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  1. Dhan Dhan Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale!!!! Dhan Dhan Baba Thakur Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale!!! Not even all these words can describe what they were!!!!
  2. Yeh ive heard it was really good...alot of effort went in ive heard..hopefully the photos will go up soon!!! hurrrry hurrryyy!!!
  3. Gurfateh, I ve heard the recordings and photos will be up by the end of next week.....
  4. Will there be recordings and photos of this event? Where will they be available from after?...what site? I may not be able to make it so hope there will be recordings and photos... WJKK WJKF
  5. Protect me O Lord, with thine own handsAll the desires of my heart are fulfilled.Let my mind rest under Thy Feet.Sustain me considering me Thine Own. (1) Destroy, O Lord, all my enemies.And protect me with Thine Own Hands.May my family live in comfort and ease.Along with all my servants and disciples. (2) Protect me O Lord, with Thine Own HandsAnd destroy this day all my enemies.May all my aspirations be fulfilled.Let my thirst for Thine name remain afresh. (3) I may remember none else except Thee.And obtain all the boons from Thee.Let my servants and disciples cross the world ocean.All my enemies be singled out and killed. (4) Protect me, O Lord with Thine Own Hands.And relieve me from the fear of Death.May thou ever bestow Thy favours on my side.Protect me, O Lord, the Supreme Destroyer. (5) Protect me, O Lord, the Protector.O Lord, most dear, and protector of the saints.Friend of the poor, Destroyer of the enemies.Thou art the Master of the fourteen worlds. ( 6 ) In due time Brahma appeared in physical form.In due time Shiva incarnated.In due time Vishnu manifested himself.All this is the play of the Temporal Lord. (7) The Temporal Lord, who created Shiva, the yogi.Who created Brahma, the Master of the Vedas.The Temporal Lord, who fashioned the entire world.I salute the same Lord. (8) The Temporal Lord who created the whole world.Who created gods, demons and Yakshas.He is the only one from the beginning to the end.Consider Him only – my Guru. (9) I salute Him, none else but Him.Who has created Himself and all His subjects.He bestows Divine virtues and happiness on his servants.He destroys the enemies instantly. (10) He knows the inner feelings of every heart.He knows the anguish of both good and bad.From the ant to the solid elephant.He casts His Graceful Glance on all and feels pleased. (11) He is painful when he sees his saints in grief.He is happy when he sees his saints happy.He knows the agony of everyone.He knows the innermost secrets of every heart. (12) When the creator projected himself.His creation manifested itself in innumerable forms.When at anytime he withdraws his creation,All the physical forms are merged in him. (13) All the bodies of living beings created in the worldSpeak about Him according to their understanding.But Thou, O Lord, live quite apart from everything.This fact is known to the Vedas and the learned. (14) The Lord is formless, Sinless and Shelterless.He is the Primal Power, Blemishless, Beginningless and Unborn.The fool claims boastfully about the knowledge of His Secrets Which even the Vedas do not know. (15) The fool considers Him a stone.But the great fool does not now any secret.He calls Shiva ‘The Eternal Lord’.But he does not know the secret of the Formless Lord. (16) According to ones own intellectOne describes Thee differently.The limits of Thy creation cannot be known And how the world was fashioned in the beginning ? (17) He hath only one unparalleled Form.He manifests Himself as a poor man or a King at different places.He created creatures from eggs, wombs and perspiration. Then he created the vegetable kingdom. (18) Somwhere He sits joyfully as a King.Somewhere he contracts Himself as Shiva, the yogi.All his creation unfolds wonderful things.He, the Primal Power, is from the beginning and self-existent. (19) O Lord, keep me now under thy protection.Protect my disciples and destroy my enemies.All the villains creating outrage,And all the infidels be destroyed in the battlefield. (20) O Supreme Destroyer, those who sought Thy refuge,Their enemies met painful death.The purshas (persons) who fell at thy feet.Thou didst remove all their troubles. (21) Those who meditate even once on the Supreme Being.Death cannot approach them.They remain protected in all times.Their troubles and enemies come to an end instantly. (22) Upon whosoever Thou dost cast Thy favourable glance.They are absolved of sins instantly.They have all the wordly and spiritual pleasures in their homes.None of the enemies can even touch their shadow. (23) He who remembered Thee even once,Thou didst protect him from the noose of Death.Those persons who repeated Thy Name.They were saved from poverty and attacks from enemies. (24) O, the Lord of the Sword, I seek Thy refuge.Protect me with Thine Own Hands.Bestow Thy help on me at all times.And protect me from the designs of my enemies. (25)
  6. 2ndly i doubt the family met the girl as the cops ent allowing. khalistan zindabad, let ppl talk here,dnt get involved, they are just hear say. the truth will prevail. correction: 18 yr old.
  7. Im afraid young man you have started this post in order to make it what it has become - you have succeeded. The use of words and where your post ended is clearly indicative of this. And again you drop a few indications using words like "Youth" - i know your screaming out to name the organisation, so be a man and scream it out atleast you will sleep at night peacefully?
  8. I think i just found out who your Organisations are on your other post? lol i find ppl like you annoying...really annoying aye aye aye :TH:
  9. I'd like to hear who these organisations are? im curious now?
  10. S3................. coming soon. watch this space!
  11. oh no. well they do kirtan at all pther past events like this. i think its just an excuse. well sukhjinder singh jatha have a really good tabla master its a shame that sukhjinder singh jatha is not preforming Ive heard rumours from the organiser that they might be doing kirtan?? Some of the jatha had gone on a overseas tour so that was the reason really but if the flight lands in time they will be there
  12. yep mostly likely the CPU is clogged and causing th noise, clean this out and clean any chassis fans u might have. and on top u can invest in a propa case :TH:
  13. Ive never thought of leaving the old trusted MD...its the best way i think especially through a mixer. otherwise record straight into laptop?
  14. yep. Bhai sukhjinder singh jatha is not worthy of even sitting on stage with the other great jathae doing kirtan, so they will not do kirtan. some of the jatha will attend to attain anand from the kirtan. Baba ji (soho road) as just arrived froma long trip and are not feeling of good health, they was originally gona attend but still might if their health picks up. Therefore was not enough time to arrange for the soho road jatha to attend. but they are definite for the next Kirtan darbar :TH:
  15. Akminder kaur and jatha, Bibi Navjot Kaur, Acapella jatha, Bhai Sukhjinder Singh, <------------ will not be attending Bhai Lehna Singh (DDT), GNNSJ, <-------------------- will not be attending Bhai Abinash Singh (2b confirmed), Bebe Nanaki Jatha, Bhai kulwant Singh & Bhai Dalwinder Singh, Bhai Hari Singh, Bhai Naranjan Singh (jwaddi Kalan), Bibi Pinderpal Kaur (Bradford), Bibi Harmohan Kaur (London), Bhai Navreet Singh ( Coventry), Bhai Harvey Singh (Coventry), Bibi Satnaam Kaur, Bhai Prabdeep Singh[/color] May also have Bibi Simerpreet Kaur and Bibi Mandeep Kaur. I have edited the kirtanee list above for update.
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