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Found 59 results

  1. Part II of Tisarpanth's Misconceptions Series. Here two main misconceptions are answered: 1.) Sikhi survived due to the sole efforts of the Jats and, 2.) Sikhi was a reaction against contemporary economics. To quote a few portions: 'Sikh history, and tradition, substantiates that no lapse was ever tolerated from the faith’s ideology. The names of Baba Atal Rai and Baba Ram Rai are only some of the many examples which depict the penalties imposed upon those who, for one reason or another, deviated from established norms. The former resurrected a victim of snakebite and was so sternly reprimanded by his father, the sixth Guru, that he discarded his mortal frame whilst the latter intentionally changed a line of Gurbani and was excommunicated by his own father, the seventh Guru. Summarily we can easily conclude then that it is impossible to assert that the sixth Guru who was more than satisfied to witness his own son’s demise, but could not tolerate any deviation from the faith’s ideology would concede to any demands made by the Jats.' 'Non-Sikh records mention the respect with which the Sikhs treated women, even extending courtesy and safety to those who were of their sworn foes. (19) If compared with Jat practices, historic and present, than these contrast starkly as the Jat objectification of women is a well known fact. Secondly, the Sikh ability to unite in face of a common threat historically is a well-established fact. This principle emerged out of two factors namely a channeling of all energies towards achieving a singular goal, and a singular interpretation of the faith. The Jats were and still are avid worshipers of Jatheras or shrines dedicated to some Sisyphean ancestor(s). (20) With each locality, tribe, clan, village espousing a different ancestor any ideological unity and singular channeling of energy is impossible. The establishment of Bharatpur can only be called a miracle as the Jat unity forged for it’s establishment soon disintegrated afterwards.' https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/04/24/misconceptions-ii/
  2. Guest

