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  1. Today Sangat TV have opened a new studio in Paris, they held an akhand path and showed the bhog live. Now in a different room what do they decide to show after? BHANGRA!! Loud Panjabi music with bhangra dancers live on a SIKH CHANNEL are they for real? I was going to print screen it, but it finished before i could. Did anybody else catch this stupid act??
  2. This may sound like a silly question, but I’m curious. I’ve heard Singhs say that the sarbloh in your kara gets rubbed off into your skin. So my question is can a sarbloh kara ever run out of sarbloh? Or its “power” If so how often should we change our kara? I don’t do science so forgive me if it’s a silly question
  3. . I Have an IPhone 4 and the App “Gurbani Anywhere” doesn’t work (because of a upgrade in software) but this software is not available for the 3G so it should still work for you. With gurbani anywhere you have the basic Nitnem Banis, you can also read any ang by typing the number and you can search any shabad. I use ISikhi, with this you can just search any shabad, its very simple and to the point. Other Gurbani Apps include: INitnem,( the banis include are: Nitnem, Aarti, Asa Di Vaar, Barah Maha, Bavan Akhri, Chandi Di Vaar, Dakhni Oankaar, Dukh Bhanjani Sahib, Laavan, Raagmaala, Rakhy
  4. Gurooo


    thoo cho sajan maiddiaa ddaeee sis outhaar || If You tell me to, O my Friend, I will cut off my head and give it to You nain mehi(n)jae tharasadhae kadh pasee dheedhaar ||1|| My eyes long for You; when will I see Your Vision? ||1||
  5. Gurooo


    kiaa maago kiaa kehi sunee mai dharasan bhookh piaas jeeo || What should I beg for? What should I say and hear? I am hungry and thirsty for the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan. gur sabadhee sahu paaeiaa sach naanak kee aradhaas jeeo ||2|| Through the Word of the Guru's Teachings, I have found my Husband Lord. This is Nanak's true prayer. ||2||
  6. http://www.mediafire.com/?ok0kkk5dyw40qs9 Enjoy :D
  7. Just want to get the sangats views here. Whenever daas sees a dumalla wale singh I get proud and happy. And the automatic reaction is he reads bani, he is a gursikh, follows rehat etc... But on Facebook i have seen some singhs wearing a dumalla and writing dirty comments on girl’s pictures and posting music videos. Now this is the last this i would imagine from somebody wearing a dumalla. So are we losing the value of the dumalla? Is it just becoming a fashion statement for everybody to tie one? Im not complaining that people should stop wearing a dumalla, it’s just the type of people we
  8. ^^ well said!! NO! Dont even get a Khanda Tatto
  9. ,isn’t this just illegal!?!?! Sangat Tv was also discussing the issue yesturday
  10. A ritual is doing something without meaning. I agree with “Kaljugi” that we should learn the aarth of gurbani. Because by us doing our path everyday and not knowing the meaning kind of makes it a ritual. For one person to call something a ritual may not be a ritual for somebody else. Such as matah taking. A person may just say I’m smacking my head on the floor, whilst to a Sikh it is bowing infront of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee Maharaj who is our living Guru. Just like with us, not knowing what Gurbani means may make it a ritual, but to a gursikh who understands Gurbani will know the power be
  11. It’s a genuine question! You cannot mock the Singh for asking. How do we know what level of Sikhi he is at! Even the most basic questions can be asked on this forum, so please benti don’t mock or put off the sangat from asking these sorts of questions! To Localsikh I hope you have found your answer
  12. In the past couple of years have our youth become lazy in organising sikhi events and camps for the sangat and the younger generation? Are we too busy with life and socialising these days? Are we doing enough in our local Gurdwaras to change people for good and influence others to take Amrit? What about the youngsters are we feeding them with enough knowledge about Sikhi? :umm:
  13. What sick disgusting person would want to imitate you? Is this were we stand now? Making false Facebook accounts, so we can spread even more hatred within each other? Is this how low we are getting, that we can't even respect each other's views? And have to mock them by making a fake account in the person's name? Dont worry Uttam Singh, you were blessed by Maharaj to attend Khalsa Camp,whilst this pappi was sitting at home making accounts in your name. Hope this account is closed. Im not familiar with the east london area, but i doubt there is more than one Uttam Singh there! Thanksf or letti
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