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  1. VJKK VJKF 5 Chor (Thieves): 1) Kaam - (sexual) desires 2) Krodh - anger 3) Lobh - greed 4) Moh - attachment 5) Ahankaar - ego 5 Gun (Virtues): 1) Santokh - contentment 2) Pyaare - love 3) Sat- truth 4) Nimrata - humility 5) Daya - compassion Just to note, these are not in any order or response to each other e.g Kaam and Santokh aren't opposites to each other etc. Hope this helps Ji. Bhul Chuk Muaaf Karna. Vaheguru Ji.
  2. VJKK VJKF That's amazing Ji! Chardikala - keep on going. When we get a vaccination for almost any illness, we fall ill soon after. The vaccination has dead or inactive strands of the illness that we are trying to keep protected from and so when these are injected into our system, the body produces antibodies and then makes a note of the illness that entered the body and what antibodies are needed to fight it. This is so that if/when a real/active swarm of that illness attack the body, you are able to fight it. Now Gurbani is the most powerful medicine. What you are going thro
  3. VJKK VKKF Personally, I've never seen any bani where Khalsa Raaj is being described as Satjug Ji but that is definitely not to say there isn't any. Khalsa can also do Raaj in Kaljug because Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji did/do Khalsa Raaj in Kaljug too. Maybe what was being said, which is what I believe so take it with a pinch of salt, is that during the time of Satjug there will only be a Khalsa Raaj or (another literal way to look at it is) that wherever there is a mass amount of Khalsa present (like a Nagar Kirtan or within the Gurudwara) for the ti
  4. VJKK VKKF As I have been taught I've learnt that Kaljug lasts for 428,000 years and that it has just begun as we are only in the 2,018th year of this Jug. After Kaljug, we go back to Satjug and this cycle starts again of the 4 jugs. In Chaubis Avtar within Sahib Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji, Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji explains what happens when Kaljug comes to an end. They go into much detail but in a nutshell, there is mass adharam and there is a huge battle that takes place in which the Nihkalanki Avtaar (the final avtar which is Vaheguru Ji themselves that take on a physical form) co
  5. VJKK VJKF Penji, I believe there maybe a slight confusion between jugs and khands here. As humans we cannot change what jug we are in because if we had that choice we would all be in Satjug. Additionally, this age we are stuck in of "Kal" is just like any other age... with time it will increase to the point where it hits its peak and then will die and go back into "Ik". And even as nice as Satjug sounds, it also will die and go back into "Ik", just like it did before and now we get to Kaljug. Therefore we cannot have a permanent state of Satjug, but instead a permanent state of Sac
  6. Singh2017

    Taking amrit

    VJKK VJKF Penji, it's beautiful that you are looking to be blessed with Amrit Ji. As far as your questions are concerned, Maharaj has blessed dass to do sangat of very learned Gursikhs and they have answered many of these questions themselves so Maharaj kirpa daas can help Ji. 1) Your first issue is concerned with a Singh that you have feelings for, if I'm correct in assuming so. You are concerned that even after Amrit you may still have these feelings. It is beautiful to note that this is something you're concerned about because it shows that you really do have love for Guru Ji and
  7. VJKK VJKF Saadhsangat Ji, Maharaj Di Beant Kirpa naal daas has been able to start to grow his hair. Of course, I am only in the primary stages of growing my hair and a dumalla, keski, jourda etc will not fit my head Ji. I was thinking to just wear a durag until my hair grows long enough so I can tie something a bit more formal, come the latter stages of my hair growth. What are the sangat's views Ji? Shall I wear something else instead? This question is not only for me but for those Singhs/Bibis (not so much the Bibis as they generally tend have longer hair anyway) who are starting
  8. VJKK VJKF You can still follow rehat word for word and if you do that then it's very close to living an Amritdhari life. If you follow/read rehat you'll see the first rehat stated under "The definition of a Sikh" says as the last point that you should be baptised by the tenth Guru. When you are baptised you are part of the Khalsa but the thing is the Khalsa is Sikhi. There is no difference between the Khalsa and Sikhi. Sikhi is the religion but Khalsa is the way of life that a Sikh leads and so you can't have one without the other. It doesn't really make any sense to have one without the
  9. VJKK VJKK Satbachan Ji. I'll be on the gajar juice from now Ji . Vaheguru Ji.
  10. VJKK VJKF You know Veer Ji, only today did I figure out who was in your display picture Ji . Vaheguru Ji.
  11. VJKK VJKF Gayatri Ji, you mentioned you are not Sikh. What brings such a heavy Sikh influence in your writing and how have you managed to seek help on a Sikh forum, if I may ask Ji? Not that there's anything wrong with that... I'm just interested to know Ji. You may you chose not to answer if you so wish. Maaf karna Ji. Vaheguru Ji.
  12. VJKK VJKF Khalsa Ji, as far as I am aware they were not against or for Khalistan. Unfortunately for you Ji, there is only one video and that says they are are neither for or against so that may confuse you more somewhat. They wanted equal rights for the Sikhs, oppression against the Sikhs to be stopped in India and for the Anandpur Resolution to be carried out whereby the Sikhs would be recognised as a different religion to the Hindus as per the Indian Constitution. I don't think Khalistan was their main aim as far as priorities lay with Sant Ji. I am not too clued up on 1984 however
  13. VJKK VJKF Sangat Ji, I've been reading some ithaas (modern) and you can't read about modern ithaas without coming across 1984. I started watching a few videos and one thing led to another and I came across this one video which I can say blew my mind, at the very least. A bit of backstory to this video before I add the part which I found the most staggering Ji. A swami/yogi meets Sant Ji and all the sangat with Sant Ji and they talk for a bit and then the swami/yogi decided to take his leave about 5 minutes later. Please bear in mind the video quality isn't great (audio) so not everyt
  14. VJKK VJKF VeerJi, where did you get these figures from Ji? Which gursikhs have said this? Not that they're wrong Ji, just asking. Vaheguru Ji.
  15. VJKK VJKF VeerJi, what is AP? Is it Akaal Purakh? I ask because, if so, then how can Akaal Purakh be Maya to some? Would you say that practicing astral projection has strengthened your Sikhi Ji? Vaheguru Ji.
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