    Budha Dal

    It seems like baba joginder Singh has joined with balbir Singh. What are your thoughts on this? There is a video on Facebook if somebody can find it.
  3. Waheguru This is a great documentary on nihang singh, it seems to be a old one because all the jathedars look younger.
  4. Its a pretty old video but I thought I'd share it What do you guys think? Its pretty funny and true and I guess Niddar had it coming too.
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh The third annual AKAALI KIRTAN DARBAR, dedicated to the Singhs who gave their lives fighting for the Khalsa Panth. Our benti to the sangat, please attend and honour the Shaheed Singhs who gave up their lives and families, went through torture and hardship for our Dharam, for our Guru and for each and everyone of us. The Darbar will be held on the 13th of December at Peterborough Singh Sabha Gurdwara. Dasem bani ucharan, Katha and Kirtan divans will be 6pm till 10pm. All money made on the day will be donated to Mata Sahib Deva Gurdwara, Hazoor Sahib, for making new baneh and kashereh for the Singh who need them. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
  6. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! With the Kirpa of Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, TarnaDal.com in association with Shiromani Panth Akali Budha Dal and Nanaksar Thath will be, for the first time in UK Sikh history, a Sarbloh Darbar on 11th January 2014 at Nanaksar Thath Wolverhampton, Mander St, WV3 0JZ. The Darbar will include readings from all 3 Granths and workshops will also take place. Workshops will start at 12pm and end at 4pm. The Sarbloh Darbar will start at 4pm. Rehiraas Sahib and Aarti Aarta will take place, along with a unique Raag Kirtan experience of Dasam and Sarbloh Bani. The Shaheed Singhs request the presence of the Guru Khalsa Panth on this day, take Laha and listen to the Pavitar Bani of the Tenth Master. Gurbar Akaal! For more information co tact 07453270778 or 07970770782. Poster attached
  7. 1.) What is the symbolic significance behind the Ashtbhuj/Astbhuj Duja? 2.) What is the history behind it? Do others exist? 3.) Any pre-Sikh era history behind it?
  8. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! A daily hukamnama from Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji will now be uploaded to BudhaDal.org daily! (Website is still being worked on) but here is the link! www.BudhaDal.org/site/hukamnama
  9. I recently saw the trailer for this film and was saddened, especially seeing that Sikhs possess no viable film industry. http://www.flicks.co.nz/movie/the-dead-lands/ Ironically if we do ever have a historic Sikh film will it have exacerbated stunts like this:? I am sure that somewhere along the line the Punjab film industry grew confused between culture (Punjabi) and history (not balle balle).
  10. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Guroo Roop Saadh Sangat Jee, a 125k Brahm Kavach Jaap program will take place on 9/8/14 (REFER TO POSTER BELOW), with Giani Thakur Singh Ji (Damdami Taksaal) performing Katha. Date and Time Saturday 9th August 2014 5:30PM-LATE Location Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar Mander Street (off Penn Rd) WV3 0JZ Wolverhampton PROMO VID
  11. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Guroo Roop Saadh Sangat Jee, a 125k Brahm Kavach Jaap program will take place on 9/8/14 (REFER TO POSTER BELOW), with Giani Thakur Singh Ji (Damdami Taksaal) performing Katha. Date and Time Saturday 9th August 2014 5:30PM-LATE Location Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar Mander Street (off Penn Rd) WV3 0JZ Wolverhampton PROMO VID
  12. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh Hai! Kirtan from Sri Sarabloh Granth Sahib Ji and Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji from the Sri Sarbloh Darbar UK organised by Misl Nehkalank is now available on youtube at the link below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VS5jhNt9IGw&feature=youtu.be
  13. VJKK VJKF Could someone please translate the following jakara, Singh's use it a lot but my punjabi is a bit weak so I need a bit of help. Khushiyaan Da Jaikaara Gajaave Phatehi Paave Nanak Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji de man nu pave Nadaro Nadar Nihaal Ho Jave Sat Sri Akaaaaaaaaaaaluh! If you have any others, please translate those too. Thank You VJKK VJKF
  14. VJKK VJKF Sat Sangat Ji, I have a question I would like to ask about shaster in a dumalla. It is a quick question and I hope some singhs or kaurs out their can shed shed some light on it. I have heard old stories about nihangs in battle where they would take the weapons out of their dumalle and use them in battle. I can see how one would take off a chakram but how about a kirpaan. Is their a certain way you must tie the kirpaan into the dastaar? I have this question because I have tried experimenting tieng a kirpaan into my dumalla but whenever I try and take it out it always messes up the lar or it takes too long to get out. Now, in the battlefield, say you dropped your sword and you couldnt reach it for whatever reason, you would have to take that weapon out of your dastaar fast or your dead. So i was wondering if anyone can post an explanation, video, etc. that explains how Nihangs did this. Thank you, VJKK VJKF
  15. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh. It is an increasing problem that members of certain faiths are questioning Sikhs and leaving them unstable in their own faith, therefore Misl Nehkalank has responded to these comments with quotes from not only Sikh Ithihasic Granths, but scriptures from other religions. Please view the link and spread it on. Knowledge is key, if you know your faith, no one can question you. Questions such as "Was Guru Nanak Dev Ji a Muslim?" are answered within the article! www.BudhaDal.org/site/responses
  16. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh People may ask why we Sikhs are forbidden from performing the 4 Bajjar Kurehits, and why we must not associate with the 5 Mel. An article has now been uploaded at the following link explaining why we are not allowed to partake in such activities, with quotes from Sri Sarbloh Granth Sahib Ji and Sri Gurpartap Suraj Parkash Granth: http://budhadal.org/site/faq/ Below is an article for newcomers to Sikhi to read, where they can know the difference between a "Sikh" and a "Khalsa", and why Sikhs wear a turban, with significance from other world religions: http://budhadal.org/site/sikh/ Saad Sangat Ji, still more to come yet! Check out a daily Hukamnama from all 3 Granths here: http://budhadal.org/site/hukamnama/ More articles will be uploaded for the Basics of our Dharam. Watch this space! Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  17. Guest

