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Found 23 results

  1. Are we allowed to wear a dori and what is the history behind it? Am I allowed to wear it if my panj piyare have forbiden it but I have joined nihung singhs?
  2. Could someone please post a nihung jaikara. I have been wanting to learn different types of jaikare and am amazed at how long they were and how they are said with such love.
  3. (Request, please leave in general section) SikhVibes.com A Sikh Multimedia Website with thousands of rare Audio recordings, Videos and Katha from Worldwide. We have recently redesigned our layout with links to the following: Gallery section - connected to our Instagram account. Videos section - connected to Youtube! Events section - updated of local Toronto area programs. Visit our website daily for updates! www.SikhVibes.com FACEBOOK || INSTAGRAM || YOUTUBE || TWITTER
  4. Guest

    Dal Panth Amrit Sanchar

    I want to take amrit from dal panth in panjab. Does anyone know any locations within panjab where dal panth host amrit sanchaars. Also on what occasions do they hold amrit sanchaars. Do they host them on gurpurabs, sangrand, etc
  5. Gurfateh... Does anyone know the true marayada of taking bhang? I have heard panj puthay is the parataan marayada. Also what are the valid methods of consumption (barring smoking it)? Akaal!
  6. Guest

    Sikh ideas vs mercenaries

    Does the sikh panth or any of the guruscondem the use of mercenaries in the khalsa army, or did they say that my sikh shoulf never be a mercenary. I know guru sahibs have had many conflicts with mercenary forces and that guru gobind singh attemptwd assassination happened by mercenaries. But is there anything wrong for a sikh to become a mercenary
  7. Gurfateh Ji, Sangat ji, does anyone have a contact (shop or outlet) in India where I can order proper Khalsa Royal Blue F74 malmal dastaars? The really deep blue shade (almost purple looking) that doesnt fade? Nihung colour. Thank you. Vaheguru!!
  8. Gurfateh Sangat Ji, I was wondering if anyone has travelled, lived or spent some time in Anandpur Sahib from the UK? I have been wanting to go and experience Sikhi life out there but do not know how to go about it. Any advise? Where do people stay? (Hotels, Gurdvara) How about work - if any? Travelling? How to do sangat or get in touch with Singh's/Nihung Singh's there? Any help or tips would be great. Also just to mention, I have no relatives or friends out there. I went to Punjab around 15 years
  9. Answering misconceptions regarding Miri-Piri: https://tisarpanthdotcom.wordpress.com/2016/03/16/misconceptions/
  10. The Episode about Taru Singh- the fearless martyr who refused to retreat from impeding death. Dohra: Oh devout acolyte heed to with firm devotion of heart and mind, This is the episode concerning Taru Singh who had Khan Bahadur damned, By relinquishing his scalp he forced Khan into eternal perdition. (1) In Majha, Punjab, is the village Poolha, In flawless peace and piety did Taru Singh reside there, Famed for his nature, known as Taru Singh Nihung he was. (2) Chaupai: As his demise heeded so did the Lahore Nawab's tether fray, Debauchery abounded and unholiness ran rife, It was in the yea
  11. Why nihungs drink Sukha ,I know they said , that it is maryada and five patte are allowed. But I think it is not good for any singh who is member of Khalsa army.
  12. I want to do Santhyaa of Sri Guru Granth Sahib from damdami taksal. But I don't know anything, can anybody tell me about this . Where I can take it and in how much time . I am from Ludhiana area . Can I stay there for Santhyaa.
  13. ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ, ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫ਼ਤਹਿ With the Kirpa of Kalgidhar Patshah Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, Tarna Dal and Panjva Takhat Shiromani Panth Akali Buddha Dal Chalda Vahir Chakarvarti will be conducting a Sarbloh Raag Kirtan Darbar on Saturday 15th March 2014 commencing at 2:30pm. All 3 Granths will be Parkash and will also feature talks, workshops and authentic Ranjeet Akhara Shastar Vidiya, all in English. This will be followed by Paath recital from the 3 Granths, and concluded with Raag Kirtan consisting of Dasam & Sarbloh Bani. Location: Baba Sang Gurdwara, 7-9 St
