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  1. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh The reason for me posting this topic is that i've been using a product which saves not only my fuel but also my cooking gas at home which is the liquified petroleum gas. I dont know if the rules of the forum allows me to post topics which is purely business because im a distributor of the product right now and i feel the urge of sharing it with my sikhs brothers and sisters around the world. Reason for sharing the product is that it saves my fuel consumption up to 35%. As for the business part it is a very good business opportunity. This is a E-commerce business which started moving in malaysia in december 2007. We have just moved into Singapore a couple of weeks ago and are in the midst of opening up in India anytime soon. The management is still looking high and low to set up the business in other parts of the world as well. I thought why not my brothers and sisters be the ones benefitting from this business. You guys can have a look at this website http:// www.ecopowerepc.blogspot.com This is a temporary website as im still in the midst of setting up my own website bhullan chukan di muaafi ji waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  2. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh i duno how to help this person...he's amritdhari n juz complated his studies...he has been offered a job at a tobacco company he's asked me if its right for him to work there? pls do give genuine replies thanks waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  3. avg is crap cant even detect trojans avast pretty good nothing beats kaspersky
  4. im using PIC 16F877A bootloader there'll 5 circuits involved 1. dc motor circuit 2. switch 3. push button 4. 7 segment display 5. LEDs im using both assembly and c language
  5. gurfateh im currently doin my final year project basically im building a PIC training kit i need as much help as possible with the programming, desinging pcb and if therez any1 in here who has got vast knowledge on PIC will be really good as im really LOST!! thanks in advance gurfateh
  6. thanks a lot bhai sahib wud u have it in gurmukhi?
  7. bhai sahib if im not mistaken Islam allows interest...i remember sitting in one of the Islam religion class back in school n the teacher said its nothing wrong to do so...its perfectly fine
  8. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh some1 asked me if gursikhs are allowed to do money lending ie to make money when some1 takes money from u. Example: Some1 comes to me n says he needs $1000..i'd give him tat money plus he pays me monthly $100 or so depending on the interest(some charge 20%) till he pays me a lump sum of $1000 i remembering hearing from some1 long ago tat bIAwj is not allowed in sikhi but i need the exact reference. i checked with an elder singh he said its clearly stated in mukatnama but he cant remember the panghteeea does any1 hav a sofy copy mukatnama or any info on these bIAwj thingy? thanking in advance waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  9. i agree hindu came earlier but then he has hair when he was born sabat soorat, dastaaar siraa
  10. who came first? hindu ya sikh?
  11. well i dunno i maybe wrong on this but i feel u shud be keeping ur hair for guru sahib not juz because u promised to some singh it shud outta love for guru sahib...then u will bhay(fear) of guru sahib...otherwise i dun see a reason...as i said earlier i maybe wrong maybe u shud ask urself a question....why is there a need to keep hair? importance of growing kesh im sorry if i sound rude...i dun mean to my two cents bhul chuk muaaff
  12. this is good stuff keep up the sewa man
  13. veerji, seriosuly i dun see any harm of u goin to the mandir....you r not gonna go there to do pooja of the murti etc i have hindu fren who got married n i have attended their marriage at hinu temples n yeah i went there in dumaala so wat tats my identity...n yeah if any1 is to say tat they saw me at a hindu temple n tat im now RSS agent....hahaha...i'll have the best laugh of my life...lolz i know for wat reasons i've been there...guru sahib knows....i juz cant be bothered wat the world has got to say bout it bhul chuk muaff _/ \_
  14. wat is the actual date of bhai sahib's shaheedi?...is it 11th march? thanks
  15. the last i played it was 2001...hahaha...been ages man
  16. i totally agree with khalsaforce bhaaji there;s no use getting into all those issues
  17. well i was at the factory without contacting any1 the only thing was i think baba uday wasnt there so we cudnt hav darshan of the puratan shahstar
  18. nvr heard of nihang singh making taksali kirpans but i do know tat there's a nihang tat makes shastars in amritsar he's called nihang baldev singh
  19. bhai sahib khalsaforce ji, mehta is not getting too crowded....its gettin empty day by day alll the puratan singhs in mehta has been taken out by dhumma
  20. be a strong chardikala gursikh yourself people will be inspired by themselves u need not give ppl lectures to inspire em sikhi may not be in everyones bhaag...if u feel tat ur loved ones are not into sikhi then do ardas for them so that guru sahib bless them with sikhi as well
  21. pm me n i'll try to work something out for u
  22. im wondering if any1 knows has mp3s of shooting/bomb blast sounds need it ASAP thanks in advance
  23. but this wants an apology for not beiing allowed to enter a bar......so he hasnt realised anything....so i really dun care whether he gets an apology or not.....he got slap on his face but still refuse to learn wat else shall i say?
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