    Books On Mahapurshs

    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh I am looking to read books about the life of mahapurshs across all jathabandis. Can you please recommended books, sites and links. Thank You.
  18. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, As I have been getting older and hopefully with the blessings of Maharaj, a little more able to understand baani, i have been reading a lot of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji, cross referencing with many different great scholars interpretations and wanted to raise the topic of Durga/Bhagauti ji? I dont mean to offend anyone or their beliefs by raising this topic, i would just like a deeper understanding of this matter. I am aware of the interpretation of Adi Shakti and the interpretations of Bhagauti being a sword, however this begs the question to what Bhagauti stands for then when at the start of Chandi Di Vaar, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj writes: ਸ੍ਰੀ ਭਗਉਤੀ ਜੀ ਸਹਾਇ ॥ ਵਾਰ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਭਗਉਤੀ ਜੀ ਕੀ ॥ ਪਾਤਸਾਹੀ ੧੦ ॥ Now im humbly an okay reader of Gurmukhi but everywhere you look into the translations, the first interprets ਭਗਉਤੀ as a sword, then when speaking of the poem of Bhagauti in the sentence directly after, everyone interprets ਭਗਉਤੀ as Durga Maa in every translation. Why and how is this the case? If ਭਗਉਤੀ means the sword then would the tale of Chandi Di Vaar not make sense and why does it mean different in the next sentence? and if it is Durga Maa then whats the big deal and why do people get really offended when this is raised because isn't she just the sargun personification of the Adi Shakti of Akaal Purakh ji? And by interpreting it in this way its not in any way forgetting Akaal Purakh or worshiping another its just a way of understanding an aspect right? In addition to this, wouldnt all the beautiful puratan swaroops of Dasam Granth Sahib Ji make more sense this way as they have pictures of Durga? I am very sorry if this offends anyone or i have made grave mistakes or been misled, im just humbly trying to expand my knowledge and understanding and would greatly appreciate if anyone could help? thanks sangat ji.
  19. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ, ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ With the Kirpa of Kalgidhar Patshah Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, Tarna Dal and Panjva Takhat Shiromani Panth Akali Buddha Dal Chalda Vahir Chakarvarti will be conducting a Sarbloh Raag Kirtan Darbar on Saturday 15th March 2014 commencing at 2:30pm. All 3 Granths will be Parkash and will also feature talks, workshops and authentic Ranjeet Akhara Shastar Vidiya, all in English. This will be followed by Paath recital from the 3 Granths, and concluded with Raag Kirtan consisting of Dasam & Sarbloh Bani. Location: Baba Sang Gurdwara, 7-9 St Paul's Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 1EE. For more information, contact 07453270778 or 07970770782. *WORKSHOPS AND RAAG KIRTAN DARBAR* 2:30PM ONWARDS *WHERE* Baba Sang Gurdwara, 7-9 St Paul's Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 1EE. POSTER BELOW Our humble benthi to all the sangat, please try to attend and share / forward this message. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ, ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ www.BudhaDal.org www.TarnaDal.com www.SriSarblohGranthJi.com www.Nanaksar.co.uk
  20. VAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA VAHEGURU JI KI FATEH! With Dhan Dhan Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's beant kirpa, Jathedar Akali Nihang Baba Gurdev Singh Ji of the Sahibzada Baba Fateh Singh Ji Dal will be performing Katha of the Prachin Panth Parkash from the 30th September to Friday 4th October 2013 from 8pm-9pm at Nanaksar Thath Isher Darbar, Wolverhampton, WV3 0JZ. Poster attached
  21. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Giani Sher Singh Ji Ambala will be performing Katha at Nanaksar Thath Wolverhampton. When? SUNDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER-WEDNESDAY 25TH SEPTEMBER 2013 Time? 8PM onwards Where? Nanaksar Thath Mander Street Wolverhampton WV3 0JZ Poster Attached
  22. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! It is with great pleasure with the blessings of Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji that Giani Sher Singh Ji Ambala, Akali Baba Nirmal Singh Ji Harianbelan and Giani Ran Singh Ji Tarna Dal will be conducting an Amrit Sanchar at 2PM on Sunday 8th September at Nanaksar Taath, Mander Street (off Penn Road), Wolverhampton, WV3 0JZ. Kakaars will be provided. If you wish to take amrit or know someone else who does, or for any further queries, please contact admin@tarnadal.com or 07453270778 Akaal Sahai! KAKAARS WILL BE PROVIDED POSTER BELOW Date: 8/9/2013 Where: Nanaksar Tath, WV3 0JZ, Wolverhampton email admin@tarnadal.com if you are interested.
  23. A brand new site www.TarnaDal.com has been brought to you. On this site, you will find the history of Baba Deep Singh Ji's Dal, whom he was the commander-in-chief of. Gain knowledge on misinterpreted and unknown subjects within Sikhi and learn more about your Sikh martial history. Also expect rare banis to be found online, including the Sri Bhagauti Astotar and the traditional Nihang Ardaas. Created under the supervision of Baba Makhan Singh and Baba Gajjan Singh and supported by all Nihang Jathebandis. Sat Sri Akaaal
  24. http://www.nihangsingh.org/website/mm-mehtabs.html Das Granthi Sri Jaap Sahib Akaal Ustat Bachittar Natak Chandi Charitar Chandi Di Vaar Shabad Hazare Patshahi Dasvi 33 Suvayie Kalaki Suvayie Baarahmaha Misar Parrat Karninaama Bhagauti Astother Barahm Kawach Khalsa Mool Mantar Khalsa Rehitnama Shastar Naam Mala Ugardanti Naseehat Nama
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