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  1. Although singing loud is good however there comes a point where some sing too loud. this strains the voice which i have seen does cause damage in the long run, however this is more like shouting / singing. in terms of voice quality i think its what youre given, cant really change a husky voice to a sweet smooth one. concentrate on your singing skills. sargam practice is one which can be developed in multiples. learn how to bend the notes ghamak. e.g goign from sa to dha, depending on the raag.
  2. It's a cultural difference. Being bought up in a western culture the mind will accept certain things which Punjabis would not do or find odd. However nevertheless does traditional punjabi culture exist anymore ? Or is the new evolution of punjabi culture a form of men and women dancing bhangra erotically and drinking at weddings ? This seems to be the norm now which is worse than the lateral. It could be understandable for them coming from that background however it is shameful when our own have made a complete mocarry of the anad karj. As for the bhangra/kirtan video many 3h0 seem to be
  3. There's a difference between Avtar of Akaal purakh and shakti given by akaal purakh (bhagoti) etc... Guru Nanak dev ji was Avtar of Akaalpurakh itself. Some say that all the devteh and devis are avtars of akaalpurakh as they uplifted dharam however thinking about it lets say Bhrama. If he was the avtar of akaalpurakh he wouldn't have been overcome by hankar and said hes rab himself, and later on he realized what he was doing was wrong and then wrote the Vedas in ustat of Akaalpurakh.
  4. Ok here goes. In a sense you a right however what guru sahib is speaking of is deeper than what it seems. Guru sahib is speaking of the dimensions of what akaal purakh manifests in and its shakti. Same way how guru sahib has done ustat of devi chandi mata and has used references of this shakti being displayed in many forms. nirgun and satgun being two forms the physical manifestation of akaal purakh has always been coming on earth space universe... from the starting and even before guru nanak dev ji. "jab jab hoth aristh apara tabh tabh deh dharat avtara." so taking this tuk in context akaal
  5. hemkunt sahib is really meant to be really good especially the whole experience of walking / climbing there . fateh
  6. committing suicide in any way or form is against sikhi. i think its written in dasam granth or one of the sakhis not sure thou that one who summits suicide is considered a a great sin and will be reborn as a ghost. e.g not attain mukti or reborn in life sycle to atain it. fateh
  7. "khar da je makhan khaiye cheare teh noor rehve "
  8. fair enough everyone has their own interptation of gurbani these days. think about it. the physical khalsa raj was given to mahraja ranjeet singh ji which only lasted for a littlrwhile. the true khalsa raj is not physical form. japji sahib man jeete jag jeet. fateh
  9. "Fair enough. But what about tomorrow? Just because someone doesn't believe in keeping kesh doesn't mean he/she is not Sikh Just because someone thinks its ok to drink alcohol doesn't mean he/she is not Sikh Just because someone thinks its ok to worship Hindu deities doesn't mean he/she is not Sikh Just because someone thinks its no big deal going to fake saints and wearing their threads doesn't mean he/she is not Sikh" i find this answer quite stupid indeed. the list you mentioned can be backed up by gurbani and other granths and sakhis that they are not allowed in sikhism. however in gu
  10. just because this person does not believe in the khalistani movement does not mean hes "anti gurmat" "nang" "rss funded" "goi" and what not. people need to accept that people have a freedom of speech and many people out there hate this klhalistani movement. fateh
  11. start by doing naamsimran. clean yourself from the inside first ( not saying that your not but we need to put our naamsimran level up so that itl get rid of past karams as well.) fateh
  12. lol so many hinduphobics here. i wonder what their thoughts are on about puratan sakhis ( marvel comic stories)about hindu devte in ad granth and dasam granth sahib ji.
  13. he was acting as the "usal" sikh so i guess it isent offensive. he wasent platying a role of a religious guy or a gursikhs so he obiously dident need to keep a full dara . when i say usal sikh its the trim beards one which youl see everywhere and more than the full dhara ones. even in punjab they trim their dara. as long as he wasent playing a role of a gursikh or some gyani then i dont see a big problem in it.
  14. i agree. i find it quite stupid when singhs start saying and protesting about how longer the actors beard should be and "do not cut it " as it is against sikhism. they are actors and not practising sikhi or gurmat and generally they will be displaying the "usal" sikhs in india which do have short stuble dhari. ps i am against cutting dari kes n all that just for a note. fateh
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