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  1. Hi All, I'll try to keep this brief but I'm basically posting this for those in need of help in relation to alcohol/drugs/addiction with the aim of helping those in need. My story in a nutshell: I grew up in your typical punjabi cultured family. My mum has always been spiritual and dad has always been a drinker. My mum had me going to the Gurdwara from a young age and the knowledge has always been instilled within me. Unfortunately, as I grew older my crowd changed. I did well in terms of achieving a degree and a good job but I had also drank heavily during my uni years and started using drugs. My life turned upside down whilst I was stuck in this and I couldn't find or see a way out. I was emotional spiritually and financially dead. I was searching for help and didn't know where to go. A few years back I found sikhsangat online and started posting on here with the hope that I could find some answers and guidance to get myself spiritually connected again and remove myself from the darkness. Many people helped me on here but unfortunately that alone was not enough to keep me sober. Yesterday I logged on to here after 3-4 years off this site. I logged on because I wanted to help others out there who are suffering. I am sober, clean and could not have asked for a better life. Im still in disbelief at times that I managed to turn my life around. Everything is possible with waheguru in your heart. Couple of things I just wanted to say to the users on this forum: Thank you for all your help and guidance when I was on here before. This site saved my life and pulled me out of suicidal states many times. People on here gave me hope and pointed me in the direction of waheguru. Without any of that, I would not be where I am today. If your struggling with any sort of addiction, please reach out to me and message me. There is help for everyone out there. Everything will remain anonymous if you wish. Equally, if your confident sharing your identity, I am in the midlands area and can meet up to talk, help and give guidance. You might ask yourself why am I doing this? i'm doing this to give back to people the same way people gave to me in my hour of need. There is no costs and no judgement. I hope that I can be of service to those in need - I would be happy to give you my story in more detail so you can identify and realise that your not alone. Waheguru
  2. I am addicted to -------graphy and have been trying to quit ---- for several occasion but failed. Are there any shabads or bani's that can give me the Strenght and power to quit?
  3. Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh I am a teenager that has been addicted to p*rn for about 5 years ji. Recently I was introduced to Sikhi which inspired me to quit, but after all the efforts I made I am still addicted to it. Is there any thing I can do or any shabads/bani that I can do jaap of to get rid of it? Bhul chuk maaf ji Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  4. Is there a way gurbani can help? what path should I do? I do chaupai sahib everyday due to the time crunch. I do try to do simram but not sure if I do it right. Nothing seems to be helping. I used to be so connected with baba ji and would like to get that connection back but don’t know how now? thank you
  5. We all know now the harmful effects of digital addiction. So the badal akali dal party bribed people with alcohol and other nashay to get their votes and now we have congress party bribed the punjabi youth to support them and become their workers and vote for them. Both (badal akali dal and congress party) using underhand tactics to win elections and destructive addictions to trap the youth into their anti-sikh agenda's.
  6. Digital heroin emerging major threat among mobile crazy youth Yudhvir Rana | TNN | Feb 24, 2017, 05.09 PM IST AMRITSAR: Not only the substance addiction is taking lives of Punjabi youth but with the vast popularity and unabated use of internet, the screen addiction has also emerged as a potent threat for people of all age groups using mobile phones, which is causing major behavioral disorders as well as impotency. "There are over a dozen patients, with majority of young girls undergoing treatment of behaviour disorder in our internet deaddiction centre," said addiction psychiatrist Dr. JPS Bhatia while talking to TOI on Friday. Stating that benefits of social networking was far less than its harmful effects, Bhatia said it was hiding one's own true identity under the garb of a pleasing activity. He said that parents approach with sudden fall in grades of their children while wives complain about their husbands neglecting them. Among youth, the symptoms of screen addiction includes unconsciously looking at mobile phone, hand movement towards phone, relationship problems with immediate family members and living in a dream-like state. Giving example, Bhatia said that parent of one of his patients reported that their son spends hours in bathroom. Vaishali (name changed), mother of a 15-year-old girl screen addict, said, "I was worried to find major changes in my daughter's behaviour. She would spend at least three to four hours in bathroom and when I clandestinely checked her mobile, it was full of porn stuff and more than one hundred male Facebook friends that was an alarming call." Bhatia said that among adult males, erectile malfunction was a major symptom. "When husband and wife are using cell phone, they feel they are being neglected. This emptiness leads to marital disharmony," he said. Notably, a recently released government data had disclosed Amritsar as the top city among others for sharing sexual abuse material. According to the data, Amritsar took top place with more than 4.3 lakh "files of interest" - code for child porn - shared between July 1, 2016 to January 15, 2017. While Delhi was second in the slot followed by Lucknow. Talking about the treatment part, he said at the internet deaddiction centre, they give life skills counselling and advise on inculcating good habits while the male adults were made to realize the importance of real relations over the fantasy world of pornography. While agreeing to the addiction caused by mobile phones and excessive use of internet, medical superintendent Guru Nanak Dev Medical Hospital Dr. Ram Saroop said that over-dependence on mobile phones was causing frustration among youth and related disorders. Bhatia suggested to develop "role models" at the school level as the first measure to check the impending threat of screen addiction. "Students follow their teachers and if the teachers will keep the mobiles away, they will learn the same."
  7. Something to think about: ‪#‎UNITEDSIKHS‬ ‪#‎prayforPunjab‬ The secret to saving our loved ones from addiction.
  8. Guest


