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  1. WJKK WJKF just wandering if anyone here knows anything about making apps for iphones, ive looked through the net, found some very complicated stuff, just wandering if anyone knows how to make an app. if anyone knows, please reply to this thread, i would very much appreciate the help. thanks
  2. Ok now that i have your attention :-p Dhadi Jatha Dhadi Gurdeep Singh Urrapur Wale have now uploaded videos onto youtube. Please can sangat check them out, and give coimments if possible. Thanks
  3. ive been told the sarangiwala is on tour with dhadi paviter singh, they are doing USA canada right now, just wandering if any of the sangat know whereabouts in canada/usa and if possible, if they can get hold of their contact details? thanks
  4. found an old school tape at home, of some wicked dhadis...thought sangat would enjoy...just wondering if anyone knows who they are? if they still do touring? where abouts are they right now? im told the sarangiala is touring USA?Canada right now with another jatha? just wandering if singhs could be on the lookout?
  5. came across 2 videos of a jatha from india. enjoy
  6. admin why cant i upload the pics? ok found out who they are, does anyone have recordings of Sarangi Master Ranjit Singh from Pind Benapur wale and any recordings by Dhadi Paviter Singh Sandhu, pindh Rurke wale?
  7. these are pics of the jatha, in particular, id like to know if anyone can recognise the Sarangiwala, his name etc.
  8. WJKK WJKF does anyone have audio/video recordings of a dhadi jatha from (i think) nurmahal ends, lecturer was known as "lehriye" and if anyone could tell me more about him and his jatha. the lecturer died a few years ago in a motorcycle accident Will try and upload some pics of them, i have one recording, but wanted to know if anyone had any more.
  9. Does anyone know of any people who repair vajai in leicester (other than babra musicals). Urgently need contact details, my vaja is out of tune please get back to me ASAP
  10. Gurfateh All I am trying to get hold of Bhai Mahinder Singh GNNSJ, does anyone know how i can contact him? please pm me, I would like to get in contact with him...very urgent! WJKK WJKF
  11. ok admin im not sure where to put this, just wanted to ask sangat if they knew of any sites where i could find lyrics to amar singh shonkis (and other peoples) vaars (dharmik and non dharmik) thank you
  12. ok 2 more shabads i need help looking for i think both by guru arjun dev ji "kar kirpa prabh deen dayal teri ot pooran gopala" and "jo mangeh thakur apne te, soi soi deveh"
  13. looking for a shabd that starts with "har kai naam bina sukh pavai" (i think it starts like that?) if someone could help me find it, i have no idea how to use STTM cheers
  14. can someone please help me find shabad "tu punn re mai ji nama" and can someone also post how its played in keertan, preferably Bhai Balbir Singh doing it. thanks
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