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  1. i was sent an email of this article, thaught id share it. dont know where the oringnal is although thiis does seem like its been published in a news paper
  2. i also belive, when world war 3 erupts sikhs will do the faisla. dhan guru dhan guru, waheguru waheguru
  3. sounds like hindi, when i read it
  4. Atheists on sikhism. For those who aint registered!!!!
  5. soo after Suchi Pita Waheguu Aap Di Hazoor*……………, i can say anythink, because in my gutka it says name the prayer you have just done?
  6. guys i need help doing ardas, i dont know when to make my speach. is it after u read Nanak naam chardi kala, Tere bhaanay sarbatt ka bhalaa. which is the last verse in ardas? and i also got a gutka which indicates a star, the star meaning add a speacial prayer, is that optional or is that where u add yor speach? Hei Nimani De Maan Niotia Di Ot Niasriya Da Asra Suchi Pita Waheguu Aap Di Hazoor*……………
  7. middle left, nahhhh that cant be him. the guys to fat to be hm
  8. Why did Guru ji said that...that seems like a "shraap". I have heard "shraap" only in devi devtas stories, why would guru ji give "shraap"...or say something like that. Guru ji very well know everything here is temporary and doesn't count at all......why would he care if something is built after him or not. Also, Maharaja Ranjit singh tried to handover his kingdom to his son.....he was not under the impression that his family will not survive. And what is the source of the above quote......do you have any reference from guru ji times or it is just that u have heard it somewhere? reference: go to sri hazoor sahib sachkhand ! and also ever time they take out a weapon of sri guru gobind singh ji, the thank maharaja ranjit singh.
  9. i dont think its ever delayed, but it a 6 o'clock on the dot in harmandir sahib i think, not to sure. but ive heard it is suppose to be done at 6.
  10. G.I JATT


    Paji what is this shabad called, maybe itll help me???? im starting uni without any friends
  11. They bring GURU DHA ROOP into a club. U think to yourself is that right or wrong. Why make such things so difficult!!!! If u want to go to a club go, but if u a true soldier of guru shaib u would never! Go go go go go go Singh its ur birthday, were gunna party like its ur akandh paath, were gunna sit redbull like its ur akandd paath, but u know we dont give a buck its ur akandh paath. Basically thats wat happens in clubs if ur amrtidhari.
  12. yh he might of been a bad sikh, but he was more of a sikh then nearly all of us today. why is it when a religious sikh does things, all his bad actions are looked at first. if a mona does seva but does some bad things too, them bad action will neverbe brought up. look at ranjit singh dhadrianwale, yh he commited a mistake, wearing a kalgi. he was at a young age, today he still says sorry in every programe he does. but do we go to look at the person or to listen to bani. When maharaja ranjit singh did commit sins, he went for pesh, how many of us can stand up with a rope tied around us facing the harmandir sahib with our hands joint for the whole day, after weve been beaten. how many of us can even admit that they need to go for pesh? u guys who do hold somthing against him there wouldent be hazoor sahib if it wasent for him, guru gobind singh said any one who builds somthing here after he goes will have nothing left at all. maharaja ranjit said if guru ji can give up hes four sons for us, he surely can give up everthing of hes. And that gold on harmandir sahib was placed by him, if he wanted to he could of built a gold house for himself, but have u seen his house it aint no palace, its a standard house. Who are we to judge people. And what sins did he commit that we dont commit today.
  13. I felt sooooo sorry for that singh, what hurts me more is that today we cant do nothing about it, we lost are land, women and guru nanaks homee village. the old singh is a gangsta still, lost count how many heads he chopped of.
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