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  1. Using gurbani viakran rules the correct meaning for the tuk you have posted is: One who kills himself through the vichaar (of shabad i.e. naam abhiyaas) is saved and does not enter birth again. Here vichaar means the vichaar of shabad, not thoughts. The meaning you have given is the one PMKC use, and you will probably ignore gurbani vikaran rules in favour of believing in your mahapurash above all else. The veechar here is spelt with a sihaari at the end which gives the meaning THROUGH. SO if you give the meaning of vichaar as thoughts then the meaning would become "through the thoughts one is
  2. I'm glad you brought this up. Anti raag mala group have not ripped out angs but they did ink the raag mala. NOTE: this was nothing to do with AKJ, it was panthic scholars of that time who gathered together and were 100% sure raag mala was not bani. And guess where this happended? Akal Takth Sahib! They were panthic gursikh scholars who didn't assign themselves to any group. The tables have turned now, the majority believe in raag mala today, but it was the opposite then. It just happens to be that out of the main groups of today it is AKJ who doesn't believe. In those times panthic sikhs didn'
  3. Also I want to make this clear incase these over the top pro raag mala ppl try to mislead the sangat, particularly the young innocent members. The Guru roop Khalsa Panth, through Sri Akal Takht, decided a long time ago that it is upto to the individual sikh whether or not to read/believe in raag mala or not. So it is legit, under the hukum of Khalsa panth, to either believe in Raag Mala or not to believe in it. In the early days raag mala was not even read at akal takth sahib! only when a taksali became jathedaar did he change this marada without going through proper procedures of panthic a
  4. Those of have done agan bhet for that reason have no chance of being saved. The most dangerous "sikhs" are in the pro rag mala group. You don't see those who don't believe in rag mala going after saroops with rag mala and setting the saroops on fire. pure evil, they are enemies of Satguru who burn saroops to hide evidence of raag mala not being bani. Pro rag mala ppl believe in their particular sant and ignore all the scholarly ecidence. you can't reason with them. Then when they have no proof they come out with this sant has dib drishtee to know that this and that happened. Then at the poin
  5. EH!? You would lose your respect for Bhai Sahib? Have you yet again forgot what poem Sant Gurbachan Singh wrote about Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh? It's definately not true that Bhai Sahib believed in Raag Mala. But I don't want to enter this particular argument, you have the right to believe what you want. Anyways for the sake of your soul, don't trust your mind. The mind is very cunning and dangerous. Trust Sant jee. Say to yourself that even if Bhai Sahib didn't believe in raag mala I must place trust in Sant jee and respect Bhai Sahib no matter what, as Sant jee did so clearly. Remember thi
  6. LOL Singh123456777 you still don't get it! Despite this big difference even Sant Gurbachan Singh, who I'm sure you consider a great mahapurash, praised the greatness and kmayee of Bhai Randhir Singh! Why can't you realise this? Remember your way of thinking is tiny compared to Sant Gurbachan Singh. Sant jee didn't just praise Bhai Sahib in a normal way, he dedicated a poem for him! Read the poem again atleast 10 times. Can you imagine Sant jee praising ram rai? Do you really think you have more wisdom then Sant jee??? This is so clear then only a moorakh would have difficulity understanding.
  7. Here are the undeniable facts in this debate: The meateaters have made ithaas writings their True Guru rather then Gurbani. Those who believe eating meat is against sikhi is because they believe this is overall hukum of gurbani, so they have made Guru Granth Sahib jee their only Guru. Only Gurbani is pure Sach. Nothing else is I'm afraid. There are three main differing views about eating meat in the khalsa panth: 1) anti - eating meat wrong 2) neutral - let everyone do their own thing don't argue about these things 3) pro - non-halal meat allowed (nihangs more strict only allow jhatka mea
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