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  1. lol peacemaker you defiantely do tlk alot not in a bad way i mean in a good way lol

  2. kya hal hai? Mai bhoot khush ho - I am back!

  3. If I pass its 2 weeks. If not then its AUG. Everyone pray I pass first time cos I don't want to tell ppl I failed cos I was addicted to sikhsangat!
  4. aww k. I shud work. I got up at 6am today to start revision. I sat down for 10 mins and then thought lets eat food. I ate breakfast slowly singing to myself....and washed my clothes too....then I thought its hot lets shower. So I spent about 1 hour messing in the bath. Now its 11am. So I start looking at heart murmurs. I write heart murmurs on my sheet and thats as far as it got. It becomes 12 so I go and have lunch. During lunch I tell myself heart stuff is making me feel ill and so I will do all the lung things and do heart later. I come back and make my bed all compfy and sit with the l
  5. Last bit did not show - thanks for sending to me!

  6. SUNNNNNNNNY!! So glad this is you....hope u not too stressed cos u not reply to my texty. I watched this funny video on youtube. I will send it to u once exams are over. It made me laugh so much and I like the teri bhagati shabad so much. I keep listening to it :D

  7. aww shame on revolutionary. He doesn't reply to me either. Its cos he is gonna be a big dr....thats why he does not care about little ppl like u and me!!!! But I'll be there for u peacemaker :D

  8. thts a gd idea......I never knew they do they do plastic in America. In England they do those metal taals and metal cups.
  9. Yeah. I need to get back to work. Its really hot!! But deffo try it out. I'll try to give you a more detailed of how I do it. 1. Take clothes off, shake them for hair and then look at all the dirty/smelly marks. 2. Put Daz powder into my bucket and add warm water to allow Daz to dissolve. 3. Add clothes to Daz and scrub dirty marks using Daz and leave it soaking for 30-45 mins (If your clothes are dirty you will need to leave for longer). In this time I shower, pray etc! 4. Come back after 30-45mins and use the green soap to scrub like proper Indian style! (dunno what green soap is calle
  10. I liked your list. To be honest, that would probably be the hardest for me to follow. How long does it take you to do all that, if I may ask? Thanks! Not that long cos I wash my clothes everyday. So none of this 'store' them for the weekend. Basically I normally only have a kachera which I change everyday and sometimes my top or trousers. So what I do is soak my clothes every day in the morning when I change them. I then go for a shower, do prayers etc which takes about 30mins. After I am done I go to the soaked clothes and scrub them for 5 mins and then I take another 5 mins making the w
  11. 1. Eat fresh food so less is wasted on costs for packaging ready made meals. 2. Try not to use a washing machine (it consumes alot of water) Hand wash ure clothes instead! Its not that hard, I handwash all my clothes! 3. Try to wash with water at normal room temperature - its healthier 4. Put on your plate only as much as you can eat. This way you have no left overs! 5. If your cold wrap another layer or use a hot water bottle. Don't walk around in a T shirt with the heating on full blast 6. Re-use tubs/cardboard boxes or bags etc 7. Throw all waste in recycable places, your aim is for
  12. I don't want to explain it. Ask Jangal Da to explain - he probably knows more. I really need to go....don't write anymore comments on my profile cos u make me come back and check the forum!! I then waste a good 2 hours writing pointless shitty stuff. After 2 weeks I will be okay but not at the moment. I feel very stressed. If you gave me the chance I could murder someone at this moment in time. Don't reply to this post.....BYE.
  13. Peacemaker ure gonna give the game away!! I like playing with sher-e-moreau!!!!! He's already onto me. He has checked my profile(s) numerous times. I'm just waiting for the penny to drop. Anyways sher-e-moreau....puhlease. Let's be honest you didn't know what hit you when I started - you had to get your mate singhstah involved! I didn't mind. However suddenly you stopped replying. You actually went offline and I got bored waiting. I then edited my post and told you I was leaving cos my sister was okay. I know you tried to commence again but it was too late, my decision was made. Anyways no
  14. Ok since u suggested it I think u shud put up ure recording up first!! Then we can a public sikhsangat voting system.... PS - I bet Jangal Da, Peacemaker and Sher-e-moreau are gonna not post a recording. I already knew you were 'All talk, no action' people. So I win!
  15. Considering his father-in-law sits on a gurdwara commitee I am pretty sure he already knows what information should and should not be shared.... Anyways what kind of pathetic Bruah's do u ppl have! seriously wat is bruahhaaaaaaaa - it sounds like someone laughing and brbrbrbrahhhhh sounds like an engine stalling! Its supposed to be like dis BRUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH..... chak that!
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