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  1. For some reason, i posted dis yest an sum1 decided to remove it. looks like censorship is a live an well.
  2. for those o us not able 2 cum is there gonna be live stream? and how abt recordingz??
  3. personally i dont think it really matters which way its spelt in english be it Vahaguroo, Vahaygooroo, Vaheguroo, Waheguru or whatever the root point is that we Bhuj this name and meditate on it sorry if that comment lacks the wit of KKV's posts but i just dont see it as a huge issue hunna..in Gurmukhi - there is only one spelling,,,
  4. daas has a friend who has asked dass for this cd can anybody help daas find this? Apparently the cd has a track Sees Diyaa Purh See Na Oocheree... Link here -- http://www.sendspace.com/file/2lzk0b
  5. would there be an uproar if singhs arranged a " Singhs Only" program ? anybody see the word "equality" being used to bash the singhs if they did this...? Please dont get annoyed - just putting it out there - rather than get angry , put your points in a clear concise way :lol: (personally i support Kaurageous - but what if someone is a murakh like me and asks this?)
  6. Four killed as rival groups of Nihang Sikhs clash Patiala, Sept. 21 (PTI): Four persons were killed as rival groups of Nihangs, a Sikh sect, clashed trading gunfire and using swords at a religious place here this evening, official sources said. The clash broke at the Dera (religious place) out when supporters of Baba Santa Singh, who heads a Nihang faction and undertakes Kar Sewa (voluntary service) at various shrines, stopped the rival group led by his nephew from entering the complex belonging to Santa Singh. The Baba has named one Balbir Singh as his successor in place of his nephew U
  7. Do a true benti to Maharaj ie when u recite a shabad really mean it rather than going through it mechanically before i had to leave Boss Camp early this year we memorized this shabad Rakh Pitaa Prabh Mayray Mohay Nirgun Sabh Gun Tayray Learn the meanings so that you can really m,ake this benti and mean it This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 205 gauVI mhlw 5 ] gourree mehalaa 5 || Gauree, Fifth Mehla: rwKu ipqw pRB myry ] raakh pithaa prabh maerae || Save me, O My Father God. moih inrgunu sB gun qyry ]1] rhwau ] mohi niragun sabh gun thaerae ||1|| rehaao
  8. learn baani ]everytime i had a bad thought i recited this line Nimakh Kaam Suaadh Kaaran, Kot Dinas Dukh Paavay Ghuree Mohut Rung Manay Phir Bohur Bohur Puchutaavey heres the translations fromSTTM This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Aasaa on Pannaa 403 Awsw mhlw 5 ] aasaa mehalaa 5 || Aasaa, Fifth Mehla: inmK kwm suAwd kwrix koit idns duKu pwvih ] nimakh kaam suaadh kaaran kott dhinas dhukh paavehi || For a moment of sexual pleasure, you shall suffer in pain for millions of days. GrI muhq rMg mwxih iPir bhuir bhuir pCuqwvih ]1] gharee muhath ra(n)g maanehi fir bahur bahur
  9. PM me penji and we can discuss what to do - it has happened before...
  10. hey all im looking for this shabad JAgo Jago Sootayo Chulayaa Vanjaara its done AKJ style - but i dunno who did it or where :lol: if anyone could help id appreciate it alot!
  11. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/bantherss/?showall=1 this is an online petition to ban the RSS in uk as they have done with Babbar Khalsa and ISYF etc etc, if they are brranded terrorist organisations then the RSS ought to be as well Help take some proactive action instead of being one of the many like me who sits back and moans but takes no action ....nows your chance!!
  12. theres no rules or anything remotely absurd about this - if you had paused to read the top two lines of my post youd have seen it is simplyy an opinon! i feel that itt IS a disrespect to wear one of those tops as singhs dont wear them to "support" their sisters - they think they are cool. whilst on the subject of hoodies - ie dharam de rakhwalay and stuff - pehlaa ta dharam day bano - phir rakhwaalay bano!!! (first actualy follow the religion, then become the saviours of the religion!) Seen bare monay wearing these hoody (nothing against monay) As far as the bibiyan topic - again im giving
  13. I'M just writing my opinion here, and therefore dont want anyone getting mad - if you dont agree dont read hunna - why get yourself lost in krodh... I am disgusted by us youth today - we (singhs) go about wearing kaurageous hoodies, thinking its very funny to be wearing a princess hoody . It's not its actually really disturbing - if you want to have Kaur as a surname do ardas that you come back as a sister next time, or go get an operation, instead of dragging the once proud name of "SINGH" through the mud. Somebody really ought to slap you lot - you have the surname of my father Dhan Dhan
  14. can i just say i was in group 10 and throughout the week i was inspired by everysingle one of the people in that group i had the blessed darshan of - Amritdhari or not i learned from every single one of them - especially Manvir Singh Khalsa (Panthic Singh) nd the fabulous Sant Baba Paman Singh Ji - Scotland Wale - lightened up the whole week for me whenever i was down, he always managed to keep me and others in ChardiKalaa. does anybody have his and Bhaisahib Manvir Singh Ji's email addresses?
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