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  1. i completely agree with the sentiments of most of the people in this thread. in a world where democracy is king the ones with the most people will prevail and prosper. it is true that quality is much better than quantity but for every group of sikhs a portion will be good amritdari some will be sahejdari, some will be bad and some will leave and some will return to the panth. the larger the population of sikhs the larger the population of good practicing ones will be. the more people we have that support sikhs whether they be practicing or not will allow the devout sikhs to focus in issue th
  2. wow whata horrible artical we should stone him because his views are slightly different! are you guys serious what was so bad about the article all it said is that we should question why we do some of the things we do, and not just do them because we were told to but because we want the benefits they bestow on us. the minute doing prekash of guru ji becomes retine it is pointless, the moment you now longer remember the name and you do not controll your actions your kara becomes useless, the moment you bow infront of guru ji with out full love for guru ji then the action of bowing is useles
  3. if sarbloh is a metiphore for the strength of god i think you would want a kirpan made out of the best material available to you, so that it would better represent and remind you of god, pure iron is not the best material for making weapons. even if you use so called pure iron it would become "contaminated" with carbon if you used fire to forge your weapon. carbon is essiential if you want a kirpan that is of any use. if you look at guru gobind singhs weapons they are made out of many different materials and definatly have carbon in them, if he were around to day i am sure he would aquiree the
  4. the best way to hurt a cause is by spreading false information about it. no matter how good or bad something sounds the truth should be told, if one piece of information is proven false then people tend to not believe the rest. sikhi doesnt need to be quoted or even recognised by so called intellectuals, it can stand on its own.
  5. i know you guys don't want to hear this but the simple truth is that the tibetians have more of a right to there own country then the sikhs have to any part of the indian subcontinent. tibet was a very isolated country consisting of an overwhelming majority of ethinic tibetians. it remained that way for hundreds of years until the chinese only recently invaded. although others did conquar tibet before the demographics remained the same until the chinese took over and started encouraging people of chinese ethinicity to move there. in contrast punjab is home to many different religious groups
  6. Its interesting that you felt the need to differentiate between African Americans and Americans, as if they are 2 seperate things. Is an African American, not an American? i think he was simply pointing out that people of all races can be equally as ignorant. it seems that people usually think that it is just white people who are ignorant and racist and that people who arnt white are exempt from being considered racists or biggoted, when in fact people of all races have the same tendency to be racists and biggots its not just people of european decent who are. but in america it is consi
  7. correct me if im wrong but arnt we supposed to worship the one and only god, whos name is truth, who is with out death and who was never born, arnt we supposed to worship the same god that are gurus worshipped, as opposed to worshipping our guru's.
  8. that is retarded advice plane and simple anti gurmat and if you trim then it will be stubly if you let it grow out then it will be soft
  9. GRU NANAK DEV JI, RAM JI, JESUS CHRIST, KRISHNA non of these are god, or are even comparable to god! god is ik ong kar
  10. i dont believe it and the handgun part is definatly made up
  11. everyone seems to be upset that he turned his back on the guru by cutting his hair. well apparently he wasnt living as a sikh so id rather have him cut his hair then misrepresent sikhi by keeping it. it was painful to watch. and he looked pretty bad with cut hair. his loss. hopefully the experience will cause him to look into him self and return to sikhi ps there is a difference between people who are in 3ho for yoga etc and people whohave been inspired to become sikhs from sikhs involved in 3ho. 3ho oh is not a sikh organization how ever there are alot of white sikhs who are involved in it
  12. wasnt armour on the way out by the time the sikhs came around? and werent most of their battles fought with fire arms btw great pics. thanks for posting them
  13. mccain is deffinatly not a red neck. he is highly educated and was the son of a navy admiral so he is very elite deffianatly not a red neck. as far as race it really doesnt matter what color a person is because the only way any one gets electwed is by getting support from the ones with money. if a black man in the office is really going to make a difference why then did condi and colin not make a difference? in response to proactive im sure the congress party supporters said similer things about bhindranwale in the 80s as the right wingers say about obamas preacher. blacks in america do fe
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