waheguru this light source/force/energy rather than a person? Is that what should come to my mind when doing simran or saying waheguru? Thanks for this I will try it
  3. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to know what are you supposed to think about when you say waheguru or are simran? Should we focus on the word waheguru? or should we have an image of our gurus in mind? I usually picture guru nanak dev ji in my head but then I think to myself I should be picturing all the gurus. Whats your lots opinions on this?
  4. Then the whole world would fall out of balance and we all die
  5. This is a good example of why apneh are drifiting from Sikhi ..... The guy has come on here for help and most people are taking shots at him and judging him. Ive noticed that certain gursikhs feel as if there above everyone else (especially when it comes to moneh). The OP isnt even a mona and most people have already put this barrier up when talking to him. Hes done wrong no doubt but should that mean we turn our backs and instead take the P and judge him? We all need to work together to keep people on the right track and into Sikhi. Some people are further in their journey with Sikhi, some p
  6. Thought id share this video as I just come across it after being at a wedding this weekend. Im guessing many peeps on this site dont drink or do drugs but if you do, this is a good watch
  7. Sorry bro cant help you, thought you was in the UK - read the message i sent you hopefully it helps Dont run scared like some of the advice your getting on here lol putting cctv up and all that sh!t is just showing them your afraid and come on bro, were sikhs. The last people we should fear is muslims after the example our gurus set
  8. send me a direct message How old are you, where you from etc
  9. Whats the deal with these jathas? why are peeps worshipping the jathas and not our guru granth, our eternal guru, the only guru we need ...
  10. I should add that if this jatha works for you fair enough, hope they guide you to where you want to be - just not for me and wont be going to any more programmes of theirs Keen to know the answers to the OP though
  11. Hahaha provides me with insight? nah bro makes me chuckle in my head, I know very well when people are trying to pull the wool over my eyes These lot are kirtanis and supposed to be registered as a charity right? but driving around in top of the range cars - charity workers?
  12. My point wasnt about the white jag, it was more about the jatha in general. I just find the whole jatha very theatrical with the guy on the keyboard in the back and the chants and movements in sync with each other..... pretty sure our gurus didnt have a keyboard and a mic with an echo effect to make them sound more godly - they just seemed very fake to me. I know im gonna offend people by saying that but i honestly felt like i was being deceived by all these special effects etc When someone sits there telling you to forget your worldly possessions and stop trying to impress each other by
  13. Good questions, dont want to sound like a hater but I went to see these guys at a programme they did at my local gurdwara - funny thing is they were talking about maya and attachment and money etc - but as im leaving the gurdwara they have a white Jaguar XJ brand new parked up outside with the number plate "NKJ" - made me question and doubt the jatha
  14. You havent seen poverty till you been to India Alot of apne go to punjab so dont see it as much but go to places like Delhi and its a big shock to the system I wouldnt say its overrated, the amount of historical places there and things to see makes it worthwhile but they deffo need to do something about the poverty problem there. I would say the situation there is worse than africa because i think most places in africa have access to clean water now
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