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  1. The last three months of 2020 (Oct 2020-mid Jan 2021) were great. I didn't watch crap on web, or use social medial. Only watched utube for satsang/bhagti videos. Nitnem was also good. But then just last week had a very strong lustful dream about past memories which disturbed me and then I ended up watching p and did hasta-maithuna. This disturbed my routine, was very lustful for 2-3days, and did watch p < 15 mins but no hasta maithuna. Things are back to normal again. What I learnt is its very important to divide your time into chunks/group. One chunk for morning nitnem, second for ev
  2. Freezing Cold showers after workouts feel really great !
  3. Its almost the end of May. Heres an update. Didn't do that well in terms of social media, and amritvela. Also did hasta maithuna x5 in total, was clean for last two weeks. Was able to keep up with workout, saw an improvement in terms of that. bench press 70x10, --> 120x2 ohp 45x5,--> 65x5 squats 45 x10,--> 115x5 deadlift 135x1, didnt do much of these, hate them, stuck at 135x5, tips preferred back row 45x5 (lbs)--> 95x5 Need to work on amritvela, and hopefully no hm next month. Some positives and some negatives...
  4. I might be wrong but in my understanding Aadi Shakti is not a deity, and its neither male nor female. Its the shakti/force of Akal Purakh ji that works through various means or characters such as bhagauti, kirpan, all the weapons mentioned by Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji in his bani, 24 avtars of Vishnu, Krishan Ji, Ram Ji, Narsingh JI, Durga, Chandi, Kaali, Ambika, Bhavani, Shakti, Saraswati, Parvati, Shiv Ji, Rudra , Sarabloh ji, Mahaloh ji, Mahakal ji...universe, planets, sun, moon, plants, water, air, earth, akash, humans, and so on... Its a play of Akal Purakh Ji and his Shakti/for
  5. With a defeated and heavy heart i have to admit that i succumbed to desires and slipped , watched p and did hast maithuna f me , why man hope the other 26 days r clean, back to day 0 today
  6. Sant ishar singh ji recommended 2.5 pakki malas everyday for serious abhiyasis. 1 pakki mala = 108 malas. So 2.5 pakki malas equal 270 malas of 108 manke. This total jap of 29,160. Do this for one year everyday and japa will go inside from rasna to kanth, hirda and so on... this is serious abhiyas , due to time constraints i have not been able to do it. But i am trying to do atleast 1 hr.
  7. Lots of cleansing happening. I get this a lot too. But keep tolerating and moving fwd. get strong , dont slip, do ardas, maafi, repeat and get better.
  8. As per Sant Waryam Singh Ji 75000 gurmantra in a day or 100 malas moolmantar per day who want to get the naam going inside them, or 2.5 x 108 = ~ 270 malas or 29,160 gurmantra for atleast 1 year or 8-10 hours of gurmantra japa everyday who want to attain something in this life or 2.5 hrs gurmantra japa who want to wait till next birth these are the bachan of mahapurush from their tapes, not mine.
  9. Keeeet


    Its a vaak of Blessing for the couple. the last sentence translates to Jagdish (parmatma) is being asked to bless the couple so that their jodi/bond may survive for 4 yugas... bhuk chuk maaf
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