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  1. Feem in unsubstantial quantities as always been common amongst rural population as it is commonly believed to prevent cardiac problems and so during strokes people would often go into their pockets to grab a phhaki. It is highly doubted however that Guru Maharaj gave their singhs afeem amongst modern day kathavachiks and Gurpartaps got be taken on face value as rachna of 19th century, and we must understand 19th century sikhi not to be exactly equivalent to 18th century sikhi as we may consider it a puratan source for being pre British but it doesnt change that it was written in midpoint of ti
  2. ive heard that panj granthi pothi sahib was blessed by sri Guru Hargobind sahib Maharaj when sikhs asked how to have saroop of aad sri guru granth sahib maharaj so these were the banis prescribed by them to sikhs who desired as such the nitnem of puratan sikhs is quite amazing and as sant giani kartar singh jee have said "puratan Guru ke sikhan vich bare vade san"
  3. some conflicting information veerji on the morning nitnem and banis read during amrit sanchar (anonymous) different versions claim Guru Maharaj read different dohra like "deh shiva", or some swaiye, etc. and like I said, no mention of panj bania comes apart from Bhai Jaitas Sri Gur Katha and Bhai Saroop Singhs Guru Kia Sakhian (based on bhatt vehis I think) (I have heard some nirmala sources from 19th century do have similar nitnems to panj bania, havent seen for myself however) , puratan Gutka sahibs have nitnem and panj granthi and das granthi mixed up, and again the whole theory on ja
  4. wasn't aware gurudwaras dont do aarti in evening, if thats the case there probably are gurudwaras not performing asa di vaar amritvela either
  5. its hard to shake it off, my mom literally told me like half an hour before going to school this morning and i was like its gotta be clickbait till it was confirmed was always speculative bout the man but he clearly was charismatic and did attract a lot of the youth to SAD Maan this election cycle, might disagree bout stuff here and there but in the end he was going in the right direction overall
  6. Which is why movies like subedar joginder singh, saka nankana and others that I dont even know about have failed at the box office
  7. apparently he gave up 1/3 of the way thru aad sri guru granth sahib maharaj and called gurbani very repetitive there are claims that he would act very rude with sikhs and disregard all maryada and even consume/smoke tobacco while pursuing his work of translation kind of the whole reason for max arthur mcauliffe to begin translating bani because of how biased this firangis work was I havent read any of this guys work beyond the beej mantr manglacharn, the arth of which he completely butchered as being a version of the hindu concept of "om"
  8. there is a whole vast expanse of liturgy outside maharajs works, that serve as commentary on maharajs bachan so that the subtext behind and the antreev arth of a lot of concepts in maharaj's bani dont get lost over time and is passed down, besides a whole lot of the works claim to be mukhvaak bachan of maharaj not just commentary like the tuk provided from gurpartap, and they seem to match and place the same amount of importance and stress on the mahatta of sri japji sahib besides you can see 52 hukams of maharaj where they clearly tell sikhs "gurbani kanthh karnee" most mahaprukhs w
  9. have developed a preet for bhai kamalpreet singhs works
  10. Dasam Bani Katha - Bachattar Natak - Giani Bakshish Singh (Pandit Ji) Damdami Taksal - YouTube from 25:00 on, sarvan karo jio
  11. anyhow as the original question was posed, the whole cause for this confusion is the sgpc rehit maryada saying only sri japji sahib, jaap sahib, and sravag sudh swaiye are needed in morning but this is a interesting find to come across source is Sri Dasam Granth Sahib: Facts Beyond Doubt published by SGGS Academy
  12. but then whats the minimum? what banis were recited during amrit sanchar? not to stir up any controversy about panj bania da paathh, just trying to do more khoj because time and time again jap jaap come up everywhere so it would be interesting if they do happen to refer to panj bania as a collective as dr. kamalroop singh claims as well, maybe that term is just amongst the vocabulary that has its subtext lost nowadays puratan gutka sahib are needed to be looked into but they arent available much so we would have to back to India to have darshan of such pothis and gutka I understand
  13. well yeah since panj bania barely come up in itihasic sources other than guru kia sakhian (bhatt vehis), and sri gur katha of bhai jaita/jeewan singh so a lot of vidwaans says japu jaapu in rehitnamas refer to banis from both granth sahiban aad and dasam, and panj bania (I think baba santa singh claims so and a couple others too, can't remember off top of my head but this idea has been regurgitated before) had to clarify for the confused face reaction lol But yeah, I wonder whether this claim seems plausible and true because if Im not wrong, doesnt a certain rehitnama clearly sta
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