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  1. huh i swear wikipedia called him a terrorist, i just checked and they removed it and just have him as fourteenth jathedar oof prominent orthodox Damdami taksal
  2. just doing parts of it throughout the day thats what I meant like 4 astpadees and saloks in morning, 12 after you come home from wherever, 6 after rehraas, last two before sohila sahib
  3. so a japji raul wouldn't replace japji sahib recited in panj bania it is only a method of reading bani to be implemented in ADDITION to nitnem as far as I understand? I used to have this habit a bit back in childhood, not really sampat, but I used to get into waheguru jaap while doing japuji shib after maha mantar when i get to "...jap...." before moving onto rest of japji sahib would this be manmat as I "input" waheguuru jaap into gurbani at my own will
  4. revisiting this earlier comment, can sangat here tell me on how they intend to or have expanded their nitnem beyond morning panj banis I want to get a better sense my gutka sahibs has shabad hajaare, shabad hajaare pt 10, dinan kki pritpal swaiye, pranvo aad ekankaara swaiye, barah maahaa maajh, asa di vaar, sukhmanee sahib, dukh bhanjanee sahib (trying to get salok mahal 9, basant kee vaar, vaar sri bhaugati ji ki, baavan akhri sometime soon in gutka saroop) can anyone share what banis they usually do after panj bania also, what are sangat's views on doing seha
  5. too many buildings not enough gurudwaras lol I remember bhai jagraj singh once talked bout this a gurudwara's definition in the new mahaan kosh by Bhai Kahn Singh nabha is a place that offers medical aid and shelter in addition to langar and kirtan/bani/sangat we need BUNGAS not buildings as Bhai Jagraj singh said, and this is a little off topic but guru maharaj in a gurudwara MUST have 2+ hajoori singhs at all time (5 is recommended) did you hear about the latest beadbi of guru maharaj horrible to even glance at
  6. Just want to promote this singh on sikhsangat encountered his channel around the early part of quarantine but here is one of the good videos he has Part 1:Reply to Sikh vs Hindu | Exposed Rahul Arya Thanks bharat | Truth of Shri Raam Chandra - YouTube I think he did parchar with Basics of Sikhi as well early and now simply runs his own channel his videos exposing beljeet dehli, dhadhri NKJ are also befitting replies he seems levelheaded throughout most of his videos
  7. the worse I can imagine is for women enduring monthly menstruation while living in poverty hygiene is a huge hit in poverty, and the a big impact on homeless people I cant imagine not being able to take two ishnan a day (please dont judge me lol) but often employers dont even look at their appplication forms for jobs and immediately throw them by looking at their physical appearance I forgot the name of a organization but two years ago I saw them on CNN providing hygiene centers for folks where they give out free showers in mobile trucks and do laundry for homeless folks try
  8. waheguru ji check this out Living Homeless In Detroit - The Journey | What a crazy experience - YouTube speaking about the cities and municipal entities, I think it varies there are the bigger more established cities that just have way too much gand and even hire folks to powerwash the fecal matter off the streets and I believe most big cities (at least here in CA) do have specified public bathrooms for homeless and even accomodate some disabled folks but of course, not all get to use these benefits as either they are unavailable, or many are also mentally ill from th
  9. Okay so, I think I mght have found the latter swiaye in "33 swaiye" I found a reference to the former shabad in a sikhsangat forum about nehkalank avtar, so I will be looking into it. I implore anyone else to confirm what I found.
  10. what are your thoughts on sadasat simran singh? I have listened to his kirtan and he really has put a TON of effort into become a learned raagi
  11. The southern borders seem quite good for a potential sikh nation or greater autonomous Punjab based on the ghagger-hakra river basin of the larger Indus river basin region
  12. agreed we DON'T mind or impose brutality upon homosexuals, BUT we do not promote it and it is not in the ideal conduct of sant-sipahi which is why one cannot go through with anand karaj for engaging in homosexual behavior since non-sikhs cannot do so and homosexual behavior does not pertain to sikh ethos but yeah I know lgbtq folks and we get along fine, but just dont bring in faith to justify yourselves lol
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