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  1. It's amazIng that when people actually start to read rather than follow like sheep, they realise what mahraaj is saying for themselves instead of following jathebandia rules and regulations. Well done sunny I dont expect much debate now that people have read what mahraaj has said.
  2. Don't know if you missed my post but as I said previously if listen to the katha of jap Ji sahib by Giani thakur you will have alot of insight into this and many other question I'm sure you have. You will understand the deep hatred why fanatical Hindus don't like Sikhs, the sikh dharam basically makes Hinduism extinct, but you will learn why and how also other religions are here, there was a quote by the Giani Ji that just because god sent one prophet with his message doesn't mean he message was complete, he had more to add thus sent further avatars with more knowledge. Obviously with some a
  3. For your inf Gur Fateh Kuldip Singh ----- Original Message ----- From: UNITED SIKHS To: kgujral@sky.com Sent: Friday, December 09, 2011 9:26 PM Subject: Sikh Man Stabbed at Fresno airport. Sikh Community in deep Shock Winner of the Sikhs and Charities Award December 09, 2011 25th Maghar (Samvat 543 Nanakshahi) Community UpdateHaving trouble viewing this email? View it on our website. Sikh Man Stabbed at Fresno airport. Sikh Community in deep Shock Anup Singh, ex-SGPC(Sikh Parliament) prachark (preacher) stabbed at Fresno airport. His appearance as a Sikh was a key factor in makin
  4. Jsingz, it was told we should learn all other religions first then come to our own to finally understand. You can be a Muslim and still follow Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji The answer to all your questions gurdsingh are in jap Ji sahib. If you go to gurbaniupdesh.org you can listen to Giani Thakur singhs katha on jap Ji an I guarantee you will find your answers, the question you asked here is exactly what the sidhs of india asked Guru Nanak Ji mahraaj and jap Ji sahib was the answer.
  5. Strong action was taken with dastaar day, but then nobody was really interested because we dont need it,this sort of stuff never really happens until.....
  6. Ye Kachera do but I'm pretty sure that you measur the area you want to cover and make like a box/rectangle shape put a nice fancy border on there with loops in each corner so you can tie it. If in doubt check your sachkand at your gurughar.
  7. Get your mom to make it, nothing better than homemade ramala or chanduaa fir mahraaj, were sucham and pyaar will be observed, dint bother with that ready made shizzle that's for the pakhandi gurus
  8. I'm on here pretty regular and I haven't seen a topic about girls etc RECENTLY. So maybe you have just started a gender war lol
  9. The topic started off with the bibi saying that more bibian should were dastaars to boost confidence etc, by giving a dirty body clean and fancy clothing doesn't make it clean, if you have a soul who is still working on his sikhi and is still prone to mistakes then he or she should refrain from wearing the dastaar to protects it izzat. Coming to my point, singnia that wear dastaara are pride of our panth but when someone who isn't ready for the dastaar and still wears it the negative effect is as high. For women who feel discriminated, should think that they are responsible for the soorme of
  10. Its a hard choice where to put your dasvand but it's even harder to take dasvand out, main thing your taking the right step, do bent ardas to mahraaj and tell him to decide for you where best to put it, afterall his the one taking it out for you and giving in the first place. whatever you do dont put it in a golak you know that's just gonna get put into a saving account, put use to your money make it work
  11. Boys wearing a dastaar isn't optional it's mandatory, whereas girls have a choice, they might decide a turban dont suit me so a patka is fine, not all girls obviously but some. But this topic is going somewhere I'm just replying to your dastaar pat of it, yea it might be the case where you think twicebefore you doing any wrong but it doesn't mean they're singnia out there who think the same as you. I personally had to go to a singnia house to complain that our sehajdhari brothers are moaning of a singni chilling with the wrong kind getting in cars etc etc so I know why girls will get mist of t
  12. Yeh I too agree with idea of helping youth from your pend, get them into sikhi. Build a library or help the local school in buying books or computers with Internet connection to better there education, but with strings attached, ie there has to be a gurmat lesson a day etc. Or what we done was to upgrade our local granthi so he can teach kirtan santhia etc and just pay his monthly wage. Better still support Khalsa aid who support a variety of much needed seva
  13. Wearing or not wearing dastaar does not solve the problems of today. Not wanting to wear a dastaar is a problem in itself but not panth destroying. I don't think is fair to pressure girls into wearing dastaara as they have a whole load to deal with facial hair issues etc. And the idea you have that sikh girls with dastaar are good girls is laughable. Some wear a dastaar to be noticed, or it makes them look better not because of Maryada. The issues between girls and boys I do not know about, maybe because I don't interact with singnia at all, don't need to, therefore no problems arise. M
  14. Gurfateh Ji The Nanakshahi calendar is the one we go by right?? Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can dates for 2012 as I have googled it and ive had varied results confusing me even more. Or better still just give me the dates for holla mohalla and Guru Nanaks Avtar please.
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