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  1. Well you lot keep going on about goriah and how great the west is so no wonder there is no one there.
  2. Outside of North America I would say Sikhs have a favourable view on Mexican/Latin culture and food. Havent heard anything bad from my relatives over there either.
  3. There is nothing in the Bible or Constitution or Magna Carta about using drones either, so why are muslims so upset about people randomly blowing up in Pakistan/Yemen/Afghanistan?
  4. Or you lot could just all move down south.
  5. Read the Times article. Her parents' overly dogmatic attitudes drove her into the arms of the groomers. That's where the issue lies.
  6. Well your welcome to adopt a culture of your choice if it upsets you so much being Punjabi.
  7. Churchill offered Sikhs their own country. Whoever was in London in the for the negotiations in the 1940s told him that the Sikh nation werent interested. Look what happened.
  8. HSD2

    Ardas For Pet

    Your post isnt even clear about whether you want it to recover or not.
  9. No. According to the Koran all children who die before they are adults go straight to paradise. It is all Waheguru's Hukam.
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