    Hello, I've been having a Masturbation addiction and I know it's not right and leads to Kaam, but I would also like assistance on how I can combat this issue, (I also know only Guru Sahib can help me, but I'd still like to try the best I can).
  9. http://www.projectknow.com/research/internet-addiction/ http://netaddiction.com/internet-addiction-test/
  10. Guest

    Under The Spell Of Addiction

    My Addiction took over and destroyed every part of my life. I was just any ordinary young Sikh guy that wanted to do so much in life. But I also just wanted the simple things that most take for granted. Ie going to college, friendships a job ect. You would think it would be easy to get the above and most people have the above without batting an eye lid. But when you are under the spell of an addiction you cannot form any relationships with people. You cannot connect with anyone. As your mind, body and soul only longs for the addictive substance and nothing else. Everything else did not matter to me. The important things in life are put to one side. And my mind was totally focused on the addiction. As with all addictions you need more and more to achieve the same high. my body and mind become weakened and I became drawn. I was unable to be with people and hence my downward spiral continued. As when you’re in the midst of an addiction you cannot form and meaningful relationships. Over the years the problem just got worse and worse. The addiction took hold and tore away every ounce of my soul until nothing was left inside except emptiness, loneliness I may even add depression to that list. I could not concentrate, had no ambition and no motivation to do anything. I was unable to love or be in a loving relationship as my only love was the addiction that was causing me so much pain. The addiction had put me in a trance that I would be only able to come out of once I stopped. But how could I? The addiction was so strong and compelling. I was all by myself stuck inside a body that could not do anything. I could not function I became someone else and lost everything good that was once inside me.As with all people who are under the wicked spell of an addiction I became vulnerable and weak and people would take advantage as I was so weak. Why didn’t I seek help for my addiction??? I hear you say there are many places that give advice about drugs and alcohol. I surely could have sought help to get rid of this evil addiction that took over my life for over 15 years?? Well my addiction although like all addictions has the same functions in the brain Ie dopamine neurotransmitters. And the same basic reward centers involved. As drug and alcohol addiction.I was addicted to self-sexual gratification and was not even aware I was addicted to anything. As I had been doing this. It just became part of my routine. There is no advice about sexual addictions whosever and many people are reluctant to talk about this subject . Hence Why I continued being in the addiction for so long. While I was under this addiction it was like living on hell on earth I cannot describe the amount of pain I went through. Many people would comment that why am I so withdrawn and quiet. And I would not have an answer I guess I just presumed that was my personality. I did not want to go out with friends I just wanted to be at home and immerse myself in my addiction. I had no pleasure in meeting people I did not want to talk to people. I did not want to laugh and joke. I had no motivation, could not concentrate and lost all my friends as I dropped out of college I lost all my confidence. I could not hack life. My only pleasure was being in my house and on my own. When one is under the addictive spell all pleasure from the above is taken away. Hence you will find most addicts on their own like me incapable of being with other people. What’s worse is many people understand alcohol and drug addicts and they are given much help and knowledge about their addiction and how to stop. In my case as there is virtually no help or awareness about sexual addiction people like myself would just continue in their self-destruction. And many will not even though that they under and addiction until they research it. I just wished there was information I could have accessed at the time that would have informed me of the above and I would have sought help to come out of my addiction. But due to the taboo subject no one wants to talk about it and there is not much research on the issue of sexual addiction. After Going to my urologist I was told that I had a degree of phimosis of my forskin. Which means the foreskin is unretractable. He said this is a cause of sexual addiction in some as the glans becomes more sensitive to sexual pleasure in this condition. The hell of sexual addiction is something I would not wish on anyone and I just wish there was more awareness about this problem so people can come out of it and seek help. Many people are not even aware it exists or they don’t see it as an addiction like alcohol or drug abuse. But this drug for me was more powerful then drugs or alcohol as Ive tried them both. With all the addictions the primary reason for taking is escapism. Ie to help deal with problems in your life. But these are just short pleasures that will devastate ruin your life in the long run. When I came out of the addiction I was over the moon as I could start getting back to my life and enjoying it. I became much happier and sociable person. I no longer wanted to be on my own. I had got my soul back.
  11. Guest


    Hi Can anyone please clarify what dodeh are, why people take them, why are they banned in some states of India and sold openly in others; what affect do they have on the body; why are so many young Sikh men taking them; how to come off them? Thanks in advance
  12. After making the people of Panjab addicted to liquor, drugs, dividing them into different deras; now are trying to make the state a gambling den. http://timesofindia....ow/15337885.cms
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