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  1. doctor_mani

    Sangat Matrimonial

    Sangat TV have made it clear they are for 'Punjabi' Sangat not 'Sikh' Sangat.
  2. doctor_mani

    Sangat Matrimonial

    The level of hypocrisy from a pro-'Sikh' channels is absurd. They have an opportunity to tackle this matter constructively yet they endorse it.
  3. David Cameron never misses any opportunity to win votes. I'm sure the conservatives knew all along about Britsins stance in 1984 hence their silence about this matter. He''s the one who refused to apologise about jalia Walachia bhag. Pit would be foolish to think we're going to get justice from this government 30 years on
  4. doctor_mani

    For Once Someone Uses His Kirpan

    Appropriate use of the Kirpan. This should be the consequence of anyone daring to mock a Singh's dastar. We should all stand by this Singh
  5. I don't understand how publishing this video on youtube is 'putting our name up'?
  6. I have become the 280th mayor, a privilege for a local Warwick boy and first Sikh since that time," It's pathetic he calls himself a sikh when Guru Gobind Singh Ji has clearly stated 'rehat bin nai sikh kahave'. Without rehat one cannot call himself Sikh.
  7. doctor_mani

    Sikhs Condem Uaf

    There is no obligation to choose either. Nether groups uphold sikh values.
  8. doctor_mani

    Sikhs Condem Uaf

    Sikh's should remain tactful in this situation. I'm glad they acted in dignity and didn't take sides. Don't fall in to traps. Suddenly we are being targeted by various political and non-political groups who are trying to lure us into supporting them. It's dirty politics. Sikh only support GGSJ and fight oppression.
  9. Hanji Veer Ji. You got to speak a language they understand.
  10. doctor_mani

    The Way Our Earth Orbits Around The Sun

    what's the significance of this?
  11. Suffering and zulum is the only way you know. I don't blame you.
  12. With the likes of you around, the kaum will only ever watch and suffer the atrocities against it. You have become accustomed to being mistreated. In fact you like it. I feel sorry for you.
  13. Novtej, you may as well put chooriya, sindoor and lipstick on and sit at home. You'd make a good traditional house wife brother. x
  14. The soft, tolerant approach of the new generation is responsible for people like Hard Kaur walking all over the sentiments of the kaum without having to face any consequence. Quite literally, Sikh's have been turned into the laughing-stock of almost the entire world. Where are the old school saint soldiers?

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