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  1. all the teachers and sixth formers jus watched on the sides even tho they knew wat was goin to hapen the students were eating n didnt hav a clu bout wat was goin to hapen it hurts ur heart wen u find out tht even a amritdhiaree SINGH with the biggest dumala in the whole of southall hu is in sixth form knew that it was goin to hapen n didnt avoid or stp it in any way but instead tld the bibia in the gurdwara to stp doin chaupai sahib jaap no1 even thought tht it was right nxt to the gurdwara shows how love there is for mahraj this has to be stopd otherwise nxt minute the school proms r goi
  2. this dancing thing hapened right nxt to the gurdwara no1 was ashamed to even think like tht ppl jus thought bout how gd the dance was if they wanted to dance then they should've danced outside the school the school is a gurdwara first, mahraj is the most importnt but wenever som1 tries to explain to any1 or the teachers they think ur extreme im sure they wouldnt hav dne this dancing thing infront of the school founder sant amar singh ji so y do it behind his bak all the teachers even knew wa was goin on but none of them sed anything nearly all the teachers are sikhs anyway
  3. 'I am joined in true love with you, Lord. I am joined with you, and I have broken with all others.' - Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Ang 659 Guru Nanak Sikh School and Kaurageous Present... Monthly Kirtan Darbar On the 13th February 2009 Programme: Chaupai Sahib Jaap: 5.00pm Rehras Sahib: 6.00pm Followed by Kirtan by Students, Saadh Sangat and Staff There will also be a talk on 'Sikh Women' Guru Ka Langar will be provided DEDICATED TO THE MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS AND SISTERS OF THE SIKH NATION Location: Guru Nanak Sikh School Springfield Road Hayes, Middlesex UB4 0LT
  4. There will be no Sri Dasam Granth Sahib prakash Aarti Aartaa will be hapening We wil try to get a live audio connection but doing sangat is more important so please bless us with your darshan Recordings will be made Sangat will be informed about where to get it from after the programme
  5. 'I Have Abandoned All Doors(Shelters), And I Have Come To Your Door, My Lord' - Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fatehe Guru Nanak Sikh School Presents Monthly Keertan Darbar On the 16th January 2009 To celebrate Kalighidhar Paatshah Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharajs Gurpurab * PROGRAMME NOT TO BE MISSED * Rehras Sahib at 6.00pm Aartee Aartaa Sahib at 6.30pm Followed by: - Kirtan - Katha - Talks in English - Kavishree So event is not to be missed!!! Guru ka Langar will be served Venue: Guru Nanak Sikh S
  6. Guru Nanak Sikh School presents a monthly Kirtan Darbar. The first keertan darbar will be on Friday 5th December 2008. Rehras Sahib at 6.00pm Followed by kirtan by Saadh Sangat, students and staff of the school If you would like to do kirtan please feel welcome to come to the programme and do kirtan Guru Ka Langar will be served Address: Guru Nanak Sikh School Springfield road Hayes, UB4 0LT Telephone: 0208 573 6085 'Millions of sins are erased by serving the Humble Saints, and singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord with love' - SGGS Ang 610 Please attend and bring family/frien
  7. oi hu isi manvir, tarnvir, bikram huuuuuuuuuuuu???????

  8. is there any sikhi programes in the aftanoon
  9. wag1 wasteman! guess hu

  10. does anyone hav coontact with the singh sabha gurdwara in southall because they have a lot of money i think
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