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Found 8 results

  1. Perhaps the most controversial Sikh personality of our times. His supporters call him a saint/preacher who was trying to save sikhi from govt forces and fought till the end. His haters call him an extremist who indirectly targeted the hindus in punjab and led to killing of many hindus in punjab , esp the ones they claim happened by filtering hindus out of buses and killing them in blank range. I was born many years after Op Bluestar, hence I have no idea of their true personality. Was he really the one crusading for the rights of Sikhs in a nascent hindu indian state and was truly a man of peace and sikhi siddhant , or was he hungry for power ? I honestly really don't know . Waheguru ji forgive me if I slandered him accidentally . But at the same time, hindus really hate him and his fellow gursikhs. why is that ?? EDIT --- I was about to create a new thread about trying to understand what exactly transpired upto the 1984 op bluestar. Some say Bhindrawale was propped up by Indira Gandhi to counter the akalis in punjab, but that he later on started speaking against her and got out of control. And thats why she decided to end him and perhaps storming the temple on a holy day was her way of not only hurting him physically but also spiritually , apart from crushing the sentiments of millions of other sikhs. Hindus just believe he was a terrorist and that army had to be taken in to "free" golden temple from the clutches of the terrorists.
  2. WJKK WJKF. Sangat ji. Im looking for sevadaars for next year march. Some points i wasnt happy with this year. 1. Our sangat sitting on the road and kirbs when listening to the speakers , eating food. I was hurt seeing our elders sitting like beggars eating roti on the kerbs. Solution:- we need people who have events companies who can help with plastic seating for a few hours. 2. I seen a few ladies in tears as theyd sprained ankles, but no first aiders about. Solution:- We need first aid sevadaars and people that can provide any foot massage for elders. (5mins). 3.I seen a few sevadaars running up and down trying to keep people off the paths as it was obstructing normal pedestrians. Solution:- we need lots more sevadaars who are fit enough to run or walk briskly to provide stewarding and security. If you have a SIA badge then thats a bonus. 4. After the march people were tired and tried finding the coaches it was bedlam. Confused people struggling to find the coaches. Solution:- we need more young sevadaars who could guide people to the coaches on the embankment by holding up plakards as guides for the sangat. If you can help or have any links to people who can for next year then please contact me by email : mindasingh@hotmail.com
  3. Start part#1 from 5.00 continue on the 2nd part till 2.36, then again from 3.48 till 6.00
  4. Bhai Pinderpal Singh Ji on Sri Dasam Granth and Sant Bhindrawale Renowned Sikh scholar and preacher, Bhai Pinderpal Singh Ji talks about the controversy surrounding the Sri Dasam Granth. He also talks boldly about the pious personality of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindrawale and those misusing his name today to gain fame. Many anti-Sikh individuals who oppose the Dasam Granth Sahib misuse the name of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale to do propaganda and mislead Sikh youth. Bhindrawale is a well-respected figure whose life and sacrifices are admired by the entire Sikh nation. Many of those who do not even adhere to the beliefs followed by Sant Ji often allege their affiliation with him. This katha by Bhai Pinderpal Singh Ji disperses lies being associated with the name of Sant Bhindrawale today. http://www.sikh24.com/2011/09/debunking-the-dasam-granth-controversy-%e2%80%93-part-2/
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