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  1. I can read now!!! A bit slow but still it's progress!!! :D
  2. Baba Ji (yes i just called Them that out of RESPECT, sorry if that offends you!) has never claimed to be a Sant. Meet Them just once and you will realise how amazing and humble They are. :L: I wish ppl would think before opening their mouths!! This is going to be an amazing smagam...i'm defo there!!!!!
  3. Thanks. Went to my second class today and with Maharaj's kirpa i can now write the whole alphabet!! :D
  4. Sadh sangat jio... Sorry if this seems like a silly thing to share but i'm so happy that i had to!!! I'm 27 yrs old and since i was 19 i've been wanting to learn panjabi but kept putting it off as i thought "i'm too old, it's gonna be too hard now"!! Ramdomly today at the Gurdwara, this bhaji i know introduced me to Aunty who does Santhiya classes...i was only meant to say fateh and then go but she told me to sit down (she seemed strict and i was a bit scared to say i had to go!!). So i stayed and i loved it, i know it's only basic and most of you are perfectly fluent in panjabi, but for m
  5. My sister used to smoke out of her window (we don't live at home!) and when my window was open, the smoke would come into my room. :sad: I asked her not to do it and to top it off i do my paath loudly to make her feel extra guilty (sorry if that sounds bad!)...it's worked though!! Now that she has to go to the bottom floor and outside (we live in a flat - top floor) she's started smoking less cos she can't be bothered to go all the way outside!! :lol: We've started eating separately and she's not allowed to cook her meat/eggs in the same pans that i use to make my food. It's not that m
  6. I worked there for 3 weeks when i was at uni...walked out...lol will never forget it!!! :D
  7. It's Rai Coach Station that's located on Soho Road. Try Air shuttle or VIP instead of Thandi coaches (surprisingly, Thandi are not very cheap!!). I plan alot of trips and the first two are much more reliable. Thandi turn up late quite often and sometimes they haven't even turned up!!
  8. WJKK WJKF The future is not ours to know...it's ours to accept as Guru Ji's will. WJKK WJKF
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