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  1. May be from their devil's workshop of RSS-chaddi, VHP or BJP or arya smaj where they are spoon-fed to spew venom & spread hatred against all non-hindus. Since the partition 1947 these hindu leaders have dwelled endlessly on the sufferings of hindus under muslim conquests and tried to aggravate popular resentments to consolidate their following since then. In the same strategy now they are trying to slander us & generate negative publicity of us. If these hindu fanatics are claiming so, they should better ask Cong I & Government of india who created 3rd agency during 1980s which c
  2. Great shot Singh ..... Relevancy is acknowledging the Only..... Sri Akaalji nothing else
  3. njkhalis

    Daari Care

    My daarri is though long but the hair are thin & soft. Kindly suggest/advise how to make one's daarri hair thick & strong.
  4. Not only this particular case, but the phase of false/fake encounters (1978 to 1999), where in all illegal-abductions & detentions, custodial torture, enforced disappearances, arbitrary executions, secret & false stories of escapes from police custody, blatant use of laws of TADA & POTA, rapes, murder, kidnappings & extortions by the police/third agency/ alam-sena/KPS/Sumed/etc. should also be probed & taken to the ICJ (Int'l Court of Justice)
  5. This is the latest picture as posted by sikhsiyast @ http://www.sikhsiyasat.net/2013/06/22/after-16-june-cloudburst-hemkunt-sahib-shrine-now-closed-for-the-season/
  6. While searching for something on internet, bumped into this article/news. It is an indian report titled "CIA Plans to split India by 2015". Tho it is old news but felt to share with the sangat. http://www.mid-day.com/news/2009/jan/220109-Malegaon-blast-case-452-witnesses-Central-Intelligence-Agency-Lt-Col-Shrikant-Purohit.htm 'CIA plans to split India by 2015' By: Ketan Ranga Date: 2009-01-22 Place: Mumbai Reveals a serving army officer, who is one of the 452 witnesses in the September 29 M
  7. Did our all ten Satgurujis worshipped any pictures/photos/paintings etc ? > NO. Did they ordained us to do so ? > NO As most of veers in the forum have rightly said that these paintings/pictures are impressions/beliefs/visualizations/interpretation of artists/painters; so nobody knows how our Satgurus exactly looked. I think, after our Gurus merged themselves in Sri Akaalji, we started missing them and out of this attachment, fond, regard, loyalty, affection, bond; we tried to have a link with Gurus and this was in the form of paintings/pictures which was the only art or form in the
  8. Yes, I agree; it would not be only two meters but each & every step where our Gurus walked, sat, rested, preached, etc. It doen't mean that we do 'mattha tek' at every inch of the earth.
  9. Genie veerji I hope this list is authentic and Ardaas (request) to Sri Akaalji to fullfill all Singhs dream
  10. "Singh559 This is the cold truth that the GOI doesn't want to get out there because it invigorates the Sikh spirit to fight corruption. If we remain ignorant the baagi spirit dies as it has in Punjab." Well said, and this is totally true, a fact which we are facing post-1947
  11. Lot of difference between doing oneself & listening/viewing/hearing/.....
  12. So sad & so bad to see a true leader of kuom calling it quits for lack of funds. Really a great man who sacrificed his prestigious service in protest of June 1984 attack on Sri Darbar Sahib and actively led protests against the perpetrators till now.
  13. This topic is same as a previous one "Sarbloh" http://www.sikhsanga.../35929-sarbloh/
  14. Kaljugi Veerji: We are always facing toughest times since the sacrifice of 5th Master, then 9th Master, 10th Master and martyrdom of his whole clan and jujharoo SInghs, 1746 (first Genocide), 1762 (second genocide), 1984 (third Genocide); and from 1978 to till now (2012) and all the unsung Heros since the beginning who laid down their lives for Sikkhism. Nothing can be more toughest to any of the world's religion and it is still continuing since centuries.
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