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  1. Does anyone know an app that allows you to switch between different shabads at once instead of having to search for the shabad again? Its for when people do kirtan and they can just slide to the next one without faffing thanks.
  2. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh. I have now been to two weddings where the Gursikh couple have stood throughout their lavaan (whilst the paat). Is there any reason why? On puratan wedding pictures and videos I have not seen this so why the sudden trend now? Does anyone know the "meaning" behind this? Thanks Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh.
  3. Shut up! People like you get on my nerves. Finally abit of ekta in the panth and you decide one jathabandi is more worthy of the status of jathedar.
  4. Heres another one! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sikh-Memes/185490361558765
  5. I was just using an example. I will use an example of every jatha to show I'm not biased.. pathetic. Please all report it
  6. Keertan: http://www.youtube.com/HarsimratKaur/videos - AMAZING CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/gurpalsingh6/videos http://www.youtube.com/luongorule/videos http://www.youtube.com/ikarandeep/videos http://www.youtube.com/user/lovelysister http://www.youtube.com/user/randeepvirdee http://www.youtube.com/user/SinghFrmBham All very good channels ^^
  7. Just thought I'd inform everyone that www.sikhsoul.com is back sevadaars are adding new media and restoring the old data back. Enjoy :D
  8. Spot on! ਮੇਰੇ ਮੋਹਨ ਸ੍ਰਵਨੀ ਇਹ ਨ ਸੁਨਾਏ || ਸਾਕਤ ਗੀਤ ਨਾਦੁ ਧੁਨਿ ਗਾਵਤ ਬੋਲਤ ਬੋਲ ਅਜਾਏ ||੧|| ਰਹਾਓੁ || maerae mohan sravanee eih n sunaaeae | saakath geeth naadh dhun gaavath bolath bol ajaaeae |1| rehaao | O my fascinating Lord, let me not listen to the faithless cynic, singing his songs and tunes, and chanting his useless words. ||1||Pause||
  9. If everyone could report it to Facebook, it will be removed alot quicker. Facebook doesn't seen to take reports seriously anymore
  10. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh. So I came across some facebook page called "Singh Memes" and was flicking through a few pictures, some we're funny and others this person has just taken it too far. For example one was "AKJ'S.. Y U NO WHERE PANTS TO MAKE DEGH". Someone commented saying "its not just AKJ's. Puratan Maryada is not to where a pajamee for sevas such as Degh Seva". This person clearly doesn'y care as he commented back "This isn't the place for that nonsense". I'm not sure if thats meant to be funny or if he just has no knowledge of the marayada so he decides
  11. forget all your opinions, lets see what Gurbani says maaeiaa mohu eis manehi nachaaeae anthar kapatt dhukh paavaniaa |4| The love of Maya makes this mind dance, and the deceit within makes people suffer in pain. ||4|| bhagath karehi moorakh aap janaavehi |The fools perform devotional worship by showing off; nach nach ttapehi bahuth dhukh paavehi | they dance and dance and jump all around, but they only suffer in terrible pain. nachiai ttapiai bhagath n hoe | By dancing and jumping, devotional worship is not performed. sabadh marai bhagath paaeae jan soe |3| But one who dies in the
  12. My hair started to thin out when I got put on medication so your wrong again. Please research more before making statements that are false.
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