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  1. Read "The Gallant Defender" A.R.Darshi. One of the best books i have ever read
  2. http://www.youtube.com/user/sikhinspiration Sukhraj Singh does the whole of Japji Sahib katha in english! Bhandaar of knowledge in this channel!
  3. Shaheed Singh Ji, Not to mention that our internal organs are actually too long to digest meat so in effect, the meat goes off in our bodies!! out small and large intestines are not designed to digest anything muscley! @ Cisco, your "gurdev" has been named and shamed, no one cared about him in the start, no one cares now, why dont you go and find a jungle to go and play pally pally with some goats and let the rest of us getting on with showing the next youth sikhs what real parchaar is?
  4. im looking for a shabad done i think in canada by one of the AKJ singhs, its man aisa neho kareho,? pretty old maybe 07 or earlier? anyone got some clues?
  5. just done it...go to settings that and its at the bottom
  6. DAMN you G5sikh media...my snowman died...leg broke
  7. Moranwali! Oh Ballehhh!! which has also taken over lester!
  8. Brav, tarlok singh lotay teaches on tuesdays ask him he si probo one of the most diverse and traditional raagis i know. master of tabla sitar dilruba and sitaar, im sure he can show u some stuff oh suhar. for sarangi thers a singh at GTB. or ROCKET teaches aswell...so if u wnat the numbers of them two?
  9. 3rd year in a row kid! well done! neways sik post can u send it me so i can patent it and make some money off it LOL! well done! wjkkwjkp!
  10. i miss babajee mann! the prog was amazing and as akaalseva el sed the sleeping arrangments was abit next but overall the prog was sik....Bapu Gurdev Singh Smashed it as they wer in the sangat of Sant Sundar Singh Jee! so thats 5 J.daars they been with. madho jee was next level the langar was sik and the katha was BAD!
  11. i think ull find that it aint sellootape but chipee the same thing taksali singhs use when restoring ripped and...it binds the paper and acts as a bond inbetween the ripped part. although there is a colour diff it is the right maryada as we shudnt leave mahraaj ang ripped.
  12. BRO! gyanee preetam singh! he is the don and i think the best gatka ustaad in the U.K and his son i think hes name is jaswinder singh!!! ill try and get contact details for them!
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