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  1. Guru ji says they are the khalsa and apart of it. While guru ji can be guru of the whole world that does not mean everyone is a sikh. If Ram Rahim claims to be guru of world does not make him your guru right? You can only adopt someone as guru if you live life as they have said in texts. Guru ji clearly gives gaddi to SGGSG according to many sources not believing it and making random fairytales of guru ji living 100? and whatever year is wrong.
  2. Sikh is someone who follows the teaching of the 10 gurus.A hindu is people who believe in devtaey, aartis, etc. No the hazur sahib people won't be sikhs. they have gone so far from true sikhi that they are basically hindus. they rely on these karam kand elements of religion. They have gone away from the true message and root of sikhi. Gurus put coins and coconut I didn't say that was wrong. You can doubt what the gurus did, you can't compare them to regular sikhs. The gurus also never did any aarti standing up. Guru Ji set the aarti to be sung in kirtan form like how other shabad are sung (i.e
  3. Hi I wanted to know how one becomes a nihang in Canada. I am from BC and wondering what the process is especially in western countries. I was also wondering how maryada is kept as well because wearing a bana all the time is hard. Any information will be great.
  4. Is there any proof of these killings? This is all just hearsay no actual proof. If it was true no mahapurakhs would ever be seen with them at all. Im sure you can use google to find so many pictures of all the mahapuraks i mentioned before with Baba Balbir Singh. They might have not gone to his jathedar ceremony but they stand by him now that is what matters.
  5. These namdharis are not Sikhs. They say a lot but in the end but dont't follow through. They might say they are not hindus but they also pratice so many hindu rituals such as aarti standing up with thaals and they also do havans. If they were truly against the RSS and Hinduism they would start practicing actual SIkhi given to us not this Brahmin one they follow.
  6. "This symbol represents the One Being's creation. Within indian traditions it is believed that the illusionary world (maya) is composed of three modes (tre-gun) which are Satogun, Rajogun and Tamogun; represented by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva respectively. The essence of these deities or energies is encapsulated within the mantra OAN." I think this quote from the website is very telling. Showing Oankar to be the devta and associating maya with devta. This is the small stuff of Hinduism which has creeped in our religion and is destroying it from the inside.
  7. I have read dasam bani and i think you might be reading it wrong. It is clear that avtars are shown as low and nothing compared to guru ji in dasam bani. Guru Ji does not link us to them but in contrast guru ji tells us these avatars are nothing.
  8. I think if you look at the website and go through it, this will be very clear to you. There is a lot of linking Sikhi to hinduism through devi and devtay.
  9. There is a lot of slander of Baba Balbir Singh Ji on this topic. I think we should look at the big picture and see that they are not that bad. So many mahapurakhs are associated with them like Baba Avtar Singh, Baba Nihal Singh, Baba Harnam Singh. If they were as bad as everyone is saying then surely these mahapurakhs would not associated with him. We should not slander then if other mahapurakhs do not say anything about them. They could have very high avastha.
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