  14. A brand new site www.TarnaDal.com has been brought to you. On this site, you will find the history of Baba Deep Singh Ji's Dal, whom he was the commander-in-chief of. Gain knowledge on misinterpreted and unknown subjects within Sikhi and learn more about your Sikh martial history. Also expect rare banis to be found online, including the Sri Bhagauti Astotar and the traditional Nihang Ardaas. Created under the supervision of Baba Makhan Singh and Baba Gajjan Singh and supported by all Nihang Jathebandis. Sat Sri Akaaal
  15. (An amalgamation with Top 20 Sikh battles). One of the ignored battles of Sikh history, and one which has been repeatedly shrouded by the veils of darkness is the lost battle. Fought between the Akali Nihungs, the British and the remaining vestiges of the 'Phulkian' misl, the battle marked the exile of the Akali Nihungs from their beloved Punjab and the ascendance of the British power over the virgin Punjab. Despite the vocal disparities prevalent between the Akali Nihungs and the Sikh polity, both seamlessly intertwined with each other during times of crisis. By 1845 A.D. such a crisis was
  16. Despite having existed for almost 300 years, in their present forms, there are still many aspects of Akali history which remain to be uncovered by the panth. Their extensive contributions to the panth in blood, as well as saintliness has spread the shade of Guru Nanak's tree far and wide. Many individuals amongst their ranks have passed into and retain lofty positions in the Sikh mainstream's psyche, unfortunately however the fact that they were Akalis has easily been hidden and/or forgotten to target the Guru' legions with lies and fallacies. Not only are these lies detrimental to the panth a
  17. The Event: 1st UK BARSI OF SINGH SAHIB JATHEDAR BABA BISHAN SINGH JI - Organised by Budha Dal (Baba Surjeet Singh) and Tarna Dal Where: Gurdwara Sri Guru Dasmesh Sahib, 49 Gypsy Lane, Leicester, LE4 6RB When: 20th April 2013 The Program: Amrit Santchar at 3:00pm Various Bania: 5:00pm Talk on Jathedar Baba Bishan Singh Ji: 5:40pm Aarti Arta: 6:40pm Katha by Bhai Jagraj Singh (Basics of Sikh): 7:20pm Kirtan: 8:20pm DAL PANTH AMRIT SANCHAR: 3:00PM Kakaars will be provided however if you have your own Kakaars then you may bring them (Sarbloh Kara is essential) Kes Ishnan on the day is requi
  18. Can any Nihung Singh please check this and tell me whether I am wrong or right? http://tisarpanth.blogspot.com/b/post-preview?token=uTaaUjwBAAA.K_yfxuB2Yr87QAvAWBAIgQ.rAN2fk0rWmY-1TXcACJGuA&postId=7062767969032621260&type=POST
  19. Gurfateh Saadh Sangat Ji How does someone Get a Farla? What does he Have to do? Can a woman get a Farla? Gurfateh
  20. Akali Kirtan Darbar Dedicated to the Nihang Singhs of Dasmesh Pita Saturday 8th December 2012 Kirtan by Bhai Sukhwinder Singh (Sukhi Baba) (Birmingham) Katha by Bhai Jagraj Singh (London) Sukhmani Sahib: 5;00pm Rehiras Sahib: pmAarti Arta: pmKatha: pmKirtan: PMGurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha 5 Newark Road, Fengate Peterborough PE1 5XS Contact: Bhujhang@live.com
  21. Umm can anyone explain what is going on in this video. Regarding jhatka and Hindu style aarti.
  22. I am sure the Nihungs would have had a system of unarmed combat, after all they were warriors and what if someone sneaked up on them or they were wihout shastar or had no time to use a kirpan. And I am sure someone somewhere will know what is it and how effective it is. Please share your thoughts on this topic and lets not argue esepcially since some people start slagging of or approving of Niddar Singh.
  23. Ik-Oankar SatGur Prasad! Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh! With Guru Sahibs kirpa the site has been updated, please see the traditions section for a new article on Sarbloh which discusses the Sarbloh Sarbloh Parkash Granth and its relations to Sarbloh Bibek within Khalsa Maryada and to Sikh psyche. Link to page: http://www.nihangsin...ad-sarbloh.html
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