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  1. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh ji Most probably a sign for you to go to Gurdwara Sahib and do sewa and Simran . May Vaheguru ji keep you in Chardikala. Bhul Chuk Maf ji Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh ji
  2. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Bhenji, what you are feeling is common. Whenever we go through bad experiences in our life we are quick to doubt Vaheguru ji. But as Gurbani Says If the Chote Sahibzaade had thought " Is it worth it to give Shaheedi for the Panth?" Then the Khalsa Panth wouldn't remain. Bhenji are you amritdhari? Do you do your nitnem? If you're not amritdhari and do not do your nitnem, it's okay Guru Sahib will guide you towards that path soon. Meanwhile try to do mool mantar sahib. That's all you need for Vaheguru ji's kirpa. Do 1 mala a day. I can guarantee you will have your own experiences and your trust and love in Vaheguru Ji will be restored by Sache Patshah. All we need in our lives are Guru Sahib's blessing. Mool mantar is amazing and by doing it Vaheguru ji will have pity on his servants and bring us to his Path. Bhenji, you are a daughter of our Guru. Do not lose hope! Remain in patience and Sehaj. All will be good soon. No matter what you have gone through always remember the faces of our Shaheeds who embraced their death with smiles on their faces because they knew about this false world, they knew Guru Sahib Ji is Ang Sang. You may not realize it but Guru Sahib is always with his Khalsa. Even while you are reading this post, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Jio Maharaj is right next to you! All you need to do is have Sehaj and keep trust. Once our illusion of Maya is gone, all we see is Prakash everywhere. Then we do not doubt on what is the point or whether it is worth it. We crave more Anand and long to be in the Charan of Sache Patshah. Do mool mantar, keep Simran in your heart 24/7. The rest Vaheguru ji Himself will guide you. Guru Sahib is right next to you waiting for you to realize his presence and get Darshan. Gurmukh Pyare always see Guru Sahib as Ang Sang. Have faith Bhenji, all will be good soon. Bhul Chuk Maf ji ? Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh!
  3. Veerji I don't mean that we should fear RSS . What I meant by my above posts is that we shouldn't rely on RSS alone to handle the Gujjar problem in our Pinds and in our territory. We need to be able to defend ourselves as well Hanji veerji I understand. I may not understand the level at which RSS is handling Muslims. The only thing I feel that we should be alert about is that we need to ensure our Pinds are in our Control
  4. How long do we have before RSS starts calling Sikhi a branch of Hinduism and changes the plot? Our Naujawan will then be converted to Hindus which will make RSS no different than Gujjars and Christian Missionaries. We all know about their plan to make India Hindu Rashtra by 2030. Do you think they will give that up just to fight a common enemy? It shouldn't be the case that will trying to manipulate our enemy, our apney itself gets cheated. Bhul Chuk Maf ji ?
  5. Veerji, I understand your point but I feel that like how if we chase the Gujjars our we will have repercussions for those Singhs living in Kashmir, similarly if RSS gets into Punjab, if we try to control them, we may have repercussions for Sikh Sangat and Gurudwaras all over India. We have all seen the Hindu mobs in other parts of India. Gujjars can be handled quickly but if we challenge the Hindu mobs they can easily be linked to BJP.
  6. Veerji, this may solve the Gujjar problem but it might create another problem. Letting the right wing Hindu extremist settle this matter may backfire on us. What happens after they make the Gujjar retreat? These same Hindu extremist groups will replace the Gujjars and will instead occupy our pind. Do you think Shiv Sena would want to leave Punjab if they can get a few Pinds as their stronghold? The best way is to not involve any 3rd party but instead settle this like how we have always done in history. Alone only with Vaheguru ji's kirpa on our heads. The best thing would be if the Nihangs and other Tyar Bar Tyar Singhs can get the Pind that we lost by tomorrow. This will show the Gujjars that Singhs are still strong and they will not be able to make advances into Punjab easily. We have to spoil their advances in the earliest stage which is now. Send a huge number of Sikhs and get that Pind back. Even if we feel 200 Singhs are enough to get the Pind, bring a thousand. Show them that we are capable of bringing the masses within a short time of needed. This will deter them from making advances and at the same time spoil the dreams of the Hindu extremist groups who are thinking Punjab will one day become theirs. If we show those gajjars who tried to make advances into Punjab our power and chase them out, those Hindu extremist groups, who are still only dreaming about getting punjab and have not made any actual progress, will have their dreams crushed. While we have our Fateh. However, like what you said this will have some effects on our Singhs in Kashmir and other areas. But we cannot afford to let Hindu extremist into punjab as well. They are not are friends as well. The Nishan sahib will forever rule Punjab Bhul Chuk Maf ji ?
  7. 300 years ago the Mughals were the system, yet we won. Why? Because our System is Vaheguru ji. We are Akaal Di Fauj not anyone else's Fauj. We only bow to Vaheguru ji not anyone else. We need to teach our youths to be Fearless so that when someone tries to attack Sikhi they will be able to look them in the eye and defend Sikhi. We should not have trust in systems. Even Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji Maharaj wrote in the 52 Hukams that a Sikh should always be in control of politics. Especially for Punjab.
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