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  1. dear mam, baba's use sangats money, give as daswand or sewa for dere personal luxury purpose.. babu maan neva claims to do ny sewa or parchar.. sings songs.. good or bad.. and charges money for d same.. pays tax.. and may spend in any way.. hope d difference is clear.. bhul chukk maaf
  2. 1. he is no BABA.. and its no crime to have a black audi wid vip no.. all dat matters is $. . 2. MOD. .plz stop such sick threads
  3. veer ji jus read "schaum series" programing in C. .its easily available on net.. else go for robert lafore..
  4. wat a <banned word filter activated>..
  5. is he himself the singer???.. hmm multi talented person.. .riding cycle, tractor, photographer, singer, clown, gardener, construction worker,... and lot more.. gr8!!. and a unique shrilling voice i neva heard before..
  6. for this who is responsible?? Sarna ,Badal or SIKHSANGAT!!!
  7. actually a govt sponsored cult.. their head baba virsa singh was a govt tout... all the corrupt officials are his followers including badals..
  8. veer i dont kno who is sarna and who is badal and makkar.. all i kno is if i go to amritsar.. i neva get room in sran.. and live in hotel.. and see some arrogant sevadars.. if i go to delhi.. i get room in bangla sahib sran.. without ny hitch.. dat too an excellent room.. and really humble sevadars.. i have nothing to do with any politician. ,. m jus a common man..
  9. i called my uncle in delhi.. even he said d same.. hospital and underground parking are given to private company for construction on contract... wats wrong in it??
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