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  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! Basics of Sikhi urgently needs help, it only has enough money to last 3-4 months! Basics of Sikhi has helped spearhead Parchaar of Sikhi online. The parent organization “Everythings 13” has multiple projects which include not only Parchaar, but also training the first generation of western Parchaariks, creating content for the children of the Panth, countering anti Sikh propaganda in the media, and spreading the message of Sikhi to the world. Organizations such as Basics of Sikhi are currently playing an important role in the surv
  2. Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh Hi all, I have a question about my issue of my spiritual name and I don't have a group of Gursikhs to talk about this so posting it here in hope of a response of some kind. First I will explain a bit about my background...as there maybe some who are a bit unsure when I mention Kundalini yoga and Sikhi together... Ok so overall I've done yoga since a teenager, though two years ago I started Kundalini yoga meditation with mantras e.g. Sat Nam and my life started getting better. I stopped drinking alcohol and became vege again like I d
  3. Sangat Ji, I am providing a small donation to Everything's 13 and the great thing is my work place (Salesforce) will match my monthly donation so essentially the donation becomes doubled. Salesforce need to verify the status of Everything's 13 charitable status as well as contact a member of the charity to set up the donation process/verify bank details. I have contacted Everything's 13 as per there website contact details but have received no reply to e-mail and the phone number seems dead. Can anyone confirm a person that can be contacted at the charity so that I can provide t
  4. Hi, I am a non-sikh but I have been looking into the belief system as I already believe many of the things taught in this religion. I meditate, I'm grateful, I help those who need help, I try to protect people from injustice, I try to share what I have, I protect my environment. I would like to know of there is a book or something that has all of the basics in one place already translated to english. I try to be a good leader of my family and I'm sure the sikh teachings would be good for all of us. It would be great if there is something that tells a little about each guru, and explains what h
  5. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh People may ask why we Sikhs are forbidden from performing the 4 Bajjar Kurehits, and why we must not associate with the 5 Mel. An article has now been uploaded at the following link explaining why we are not allowed to partake in such activities, with quotes from Sri Sarbloh Granth Sahib Ji and Sri Gurpartap Suraj Parkash Granth: http://budhadal.org/site/faq/ Below is an article for newcomers to Sikhi to read, where they can know the difference between a "Sikh" and a "Khalsa", and why Sikhs wear a turban, with significance from other wor
  6. My name is Andrew. I live in the South East United States. My question is simple, but I feel I should offer a small amount of background to help our understanding. There is not a large community of Sikhs in SE-US, and I have had very little contact with practitioners. My first exposure to anything Sikh began when I stumbled upon a video about the events of 1984 and operation 'Blue Star' on YouTube. I have no recolection as to how I came upon that video, or which one it was. One of the side videos linked out to the Basics of Sikhi Channel. I really enjoyed most of what he had to say, and I was
  7. Waheguru Here is the plan for 2014
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